Disturbing Book by Nikolai Levashov, with Analysis

Disturbing Book by Nikolai Levashov, with Analysis

Most people who are familiar with the good works of Dr. Wilhelm Reich, and orgonomy in general, will thankfully not know anything about the Russian psychic healer, Mr. Nikolai Levashov. They can delightfully ignore this posting, if they so choose.

Others will have heard his name or know about the social movement he has created in Russia, and which today spreads into both Europe and the Americas. This is being accomplished mainly through his solicitations into the natural health movement, via the route of "psychic healing", which already has its own large following. Levashov will be known within those circles, either from personal experiences (good or bad) or other inside knowledge. But it is unlikely they will know the materials I am going to expose.

Levashov now has a new book, Russian History Viewed Through Distorted Mirrors. The alarming claims and racist hatred contained in this book were so disturbing that for several reasons I composed a Book Review and Social Analysis on the matter, which is now available as a PDF download. The book reveals Levashov’s descent into Russian Black Fascism, complete with "superior being, white-race" and other extreme mysticism, including Jewish scapegoating and Holocaust denial as core elements.

From Russia, With Hate: The Case of Nikolai Levashov

From Psychic Healer to Jew-Hate and Holocaust Denial

Book Review and Social Analysis,

by James DeMeo, PhD

http://www.orgonelab.org/DeMeoReviewOfLevashov.pdf (191 kb)

Levashov’s words and writings, and the social movement he is forming, are a prime example of how the mechano-mystical split in character structure, based as it is upon bottled-up emotional turmoil and ungratified sexuality, is a slippery slope down into race-hatred and fascist thinking. But then, everyone who reads and knows the works of Wilhelm Reich, as on the Mass Psychology of Fascism, or my own cross-cultural study Saharasia, which scientifically and precisely confirmed Reich on those issues, should already appreciate that point.

This is not for publication or web-posting, but many have encouraged it should be shared.

Thanks for your interest,

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL, Author of Saharasia.
Ashland, Oregon, USA

3 Responses to “Disturbing Book by Nikolai Levashov, with Analysis”

  1. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    This kind of crazy antisemitic “thinking” seems to become mainstream in America:


  2. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    Here in the same channel “ZestForLife9” you have Levashov’s final appeal to us:

    and this familiar American Nazi face:

  3. Peter Nasselstein Says:

    Here more anti-Jewish Nazi propaganda by Levashov. It gets worse and worse the more one looks into it!

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