Islamic Ice-Age versus the US Constitution – Part 1

The Islamic Ice-Age versus the US Constitution and Western Freedoms – PART 1 of 2

by James DeMeo, PhD
28 September 2012

My findings on Saharasia proved in exacting scientific detail, through cross-cultural analysis of over 1100 different world cultures, how Islam in its political and ideological-religious contexts, is the most violent culture-type on the planet. Social variables on child abuse, human sexuality, women’s status and levels of social hierarchy and violence reflected in ethnographic data on individual cultural or tribal units, centered on the period c.1900 AD, proved this out exactly, and blend comfortably with modern data as gathered by the UN, WHO and other international agencies for the nation-states. Exposure of the facts on these global patterns in human behavior were presented to the world firstly in my Saharasia publications starting in 1986, well before the events of 911, which factually validated my findings, and demarcated the onset of a global jihad war of organized Islam against secular Western democracy and social-sexual freedoms. This war was not "declared" nor carried forward in the way Western thinking anticipates. No formal declarations were made, and there were no marching armies with waving flags, etc., but it is an open war of conquest, nonetheless.

Islam makes open war against social and sexual freedoms wherever it exists, in ways far more harsh and extreme than seen elsewhere in any other cultures or nations. Massive immigration and demographic expansion are key elements, which formalize into more overt violence when critical masses are reached. But the hard facts on this are still being denied, with catastrophic consequences as Western leaders continue to nourish the comforting lie that there is some "moderate Islam" or "a difference between Islam and Islam-ism", even when Islamic leaders and religious authorities chronically openly state that no such differences exist. "Islam is Islam", and the word itself means "submission". There is certainly a small percentage of Muslims who reject the more violent aspects of Islam and want the greater freedoms as found in the non-Muslim world, but unfortunately they are marginalized and have no sway over their fellows, and frequently are at grave risk in their homelands to openly express such views.

Below I will address some specific issues which are cherished by nearly everyone in the secular Western world, even by a few Muslims or ex-Muslims (or soon to be ex-Muslims) or at least, what should be cherished, but regrettably is under severe erosion world-wide.

Argument: The so-called "Arab Spring" has long ago degenerated into an "Islamic Winter" and now heads towards an Islamic Ice-Age. This has been brought about by long-term planning and scheming predominantly by the Muslim Brotherhood, with help from nations which are ruled by the Communist Party (or its old remnants, in Putin’s KGB Russia), as well as by left-leaning Western political leaders and hard-left political organizations and activists. These latter groups see Muslim immigrant populations as natural allies within the context of their respective "collectivist" ideologies – the Ummah or Caliphate for Muslims, the communist society for leftists – as well as for "street muscle" in future clashes with police. The political alliances forming over the last decade indicate a very open cooperation between left-political groups and Muslim groups, in a total sell-out of human freedoms and especially the freedoms of women and sexual freedom generally. In this, they are joined by the skin-head and neo-Nazi movement, which remains somewhat in the background but can be seen if one merely looks for the evidence. Contradictions abound, for certain, just as they did between the followers of Hitler and of Stalin, but this did not stop them in formulating grand alliances for sharing world conquest, as in the Hitler-Stalin Pact. A new totalitarian Ummah-Caliphate, with increasingly unmasked aspirations for global domination is firming up, following the outlines of the old Ottoman design, bit by bit so as not to frighten Western populations, whose leaders either have their head in the sand, or actually support a transition from freedom to totalitarian theocratic fascism. In this effort, they are being supported and financed – either due to blithering suicidal idiocy or outright cloaked alliances and scheming – by powerful liberal-left institutions and even by the current Presidential Administration.

To clarify the point, here’s a Pop-Quiz:

* Keeping in mind the above Argument as context, who said the following:

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam"

a) Osama Bin Ladin

b) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

c) Ayatollah Khomeini

d) Barak Hussein Obama

If you don’t know the answer, then clearly your favorite news media are feeding you filtered and pre-digested sugar-coated gruel, to keep you ignorant and compliant, and probably you aren’t too concerned about it. You should be.

This should be troubling to everyone as, given its source, it carries a message to the Islamic world that their terrorism and violence is OK and permissible, and a thinly veiled threat against those in the West who oppose Islamic fascism, by someone with immense power at his fingertips. Here is the more exact meaning:

"The future must not (and will not, if I can help it) belong to those who (dare to) slander the (beloved) prophet of Islam"

Let’s dissect this alarming statement, by firstly examining this "prophet of Islam", whom we are now supposed to bow down to and foot-kiss and respect, and who demands we monitor our thoughts and words so as to avoid hypothetical "slander".

For the Record, the Koran and Hadiths (words of Muhammed and records of Muhammed’s life and sayings written down by his relatives and disciples), report the following:

Muhammed was, in fact, a pedophile: At the age of 52, Muhammed took the six-year old child Aisha as his "wife", who moved into his tent with her toys. He sexually forced himself upon her when she was nine years old, when he was 55, and she became his "favorite" and "most beloved wife". He waited those three years until his other, older wife Khadija had died, because she (by earlier pagan customs) held control over the family wealth and might have cut him off. Allah said it was OK for a 55’er to take a 9-year old to bed. Ten years later, in vengeance, Aisha would poison her "beloved husband", killing him, though in what became a pattern for Muslim "scholars", they conveniently blamed that on one of his Jewish sex-slave "wives".

