Strong Alive Women, Video Recommendations

Strong Alive Women, Video Recommendations

Below are listed a few older films and one documentary which honor Strong Alive Women, the struggles they face, and how their struggles reveal problems we all continue to face in the modern times.

Weblinks to the Amazon website are provided, but you can probably get them elsewhere.

1. I Remember Mama – Irene Dunne. This is an honoraria for loving mothers at a time before it was common for women to work outside the home. A loving marriage but before the era of contraception, or women’s full equality, it shows a very real-world situation in the USA where women nevertheless were self-determined in action and goals. It is a good look at what your grandmothers had to struggle with, but not in any sense of "women’s liberation". The original movie is from 1948, about a Norwegian immigrant family living in San Francisco during the Great Depression, and how they struggle to survive and keep a loving family together. Also notable, the stiff relatives, a few of whom had golden hearts, which most of us can identify in our own family trees. Mama won many awards and triggered a popular TV series in the 1950s. It is about the Mama we might have had, if lucky, or that we wanted, if not, and a lesson why mother-love is indispensable. Keep a box of tissues handy.

2. Sister Kenny (Amor Sublime) – Rosalind Russell
This one is a fascinating look at an innovative treatment for polio prior to the development of the various polio vaccines. Developed by an Australian nurse Elizabeth Kenny, while serving the health-care needs of remote farm families in the outback, where there were few MDs to assist or oppose innovation. Following her own intuitive methods, Sister Kenny helped many severely debilitated children struck with polio to regain full motion and functioning. She developed a form of therapy involving hot water compresses and motional therapy, to "re-educate" the muscles by inducing natural motions. Her success brought the attention of the medical establishment, which turned against her with a fury, for daring to oppose their system of Medieval metal braces and immobilization techniques, and for her abilities to save children whom they could not. The MDs also resented her for being a woman. Kenny’s methods have parallels to Reich’s concepts of the importance of fluid motion versus stiff immobility in biopathic disease, and those who have read Reich should note the similarities right off. The DVD for this excellent film as linked above is Region 2, for Europe, so those in North America will need a multi-region DVD player, or you can "hack" your player to turn on the multi-region capabilities – most of them have this hidden feature. Look it up on internet by your DVD player model number and the words "hack region code". Most every DVD player can be easily converted to region-free or multi-region without too much difficulty. There is a VHS version also:
Also several YouTube documentaries on the original Kenny treatments, here:

A search of her name, Sister Kenny, will bring up other YouTubes, but get the DVD or VHS for a good night’s entertainment and inspiration.

3. We The Living – Alida Valli An Ayn Rand masterpiece formulated from her own experiences in early Soviet Russia, the story traces the struggle of the young and independent-minded Kira to find love and professional advancement in an increasingly deadly Communist system of oppression and thought control. It also shows how she influences the men in her life, who suffer from similar oppression. A good look at what Western democracies in Europe or America seem headed towards, as the leftist PC "thought police" of Big Government increasingly gain legal powers over what can be said, or written, or read, or believed, or thought, or done.

4. Honor Diaries – various brave women This is a documentary on the problem of female sexual slavery across the Islamic world, and the brutal methods used by the men in those totalitarian societies to humble women down into subservience. It elucidates the problem of "family honor" and the murder of disobedient women and girls who try to break free of the chains thrust upon them by Islamic societies where they are treated as little more than legalized concubines or baby-making sex-slaves. The narration is given by nine courageous women’s rights advocates from these same Muslim nations, who escaped to the non-Muslim world – which is to say, the non-Saharasian world. You may weep on this one also, but not for the same reasons as with the Mama film. This is exactly the kind of documentary film which the leftist Islam-apologizers don’t want you to see, and in fact leftist and Muslim thugs have today been using threats or mob actions to prevent showings of this new documentary at university campuses across the USA. The above weblink at Amazon is only for direct video download, but you can purchase the DVD from the home webpage of the producers:


James DeMeo, PhD

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

New book: "In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years’ War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists", by J.DeMeo
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