New Dark Matter Camera Shows More Galactic Blues

New Dark Matter Camera Shows More Galactic Blues

More evidence of blue-glowing orgone energy in the cosmos, as a halo-effect surrounding galaxies and other cosmic objects, as taken from a new "dark matter/energy" camera, the most sensitive CCD camera ever constructed.

This is excellent empirical astronomy, but lousy theoretical astrophysics. The gravitational effects observed, and the blue-glowing nature of dark matter (or energy, as you will), are very real, but it is all too similar to what Wilhelm Reich called the cosmic orgone energy, an ether-like substrate which has gravitational properties and also glows with a bluish hue. Of course, with consent and silence of the scientists, Reich was slandered in the 1950s press, thrown into prison and had his books burned. Nobody should mention his name again, we are demanded, but with these new deep-space photos showing more and more of the "blue stuff", I am forced to observe the similarities. I have never before ever seen a globular cluster with such a distinct bluish glow, and the image of NGC1365 has never before shown such a distinctly bluish fringe around it.

See these:

Dark Energy Camera Sees First Light

To download the first images captured by the Dark Energy Camera, go here: or

Especially see these:

And then contrast those with these images, from "ordinary" cameras.

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  1. Sergei Kuzmin Says:

    There has been a recent confirmation:

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