Muhammed forced himself sexually upon his daughter-in-law: So great was Muhammed’s lust for his daughter-in-law Zainab, the wife of his adopted son Zayed, who was his follower, that "Allah commanded him" to take Zainab away from his son, after which the woman became another of his wives. After this event, Muhammed informed everyone that Allah had some regrets, and so told him adoption was henceforth abolished. "Lust for other’s wives" with coercion to drag them into your bed was not a problem for Allah or Muhammed.

Muhammed eventually had at least 23 wives, plus concubines and other sex-slaves, though ordinary Muslim men are limited to only four wives plus whatever concubines as they can afford, plus whatever women or boys they can legally purchase (sexual slaves), including for temporary "muta" marriages as is typical when Muslim men go on the Haj to Mecca. That’s today, not 1000 years ago. Islamic sexual slavery is on the rise globally, of the whips-and-chains variety, notably in sub-Saharan Africa where all the above, and the following scenarios are increasingly being acted out.

Muhammed was, in fact, a Serial Murderer, Beheader, Rapist and Looter: When peaceful discussion failed to bring substantial numbers of people to worship him as an Arabian prophet, Muhammed was "ordered by the Angel Gabriel" to pick up the sword, thereafter committing dozens of raids upon the non-believers, particularly Jewish tribes of the region (who earlier had mocked him). Following several weeks of battle, the Jewish citizens of Banu Quraiza surrendered to Muhammed. He then oversaw and participated in the beheading of from 600 to 900 captured males, including all boys who had not yet grown pubic hair. All women and children, including the younger boys, were taken off as sex-slaves. Their property and land was confiscated. He duplicated such monstrous acts of extermination at Khaybar, where he personally and brutally tortured the Jewish chieftain to reveal where his buried treasure was located. After killing the man, the 60-year old Muhammed took the chief’s 17-year old wife, Safiyah, as his sex-slave and raped her on the same night. He led a similar raid of massacre, theft and rape on the Jewish tribe of Bani Mustaliq, and took the young girl Juwayriya for a sex-slave. Many dozens of similar events occurred and are recorded in the Koran and Hadiths.

Muhammed said rape of non-Muslim women is permissible.

Muhammed said Allah demanded "good Muslims" not take "unbelievers" as friends, and also that it was OK or even necessary to lie to them, to gain advantages.
(Scroll down to the section on Al-Takeyya. A lot of that is going on today, by spokespersons of so-called "moderate Islam")

Muhammed said Allah considered Jews to be unclean and sub-human, and wanted "good Muslims" to kill or enslave them all.

Muhammed said Allah wanted "good Muslims" to eventually conquer the entire world.

Muhammed ordered the killing of blasphemers and apostates. If you dare to say bad things (such as the truth) about Muhammed or Islam, and thereby blaspheme or insult Islam, or dare to depart from Islam to convert to another religion, or just to rid yourself of all religion, by definition your life is forfeit and any "good Muslim" can kill you.

Muhammed ordered severe mutilations and deadly punishments for violators of his decrees. Space does not allow a full list of Islamic punishments for violators of their Sharia Law, such as amputation of hands for minor theft, lashings of people where their backs are flayed down to the bone for such things as drinking alcohol, or for women a horrible death by stoning, head-shooting or "street justice" murder for adultery or pre-marital sex, or for just being seen speaking with an unrelated male. Muhammed directly claimed such punishments were "orders from Allah", and they go back to the original Koran and Hadiths for legal justifications across the Islamic world. And such punishments are a daily horror-show, which you will know about if you read actual real news reports, and not the Islam-friendly gruel.

The Talibans formerly held weekly executions in the old Kabul soccer stadium, where offenders were flogged or shot or beheaded. Saudi Arabia does likewise, all out of the eyes of any prying Western TV crews – but occasionally some infidel sneaks in with a camera and spills the beans. Across the Islamic world women are basically slaves, of the "whips and chains" variety, with few exceptions. Oh yes, in the cities one is more likely to see unveiled women – but less so as the re-organized Caliphate develops, and almost absolutely not in the rural areas. Today in sub-Saharan Africa, black animists and Christians are under deadly siege, with widespread massacres, rape, looting, beheading, theft of property and ancestral homelands, expanding the territory under Islamic rule, even as Islamic leaders shout phoney grievances about "Muslim lands are being stolen". Muslims dominate the whole of Saharasia, but world attention is focused upon a tiny sliver of once-Jewish, then Islamic, and now Jewish-again homeland territory called Israel. Lebanon was supposed to be a Christian homeland, stolen from Christians by Muslims centuries ago and restored to Christian self-rule after the Ottoman defeat, but already that has pretty much been re-conquered by the re-forming Muslim empire. Both Israel and Lebanon were carved out of the old gigantic Ottoman Empire which was cut up into smaller nations after they decided to form alliances with the German Kaiser during WW-I. Jews and Christians were dhimmi-slaves under the Ottomans, but in the "hurt feelings" of angry Muslims saturated with false revisionist history, one isn’t allowed to mention that. In fact the Islamic push to retake Lebanon and wipe out the Jews of Israel and the world are Koran-inspired preachings of Muhammed, who claimed Allah wanted all the Jews dead, or slaves.

