Another Article Smearing Wilhelm Reich? How many dozens more?

My letter to the editor, sent to the Times Literary Supplement a few months back. Some have convinced me to post it up, as the points are relevant for any number of recent smears against Wilhelm Reich.


Dear Editors,

The article "The man who started the sexual revolution" by James M. Murphy, in the Times Literary Supplement from early January 2012, is pure slander and defamation, a maliciously approving "review" which made no efforts to determine the accuracy of the author’s claims. The Turner book in fact is composed almost exclusively of conjured-up claims, falsehoods of all types, gossip, rumor and numerous lies-of-omission wherein the actual facts of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s life and work were erased from existence. It appears to have been published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux only because their current editors have an axe to grind, and an opportunity given how the former main editor Roger Straus, a defender of Reich and the First Amendment against book-burning and such, passed away most recently. It was not given any kind of authentic in-house scientific review, but merely approved willy-nilly, by those with the "skeptics club" mentality, because of a shared hatred of Reich. Is the same true at The Times? Facts be damned? "We all hate Reich", so therefore just publish a pack of lies without much ado?

How many more decades will the public be greeted with such miserable, petty journalistic distortions of Reich’s life and work, where every fact is bent out of shape, salted up with slander and innuendo, or just erased out of existence? Reich was against pornography and pedophilia, considered homoeroticism, S&M and phallic narcissism to be a neurotic flight from love. And he had no social influence of consequence as compared to Alfred Kinsey, whose pro-porn and "anything goes" brand of sexual license opposed Reich on nearly everything. Naturally, Kinsey is heralded as some great Columbus-type of pioneer, which he wasn’t, and Reich (who was) gets blamed for everything bad, and nothing good, in some kind of vengeance for his daring to point out the widespread nature of sexual pathos and unhappiness. Some of the best cross-cultural research on human behavior has confirmed Reich’s clinical findings about the origins of human violence in infant trauma and sex-negation, but no matter, his books were burned so you are content to be done with it.

At my laboratory and elsewhere in both America and Europe, confirmations of Reich’s works including the orgone energy accumulator are abundant, in cross-cultural verifications of his social theories, in confirmations of his microscopical bions (the formative process is today termed "apoptosis"), with increased growth of plants by charging them in orgone accumulators, which also produce physical anomalies exactly as Reich described them in the early-mid 20th Century, and with specific new discovery from spectrographic and other experimental determinations. Health benefits and disease remissions continue to be reported from using the orgone accumulator.
(My Orgone Accumulator Handbook gives the basic details.) And space science confirms, the cosmic vacuum has energy in it. You can deny that is orgone energy, and call it "Dark Matter" or "Intergalactic Medium" or whatever synonym you wish, but serious scientists increasingly note the comparisons, and observe how Reich’s orgone accumulator – which resembles a large hollow electrical capacitor or Faraday cage – is able to concentrate this cosmic phenomenon inside of itself. The experimental evidence confirming Reich dates back decades, and is published in peer-reviewed science journals and entire books, by decent scientists and physicians with MD and PhD degrees from top universities. But The Times will ignore all of that and instead take it’s lead from a biased pop-writer with no scholarly or scientific background.

When it comes to Reich, bias is a prerequisite and no research is necessary for the yellow press. Like the women who were burned at the stake only a few hundred years ago "everyone knows" that they were "witches"! Guilty! But how little we have advanced since those years! We still burn the books of the heretics, and throw them into prison to rot and die, as happened to Reich. So naturally, there is a great need to "explain" all of that to the general public, which still mostly has a bad opinion about book-burning and those who apologize for it. Once again, you are blaming the victim and exonerating the killers of life and truth.

Here is my detailed review of the Turner book, assuming facts and evidence carry any weight within your organization.

Critical Review of Christopher Turner’s Adventures in the Orgasmatron
A Defense of Dr. Wilhelm Reich and his Orgonomic Science
Against Renewed Sexual Slander and Defamation.
By James DeMeo, PhD

I note your Supplement does not allow reader commentary so I hope you’ll have the decency and courage to publish my letter in the print edition without editing, and to include the weblinks. If not, I’ll post this out to our international network for wider circulation, and ask readers in the UK why they bother to subscribe to your offerings, when you publish such astonishing lies and distortions.


James DeMeo, PhD*
Ashland, Oregon, USA

Major Recent Papers by J. DeMeo on the subject of W. Reich’s discoveries:

* "Water as a Resonant Medium for Unusual External Environmental Factors", Water: A Multidisciplinary Research Journal, p.1-47, 2011.
or here PDF (6mb):

* "Following the Red Thread of Wilhelm Reich: A Personal Adventure", Edge Science, p.11-16, October-December 2010.

* "Experimental Confirmation of the Reich Orgone Accumulator Thermal Anomaly", Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, 20(3):1-16, 2010.

* "Report on Orgone Accumulator Stimulation of Sprouting Mung Beans", Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine, 21(2):51-62, 2011.

Other publications listed here:

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