James Lovelock now a “Climate Denier”

James Lovelock now a "Climate Denier"

"Gaia hath no love greater than for a sinner who repents"

James Lovelock, author of the widely circulated Gaia Hypothesis, finally sees the light.

Well, maybe Gaia will forgive and forget, but some of us won’t forget, at minimum.

His whole Gaia theory was founded upon the pre-CO2 concept of homeostatic and self-adjusting climate mechanisms, the "old fashioned" climate science which integrates very easily with new findings on Solar-Cosmic energetic factors. But the "CO2 Warming" bandwagon came along and was just too tempting to ignore. Helped sell a lot of books, too, especially his later one on The Revenge of GAIA, which treated the facts of climate science with about as much accuracy as a low budget catastrophe movie. Like Ma Earth lost her marbles and was going to kill billons of humans for their CO2 emissions, even as she burped up a whole lot more via volcanos and deep ocean upwelling.

‘Gaia’ scientist James Lovelock: I was ‘alarmist’ about climate change

Yes, Jimmie, you were, as are your other friends. Go sit in the corner.

"MSNBC reports the 92-year-old scientist has not only said that some of his theories as to the effects of climate change was “extrapolating too far,” but he also has named other notable proponents of man-made climate change as alarmists as well. Al Gore is one of them."


The real revenge:

Winter returns with a vengeance in U.S. Northeast

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