Bulletin of the Oppressed Women of Islam

Every so often, I remind the OBRL subscribers of my prior work on Saharasia, which has important relevance to the modern-day situation. The world maps of human behavior developed and presented within the Saharasia book were the product of the largest-ever cross-cultural review of human family and sexual life around the world, in a systematic survey of over 1000 different world cultures. It was a 7-year research project breaking new territory on comparative social anatomy. And most importantly for today, as early as 1986 the major World Behavior Map produced within my Saharasia study, identified the global regions dominated by modern Islam as the most socially and political repressive, the most extreme patriarchal authoritarian, and most violent and war-like, as exist on our small planet. To the newcomers on the OBRL subscriber list, and to the old subscribers, I once again re-state the need for these scientific facts about world behavior to gain a wider appreciation, in spite of their seriously "politically incorrect" nature. The findings continue to be ignored, censored out of discussion, or malicously attacked by those on both the extreme Left and Right – which in some measure is a testimonial. Saharasia is additionally a powerful scientific confirmation of Wilhelm Reich’s theories on human behavior and sexuality, which are similarly ignored, censored and attacked.
Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World

Also today I wish to give a supporting announcement for a new website on Political Islam and specifically their Bulletin of the Oppression of Women which basically is a narrative about the oppression of women in Islamic nations. See the following websites. They are yet another source of objective clarity about who is on the side of human freedom, who truly cares about the life and health needs of babies, children and youth, about who is on the side of love and life, of the young Romeos and Juliets of our sick world… and who is not.

Political Islam

The Bulletin of the Oppression of Women

They lack certain appreciations, for example of women’s role in patriarchal authoritarian and violent societies, and how mothers and grandmothers are often the primary supporters of the very system which keeps them and their children down as slaves. For an appreciation of that, see my Saharasia work above.

I suggest to review just the entries for February alone, and then ask, how much of that material appeared in your regular news source? And if they are not including this material in their regular reporting, or if they are giving it political spin so as to apologize for it, or to shift away the blame onto someone else, then to ask: Why? Whose side are they on? What are their goals? And most importantly, Why might you continue to buy their rags, read their stuff, and rely upon them for information?

The other websites I have previously recommended are also still of excellent merit, a life-line to truth and fact in a world where both are cheapened and distorted with "agreeable and popular" lies. Don’t be fooled, educate yourself.

Jihad Watch

Atlas Shrugs

The Religion of Peace

Front Page Magazine

The Investigative Project




New Research Supporting Wilhelm Reich’s Scientific Discoveries
Lecture and Seminars with James DeMeo, PhD, 16-17 March,
Technical University of Munich, Germany


Announcing the OBRL Newsletter #24
available for free downloading (0.5mb PDF)
from the following webpage:
or directly from here:

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