Update, with Holiday Greetings to All

Dear OBRL Supporters and Newsletter Subscribers,

Wishing you all a very
Merry Christmas, Happy Hannuka,
and Winter Solstice Season’s Greetings,
with all the very best for the
forthcoming New Year 2014.

The OBRL Newsletter #26 for December 2014 will soon be available,
before year’s end. A separate announcement will be made when it is
available, but you can also check here periodically:

In the meantime, please consider to make a donation to the non-profit Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL). In the last year, considerable work and accomplishment has been made towards advancing orgone biophysical research, and in public education as well. As some of you know, I have for many years been taking the new orgonomic discoveries out into the mainstream of science, as well as to the general public which frequently already has a good appreciation for Wilhelm Reich. In this effort, there have been many successes, in spite of the on-going slanders and distortions as made by various "skeptic" (and a few faux-"Reichian") attack-dogs. Our next Newsletter will give the details, but here is a summary for 2013:


* Laboratory work has continued at OBRL investigating the properties of orgone-charged water. Notably, water spectroscopy and fluorescence have shown remarkable reactions to orgone-charging. Most recently I was able to confirm one of Reich’s most central considerations, on optical lumination in the blue frequencies, of excited orgone-charged water, a phenomenon which is not present in uncharged water. These findings support Reich’s broader theory on orgonotic lumination as existent in living tissue, as well as in atmospheric and cosmic contexts. The findings continue to be double- and triple-checked, and will be presented and published in the near future.

* Parallel to the above findings, studies have also been made of water surface tension and plant-growth response to similar water-charging parameters.

* Other research projects have been mostly put on a back-burner, given the activities described below. For example, we tried earlier this year to raise a significant sum of money dedicated to a multi-year effort of applying the Reich cloudbuster to the American Southwestern drought, which has plagued the states of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas for over a decade. Unfortunately, while we had several generous pledges of funds from open-hearted donors, and several volunteers who went fund-seeking on behalf of OBRL, we could not even minimally approach the requirements for even the first phase of that work. More details on that will appear in the Newsletter.


* I was invited by the Italian Orgonomic Association to give several lectures at a major Conference on Orgonomy held in Rome, Italy, as well as an invited lecture at the University of Milano-Bicocca. The topics of these lectures were diverse, covering the basics of Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries, along with my own research findings in orgone biophysics. These included the topic of my past field work with the Reich cloudbuster, in practical applications for ending droughts, and verifying those influences scientifically. I also presented my findings on the Saharasian Desert Belt, as a major region of global climate determinations, as well as the most intensive locus of social violence on the planet. Also presented was my newer work on the effects of the orgone accumulator on water spectroscopy, and verifications of several of Reich’s key discoveries on orgone biophysics. This conference hosted around 15 professional speakers on diverse aspects of Reich’s discoveries and research legacy. A DVD set of the entire conference is available from the Italian Association, and I’ll be making another announcement on that very soon.


* After two years of research and writing, my latest book was finally published:

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years’ War of Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists.

It is now available from our on-line bookstore: Natural Energy Works

http://www.naturalenergyworks.net (also from Amazon.com and similar web-sellers, as well as by special order from brick-and-mortar bookstores)

* Three new translations were recently completed of my Orgone Accumulator Handbook, into Italian, Greek and Spanish languages. These also are available from the above on-line bookstore link, and from international booksellers and websites.

* A republication was made of an important historical work by Max Hodann, one of Reich’s associates from his early Sex-Pol days: History of Modern Morals This work mentions Reich many times, very favorably. It is also available from the above on-line bookstores link.

* One of my publications recently appeared in a peer-reviewed historical journal: "Saharasia: Geographical Comparisons of World Cultures and Civilizations", in Comparative Civlizations Review. 11/2013; 69 (Fall 2013), pp.4-22. https://ojs.lib.byu.edu/spc/index.php/CCR/issue/view/2517
This publication followed my invited presentation to the annual conference of the International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations earlier in the year.

* The OBRL website continues to offer free-download copies of most all of my research publications, and previews of the books, but the webpage on this needs to be updated – this task will hopefully be finished in before the end of the year:

* And of course, OBRL-News continues to provide updates and timely information related to orgonomic and broader natural-scientific and sex-economic subjects, all of which are mirror-posted to the OBRL blog:

How You Can Help!

All of the activity described above, and other on-going projects, demand funding beyond what my own personal income can provide.

Every positive step listed above required modest or large sums to make it possible, for equipment purchases, airline tickets, and so forth, in addition to a great devotion of personal time and effort.
My work is not supported by any mainstream institution or funding agency, due to its controversial nature, other than what can be provided through OBRL and its network of friendly supporters.

You can review the long history of my work as supported through OBRL in our various Newsletters and on my publications list:

Please consider to support this continuing and important research effort by making a donation to the non-profit Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) which is tax-deductible:
If you use the PayPal donation button on this page, you can also set up a periodic recurring donation schedule. Also please consider to include OBRL in your bequests.

Alternatively, you can support the OBRL research and publications efforts, and also directly benefit, by purchasing one or more of our books, for yourself or family or friends. For our in-house publications, we now have fairly economical methods for international shipping.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Breathe deep, fly high, and thrive!

James DeMeo, PhD
Director , Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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