The Disturbing Sex Fantasies (and Pedophilia) of the German Green Party Youth Organisation

The Disturbing Sex Fantasies (and Pedophilia) of the German Green Party Youth Organisation

The following article from Der Spiegel exposes a pedophile scandal at the top levels of the Marxist German Green Party. As a consequence of this and other scandals and revelations, their political support fell from near 30% of the polls early in 2013, down to around 8% in the actual vote-count only a few days ago.

Pedophilia is a serious crime against the humanity and sexuality of children, and certainly Germany is not alone in dealing with this problem. I post it as but one indicator of how the left-wing politic has its own serious sexual pathology, which in this case is as bad or worse than anything seen among the Catholic priests — except that the priests don’t push for legalization of child-rape as occasionally committed by one of their own. The Greens did, however, in keeping with their political alliances with the Muslim groups and nations, where pedophilia is given open sanction in child-rape marriages or as in the madrassas schools.

My new book In Defense of Wilhelm Reich, has chapters which detail much of this social problem, the serious sex-negativity found on both sides of the political spectrum.

Today we also have organized pedophile groups working hard to legalize their personal pathology, and they frequently get support and assistance from the "gay" organizations, who in turn are supported by the left-wing politic. This is a fact no less damaging to society than the continuing problem of pedophile priests.

These facts of history are frequently lost in the struggle for sexual health and freedom versus sickness and pathology, in which both conservatives and liberals have a common vested interest to protect the young from sexual predators at the extremes within both their camps.

James DeMeo, PhD

Author of Saharasia,
and In Defense of Wilhelm Reich.

PS. This is also related to the Green’s loss of political standing.


Translated from the original German:

The Disturbing Sex Fantasies of the German Green Party Youth Organisation

The Green Youth dreams of a gender-free future. However behind the façade of the fantasies of a better life for all hides the tyranny of law and sex, gender quotas and re-education. And pedophilia only gives rise to a tired joke.

They have a big heart, the young Greens, and an even bigger goal. They want – immediately – "the beautiful life!" Such is the official program of the German Green Party Youth Organisation, as they have published it in writing before the upcoming Bundestag elections at the end of September. But what makes life beautiful, how do we banish ugliness? The Young Green’s decisions and pronouncements in recent years leave no doubt as to the magnitude of the answer: away with the two sexes, away with wealth, away with marriage, away with religion, come here sex – and voila, it’s here, the beautiful life in the "ecologically and socially transformed society".

The Green Party Youth Convention held in Dresden in March of this year officially declared what elsewhere is only good for a joke after the fifth round of beer: male and female don’t exist. Never have. One must always place them in quotation marks, those evil men and self-confident women, like so many things in the beautiful new life of the Young Greens: "The two-gender system is only a construct and therefore can be overcome." As long as there are still "women", the young Greens will make do with "a binding women quota of at least 50 per cent" on all boards of directors and supervisory boards and a "livelihood guarantee for all (yes: all) women".

Green Youth wants to legalize prostitution around the world

As a medium-range goal, there should be "no indication of sex in public records". After all, who knows in the morning how they might feel at the end of the day? The coercion to decide on a gender for oneself is an unconscionable curtailment of one’s freedom that so far only the young Greens have identified. In future, no one should be subjected to a "definitive gender identity as a man or woman for life". "Our goal is to shape society in a manner such that everyone can decide freely which gender identity s/he wants to adopt."

Obviously marriage is obsolete in an era of free-floating sexuality: "We want to abolish marriage as a state-recognized institution." It should be replaced by a "family agreement" that any number of people can enter into. Such "polyamorously living people or friends" should also get "joint custody of children". Polyandry without men, polygamy without women are the new normalcy, with constantly changing groups of children in the playpen. But because such polyamorous communities might perhaps not satisfy all needs, the young Greens are delighted about a flourishing prostitution. At the Federal Congress 2010 in Göttingen, they praised sexuality as a contribution to "mental well-being" and affirmed with warm words that "buying sexual services is a means to satisfy one’s sexuality". "Sex work" should be legalized worldwide. In Germany, the Ministry of Labor should look after the interests of the "sex workers".

More info on ejaculation and g-spot

In order to ensure that the future clientele of such "sex work" knows how to appreciate it properly, school textbooks need to be rewritten. On their homepage, the Green Youth complains about the "portrayal of sexuality in school textbooks". "We must question if sexual arousal in children is indeed truly pathological." Also, it is "too conservative" that "sexual feelings are strongly linked with relationships and love". Unfortunately missing from the textbooks is what is instead urgently needed, "more detailed explanations about such things as masturbation, sexual positions, female ejaculation and the g-spot."

Some monotheistic religions probably disagree. Their public presence should be curtailed anyway. At the Dresden Convention, the Young Greens voted to abolish all official religious holidays and to replace them with "individually selectable free days" – meaning, more paid vacation days. Naturally, all religious lessons must disappear from the school curriculums, to be replaced by mandatory ethics classes. Say the Green Youth.

Dubious attitude towards pedophilia

Is all this sufficient for the "beautiful life"? No, because nothing diminishes the enjoyment of life more than money one doesn’t have. Therefore inheritances over a million euros are prohibited in the Young Green World. That is the absolute limit. "Any amounts exceeding that should be taxed at 100 percent", was another of the Dresden resolutions. And what is the State supposed to do with this flood of revenue? Well, that’s a given: it admits more "environment and climate refugees" and provides "functioning cultural policies" as a "contribution to the anti-fascist commitment".

Oh, dear Young Greens: Would all this really be so wonderful and magnificent and beautiful, as you promise it to be? Would it not in fact be a world under the hard whip of law and sex, gender quotas and forced re-education? And what you need to start considering seriously, dear Young Greens, is that not everything is good, nor emancipatory, just because it breaks with a certain "normativity". And you should think about whether it is really a smart idea to quote the Green Youth activists Grischka on your homepage, whose answer, when faced with the question whether the Greens are in favor of pedophilia, was this: "Yes, sometimes children simply need that."

Quoted under the date of September 27, 2009.

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