OBRL Newsletter #26 for December 2013, Now Available

Dear OBRL-News Subscribers,

The OBRL Newsletter #26 for December 2013 is now available for a free download.

Topics include:

1. New Published Articles, Essays and Notes, by James DeMeo for 2013
2. Lectures with PowerPoint Presentations (where available):
3. Conference on Orgonomy, Rome Italy.
4. Research Projects at OBRL
Spectrographic Research
CORE: Southwestern Drought Emergency Project
5. OBRL Funding Request

You can obtain it by going to this weblink:

Also, our tardy, but very best wishes for the New Year 2014.

Breathe deep, fly high, and thrive!

James DeMeo

James DeMeo, PhD
Director , Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
Ashland, Oregon, USA

The OBRL News & Quarterly Newsletters:

Natural Energy Works
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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contribute if you can; many new photos:

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