New Paper on Saharasia in Comparative Civilizations Review.

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my paper "Saharasia: Geographical Comparisons of World Cultures and Civilizations ", in the peer-reviewed journal, Comparative Civilizations Review. This paper detailed a presentation earlier in the year at the annual conference of the host organization, the International Society for Comparative Study of Civilizations (ISCSC).

The article is PDF downloadable directly from their website, via here:

My paper is the lead article.

James DeMeo, PhD

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4 Responses to “New Paper on Saharasia in Comparative Civilizations Review.”

  1. Geoffrey Levens, L.Ac. Says:

    I do love this grand synthesis and it makes excellent sense. AND is not the country and culture of Israel cut from the same cloth as the Muslim/Arab ones? i.e. the violence prone, paranoid, life denying dark side. I find Spiral Dynamics quite instructive here if you think in terms of what Beck and co. term “tribal” level, in particular the more negative tendencies of that level of development…

    This is all meant to be some sort of question but I seem to be having trouble framing it. End of the day, fatigue and all that. Hope you get my drift.

    • obrlnews Says:

      Not sure about your drift, but it is incorrect to compare the Israeli Jews to the Muslim/Arab culture on the various social factors leading to violence. Israeli society is an island of enlightenment paradise on social, emotional and sexual factors as compared to any of their Islamic neighbors, or to the Palestinians, who nourish ideas about Jewish genocide. Israel is a democracy, no arranged marriages, divorce is not restricted to men’s decisions only, polygamy is outlawed, men who murder their daughters go to prison, and so on. Young Arab girls threatened with death for “family honor”” violations typically flee to Israel for protection, and even Palestinians have repeatedly shown their desire to live within Israeli culture which provides them with great advantages in economic opportunity, health care, and basic freedoms, as opposed to living under murdering tyrants like Arafat, the Assads, Morsi’s Egypt, or the Saudi royals. The only trait that is clearly shared by Jews and Muslims is the circumcision of boys, done by Israelis during infancy, done by Muslims in puberty. Muslims also generally cut out the clitoris of young girls, or slice up their entire vaginal exterior, rendering them inorgasmic and emotionally crushed. Suggest to review the full book on this, entitled Saharasia, for the details.
      James DeMeo

  2. donbill2013 Says:

    The importance of this work cannot be overstated. Its reading should be mandated by all government personnel involved in foreign policy. Multiculturists, take note: The Western world’s current policy of attempting appeasement with Saharasian cultures has been an abysmal failure. If, instead, a policy of containment was pursued, and inherent sectarian hatred encouraged, the problem just might self-destruct.

    I take exception to the last point that the author made, however, that this problem is not genetic.

    The prophet Mohammed condoned uncle/niece and cousin/cousin marital unions. Consequently, for the past 1400 years, this custom has been religiously practiced, resulting in an inbred gene pool, lacking in diversity and hybrid vigor, but, in all likelihood, intensifying warlike tendencies. This also, quite possibly a prime factor for the paucity of Nobel prizes, inventions or intellectual contributions from this sector of the population, as both nurture *and* nature contribute to societal and individual dysfunction.

    • obrlnews Says:

      You are correct to see the modern-day implications of the Saharasian patterns, where the modern nation-states of that region are dominated by Islam, and continue to express the same kinds of patriarchal authoritarian extremism identified in the c.1900 cross cultural data — all the great wealth from petro-dollars, with big buildings and brilliant white robes, has not changed the character structure. Other cultures, such as the Jews of Israel, the Assyrians of Iran, the Bahai people, the animists and Christians of the region, including across the Southern Sahara, do not carry this same form of extremism, but being minorities in their respective regions, are averaged-out in the general Saharasian maps.

      As to “genetic”, my primary reference is to original causation, that social violence and war is not innate within the human species, no more than it is among the elephants or mountain gorilla, or turtles. Under certain environmental pressures, the struggle for survival can step over the line into competitive struggle with other cultures. However, one does not anticipate the kind of brutal sadism seen within Saharasian cultures under non-stress conditions, as when a young girl is throat-cut for having a boy-friend, or apostates tortured and hanged, etc. That kind of brutal sadism is not borne within the genetic structure, but exists only where the dominant sexual “morality” is dictated by sexual psychopaths wearing “holy” robes.

      However, I agree about the genetic problems which arise within those cultures, once they are established, but see those as secondary consequences to the social-repressive parameters. Muslim regions are plagued by high percentages of club-foot and cleft-palate due to multiple generations of favored cousin marriages, and it could be their mental functions are damaged accordingly. But Islamic child-rearing practices and measures taken to separate the young sexes from each other are so extreme, along with arranged marriages of girl children to old men, constituting rape, and widespread pedophilia of boys who are otherwise raised with beatings by emotionally deformed parents, provide a more directly observable mechanism for extremely emotionally traumatized childhoods, with subsequent development of emotionally-mentally deformed adults. Those adults are then easy recruits as soldiers for invading and conquering other cultures, or as social policemen (and policewomen) to snoop out violations of “pure Islam” within the homeland.

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