Want Socialism-Communism? Take a look…

Want Socialism-Communism? Take a look…



I travelled into East Berlin about a year before the wall was pushed down by finally fed-up and discontented East German citizens. Their spirits were as drab and downtrodden as were these images of the buildings. Nearly everyone staggered along in the streets, eyes on the pavement just ahead of where they walked. Everything grey and dirty. Trees and grass, haggard and unkempt, who has time or energy… Everyone afraid to be seen in public talking to an obvious visitor like me, from the Free West, who wore relatively new clothing, stood tall and dared to look people in the eye.

Only the corpulent border guards, with sneering faces and sweaty hands fingering their pistols and rifles, had any animated quality, and for them one wished they didn’t. Just to pass through their security made our TSA and border-patrol agents look tame by comparison. How many had they arrested and tortured, and killed silently in some dank party headquarters? Only the hundreds shot dead trying to escape are known. And East Germany was a paradise as compared to most of the Soviet Union, with its massive gulags and open grave pits for the 100+ million who perished under Marxist-collectivism.

Beware anyone claiming "Communism isn’t so bad".

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