Climate Liars Censor News on Recent North Plains Blizzard – 75,000 cattle freeze to death

Climate Liars Censor News on Recent Wyoming, S.D. Blizzard – 75,000 cattle freeze to death

If you ever needed to fully grasp what incredible liars are the dominant left-wing media — newspapers, TV, cable, etc. — then just consider this event which happened last week, and which probably only 5% of the people getting this email will even know about.

Shutdown worsens historic blizzard that killed tens of thousands of South Dakota cattle


Here’s some pics.

PHOTOS: Winter Storm Atlas Slams Wyoming, South Dakota and More

Of course part of the reason you probably did not hear of this, is because this fierce winter storm came so early in the season, breaking many cold-snow records, and because it arrived so quickly on the heels of the last IPCC report beating the "global warming" drum.

We get this kind of snow at our Greensprings Center nearly every winter, but we are above 4000′ elevation and the accumulations don’t get so great until around February. That this happened in just one big winter storm that hit so early in the year, agrees with the minority view that a serious cool-wet trend is in the making. Go back 50 years ago, and this sort of thing was fairly common.

Stock up and plan accordingly.

And consider to cancel your lying newspaper subscription, and start supporting news media where they don’t routinely censor out or slander scientific dissenters?



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But by gosh, some "journalists" are on the job! We can get accurate news from …. INDIA!

Solar activity drops to 100-year low, puzzling scientists

All the hysterical doomsday predictions of the "warmers" have gone down the toilet… even as their unethical or criminal lying and data fudging becomes more clearly documented.

Scientific Untruths about global warming
The political and academic financial corruption of science

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3 Responses to “Climate Liars Censor News on Recent North Plains Blizzard – 75,000 cattle freeze to death”

  1. Yankin Michaine Says:

    I think you badly misunderstand how climate change works. Global warming does not mean everything will be warmer all the time. Rather, it means that the average temperature will be higher. As global warming destabilizes the climate of the earth, we can expect bigger storms, hotter heat waves and, yes, more freak cold snaps, along with a slowly rising higher temperature. Both of these things are very bad news. I’m sure you wouldn’t walk outside in a heat wave and say “ah, I see the light, global warming is true” based on that evidence alone. Why, then, would you make the mistake of saying “look at these freak cold snaps! Global warming is a lie!” Weather happens all the time. You can’t cherry-pick a few examples and use them to refute the evidence of scientists gathering and analyzing huge amounts of evidence over years.

    Imagine, as an analogy, a large scientific trial of a new medication which proved that the medicine did not work. Out of hundreds of patients, you could find a few who did get better on it for whatever reason, point them out, and use them as “proof” that the scientists “lied.” That’s not proof, and it’s not even good evidence.

    • obrlnews Says:

      Mr. Michaine,
      No misunderstandings here, but you appear to have missed the essential point of that posting, which was 1) the extraordinary nature of that snow event, which not only piled many feet of snow so early in the season but also killed over 100,000 cattle (the numbers jumped by later reports). And 2) how the MSM did not report that event at all, but instead acted like it never happened, and all at the same time as 3) when a new report came out from the IPCC pushing the usual global warming BS. Of course you are technically correct that “weather” is not the same as “climate”, but also apparently did not see the additional weblinks below the note on the big snow event, about very clear climate changes towards cooler conditions, along with revelations on the cheating and lying by the global warming leadership.

      Take for comparison, the abuse of this same principle by Al Gore, who today is running around Australia yelling that their temporary heat-wave and wildfire conditions — which by the way happens every year, more or less — is “evidence of global warming”. In his case, in favor of the global warming theory, the mainstream media in Australia is uninhibited in its acting as a megaphone to amplify the yelling and hysterics of people like Gore. See here:

      I don’t say global warming is wrong because of one record-breaking cold-snow event in America, but due to long term studies on full global data sets, which show a gradual cooling trend since c.1998. And because of documented lying and scheming by millionaire climatologists at the top of the Federal food-chain, as exposed in the Climate-gate memos, and in the shabby manipulations of data exposed in their crooked analytical procedures.

