Climate Change Update

Climate Change Update

Life has been busy at our mountain laboratory, where so far we’ve had the 2nd greatest snowfall since the OBRL facility was constructed starting back in 1994. More snow on the way over February, March and April, at least, by the climatological expectations.

Meanwhile I’ve provided links below for a number of articles and reports on the global climate situation. But there are a few more commercial and scholarly items of merit deserving attention.

There is a very good DVD item from History Channel, titled The Little Ice Age: Big Chill (LIA). It is one of the more accurate climate documentaries I’ve seen. It was made in 2005, but for reasons of probable political correctness, was not announced to the public until most recently. It doesn’t even have a fancy cover, and when you see it, you’ll realize the reason is because it down-plays the global CO2 warming hysteria with interviews and documentation on the very real nature of the LIA. For those who study authentic climate science, there’s nothing particularly new in it, other than the film crew actually travelling to various world regions and showing things which document the LIA as a real phenomenon of past centuries, in addition to the various interviews with climatologists most won’t recognize — because they aren’t from the popularity crowd of the "warmer" camp. The video does toss a bone to the warmers near the end, but correctly present the warming theory as one of many possibilities, without necessarily tying any warming to a rise in CO2. They also discuss the Medieval Warm Period (MWP) which supports the idea that the current warming trend is the consequence of natural cycles. The more ruthless of the climate science pretenders, as at the IPCC and Wikipedia, have done their best to erase or minimize the MWP and LIA, as they stand as a stark testament to pre-Industrial warming and then a plunge into chilly climate, that cannot be the consequence of industrial CO2, and help us to understand that the current warming cycle which began around 1750 is merely the expression of a gradual warming from the colder conditions of the LIA. The reality is, we’ve had climate periods warmer than today, and cooler than today, but for human history we have not yet gone back into the full deep-freeze similar to the old Pleistocene glacial epoch. That Really Big Chill will happen eventually, sure as snow, but nobody is too sure about when, and until it does happen we will experience smaller oscillations of climate. Climates change. That was known well before the politically-motivated factions of "climate science" began to misappropriate the term for their own agendas. And also to monopolize funding for climate research, which makes them "popular" among the media types. Anyhow, my recommendation is to get that DVD and self-education, then share around. I’ve provided the links where it can be purchased on but possibly you can find it elsewhere.

Also two other books on this subject I can highly recommend:

Jean Grove: The Little Ice Age – by one of the world’s top scholars on the subject. This one is a bit pricey, but no more than many college textbooks, and should be in the library of any professional concerned with the climate issues.

Brian Fagan: The Little Ice Age – Another scholarly but more readable overview on the horrific conditions of the LIA – crop failures, famine, starvation, economic decline, wars, epidemic diseases, turbulent oceans blocking exploration.

Brian Fagan: The Great Warming: Climate Change and the Rise and Fall of Civilization. This one details the MWP, which was a time of long summers, bountiful crops, great economic boom and ocean voyages of exploration.

Below I give some additional notes from recent news reports, of major chills and snows of this season.

Good climate and fortunes,

James DeMeo, PhD


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File these next ones under: "Climate Scientists are Not Infallible"

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