Cool Climate Update

Cool Climate Update

Could this……

And now it’s global COOLING! Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year

Be related to this…..?

Solar activity drops to 100-year low, puzzling scientists

More Details below.

From August-September 2013,
in rough chronological order,
as Winter approaches.
Prepare accordingly.

Major Danish Daily Warns: “Globe May Be On Path To Little Ice AgeMuch Colder WintersDramatic Consequences”!

What Global Warming? 2012 Data Confirms Earth In Cooling Trend

2899 Record cold temps vs 667 record warm temps in U.S. – From July 24 to August 19

Atlanta cold snap: Why is it sweater weather in the South?
Atlanta breaks a century-old temperature record Thursday

Obama’s "Organizing For Action" Gets Zero Attendance for Climate Change Rally

Slowest Start To A Hurricane Season On Record
Also here:

"Farmers’ Almanac" predicts a "bitterly cold" winter

Bucking "Consensus", World Federation of Scientists Critical of Global Warming
‘Climate change in itself is not a planetary emergency’

Summer of 2013 among coolest on record in Alabama, continues cooling trend, climatologist says

Peru Declares State of Emergency in Puno as Temperatures Drop

No Atlantic Hurricane by August in First Time in 11 Years
A "head scratcher"… for those who worship Al Gore and Obama, and get all their info from the alphabet-soup mainstream media.

Peru snow state of emergency extended to more regions

Deep Cold: Interior and Northern Alaska Weather & Climate

Tropical storm Gabrielle fizzles: Why has hurricane season been so calm?
Atlantic hurricane season – a record-breaking dud?

And now it’s global COOLING! Record return of Arctic ice cap as it grows by 60% in a year

Global warming computer models collapse; Arctic ice sheets rapidly expand as planet plunges into global cooling
See this BBC Report from December 2007, Al Gore speaks!

Earth Gains A Record Amount Of Sea Ice In 2013 – ‘Earth has gained 19,000 Manhattans of sea ice since this date last year, the largest increase on record’
also here:

Wrong: Al Gore Predicted Arctic Summer Ice Could Disappear In 2013

Dialing Back the Alarm on Climate Change
A forthcoming report points lowers estimates on global warming


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