      Review the prior posts on OBRL News on this subject for plenty of global-averaged evidence for an end to global warming, and for crooked attacks and cut-throat politics by the warmers, aiming to silence their critics and maintain their billions from the Federal money-tree (which has its roots in everyone’s pockets).

      Question: Are you a paid misinformer from the OFA? You do know, I hope, how they are well organized to run around the internet and “correct” everyone who disagrees with the Obama policies. Do you know the book “1984” and does the name George Orwell mean anything to you?


  2. chimonger Says:

    Indeed, we live in Orwellian Times!
    I watched Gore’s presentations several years ago.
    One of the actually scientific charts graphed over 650,000 years of ice-core samples’ evidence of Global Warming & Freeze patterns.
    The glaring pattern that seemed barely mentioned: for EVERY warming spike, there was a near-equal, fairly concurrent, freeze spike.
    That chart demonstrated that our current Warming spike was more than double the amplitude of any previous spike, in that entire 650,000 year time frame.
    Yet, NONE seemed to discuss IF this warming spike is so dramatic now, WHAT might the corresponding Freeze spike do, when?
    Reflecting on past data that showed dire Ozone hole[s] were amazingly, rapidly repaired by removing certain things from pervasive use, I thought, MIGHT humanity already have started to rapidly change prospects of expected course of warming events, by actively decreasing CO2 emissions, etc. renewable energy use increases— though, not fast enough to prevent some drastic freezes that happen as counter-events to corresponding hot events?
    But then, that is not the only issue going on.
    1] Consider there are the more frequent 11-year cycles of Earth tilt, that make weather more extreme &/or unpredictable, when we are at those apexes each 11 years.
    2] And consider, Earth is currently at one of it’s usual, predictable, Ragnaroc-ian [approx. every 26,000 years] greatest axial tilt cycles: A ‘Great’, or ‘Platonic’ Year Cycle, or, Axial Precession.
    Far-tilts themselves, bring drastic weather.
    One might consider that if one of these occurs along with other cyclic extremes, even more dramatically extreme weather may happen.
    3] Also, ‘Obliquity’, or Earth’s equatorial plane in relation to the orbital plane in relation to the fixed-star background; this has varied fairly predictably for over 5 million years in a fairly tight pattern in the realm of about 22 to 24 degrees of variance in a 41,000 yr. cycle. This also affects weather/temperature/& possibly magnetic or other, patterns.
    4] In transitional periods between extremes of tilts, more noticeable to humans in the 11-yr. cycles, Earth experiences more average or stable weather patterns overall.
    Everything beyond what we can observe/understand directly, is unfamiliar, unknown, or forgotten quickly, which stirs fear; fear always stimulates strange behaviors in creatures, humans included–it can get ugly.
    There’s some EPIC marketing / profiteering to be done under any odd opportunities!
    The Earth’s magnetic poles are fragmented & migrating, which humans have volcanic/magnetic evidence of being naturally occurring, but have no direct experience of–so none really understand what that might do to what, for how long, or exactly when.
    For over 10 years, the South magnetic pole has been charted as in fragments, migrating in no particular understandable pattern, approximately in the S. Atlantic. The North Magnetic Pole has been migrating towards Siberia, approximately, though it’s thought to have been doing this for fewer years than the South Pole has been migrating/fragmenting.
    Evidence of past shifts are areas like the Bermuda Triangle–all over the globe, these occur in pairs, have measurable residual magnetism. But have not, as far as I know, ever been studied to determine if there might be any pattern, or if patterned, might those be predictive of future pole shifts [except apparently, we are having one now, in slow-motion–it’s been going on for well-over a decade], or, where might the poles be going next?

    This all has been hyped to epic proportions by doom-Sayers predicting =flagrantly= apocalyptic events, goaded by religious Zealots, making Billion$ [or more!] from it in =every= conceivable way.

    Bottom lines:
    1] Follow the money–just like in industry, politics, etc..
    2] Caveat emptor [buyer beware!],
    3] Educate yourself–it’s one of the better protections against being BS’d, but not entirely protective.
    [Not necessarily in order of importance…]

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