Our Islam-compliant mainstream media reports very little of this, and we may get a clue about at least some of the reasons by considering the lavish commercials for Muslim events and airlines which dominate the international divisions of CNN, BBC and other mainstream news networks. (The other dominating ads are pharmaceuticals – something to take note of also given the MSM’s ongoing war against natural healing methods.) The political Left is today the primary carrier of the virus of Jew-hate and Islamic extermination politics, promulgated via "anti-Zionist" rhetoric (which itself is founded upon Leftist/Islamist revisionist history of the Middle East), and the leftists also react with fury when this is pointed out.

Pedophilia. Rape. Mass-Murder. Mutilation. Lies. Theft. Slavery. Obedience. War. Conquest.

Muhammed’s acts along these lines were repetitive, as part of the bloody wars he led, with sword in hand as War-Lord, aimed at putting the entire world under the Islamic boot-heel. Muhammed’s followers were instructed to do as he did, and continue the struggle after his death. In fact, Muhammed is considered to be "the ideal man" whom all other good Muslims should try to emulate in word and deed. And so they have.

All of this, and quite a bit more, is documented and celebrated in the Koran and Hadiths, preached from Mosques world-wide every Friday, and carried out in actions without missing a beat for nearly 1400 years.

Now, is it "slander" to recount that history? Or the current events which are founded upon the old preachings and historical precedents? No it is not.

See the following interesting article on this subject by Daniel Pipes:

For a quick review of what the followers of Muhammed have been up to in just the last several weeks alone, review these, which give the real news which the Islam-friendly and frequently Islam-financed MSM is chronically censoring out:

Given the truthful nature of these points, which were made the subject of ridicule cartoons and amateur videos, it is fully incorrect to say the public repeating of these facts constitutes "slander", or that criticizing or even mocking Muhammed on those factual points constitutes "hate speech". Neither is it "Islamo-phobia" to mention such things. It is fully rational and justified for people concerned with preserving their political and social freedoms to be concerned about the creeping Islamization and Sharia Law which increases every year. There exists a slow-going take-over of Western nations both by immigration and demographic expansion, attended by mosque-building and other Islamic programs designed to insure emigrant Muslims follow the strictest branches of Islamic theocracy, Wahhibism. Saudi Arabia spends more today on its Islamic propaganda machinery than the Soviet Union once did for Communist Party agitation around the world. And yet, few in the West will consider the fact that Islam today is conquest-oriented and poses a threat equal to that of the Stalinist and Maoist Communist Party during the 20th Century.

Now, as to the Pop-Quiz above, the alarming statement demanding appeasement to violent Islam came from the mouth of President Barak Hussein Obama, who has a long history of declarations in apologetica to Islam, of facilitating and providing taxpayer dollars (by the Billions!) to Islamic nations and causes, including bowing to his Islamic master, the claimed descendant of Muhammed and King of Saudi Arabia. (See my separate essays on this at the end of this article.)

"The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam"

Oh really?

This is deadly dangerous talk. The statement directly suggests, the future belongs to Islam, and anyone who objects should be suppressed or eliminated. That Obama would make statements which imply the power of the US government will weigh in favor of Islamic agendas – to suggest Islamic Sharia Laws forbidding "blasphemy" will appear in America at this time of increasing Islamic demand-making, terrorism, and street violence globally, and that he did so in the UN whose larger membership shortly thereafter applauded the Iranian Hitler in his plans for genocide against the unbelievers, this UN forum dominated by nations who would celebrate the atom-bombing of American or Israeli cities – is profoundly alarming.

(End of Part I, to be continued)

2 Responses to “Islamic Ice-Age versus the US Constitution – Part 1”

  1. Don Bill Says:

    The problem is Islam. Plain and simple. It is a plague that is best dealt with with a policy of containment and sequestration. Try to keep it isolated to prevent its metastasizing. Let the principles of social Darwinism go to work to allow this dystopian bronze-age desert based sexually dysfunctional system to stew in its own foul juices and self destruct with sectarian hatred. Capitalize on the perpetual Muslim rage and fan the flames of Sunni-Shiite discord. With luck they’ll nuke each other.

  2. Islamic Ice Age, Part 2: Quotations from Muhammed’s Love Letters « OBRL-News Blog Says:

    […] a more analytical bit for the "part 2" of the earlier "Islamic Ice Age" essay but there has been such a flood of new material, following exactly the old Saharasian patterns […]

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