Extended Book Sale, and Replacement Offer for Problem Book Copies

Extended Book Sale, and Replacement Offer for Problem Book Copies

Extending our Offer for Free Shipping Internationally.

Regarding my latest book In Defense of Wilhelm Reich, it has been decided to extend the offer of free shipping internationally through the month of May, and also to spice the offer up a bit.

Purchase In Defense of Wilhelm Reich along with any of these other books, and the entire order will be processed without shipping charges, for the USA or Internationally. Here are the other titles you can combine it with:

* Saharasia
* Orgone Accumulator Handbook (English, Italian, Spanish or Greek editions)
* Heretic’s Notebook

This offer to combine must include one copy of In Defense of Wilhelm Reich, after which you can add on any of these other titles.

Place your order as usual through the Natural Energy Works website.

This offer is only being made to OBRL-News subscribers, and to readers of the OBRL blog. While our shopping cart will compute a shipping charge for these additional titles, if you mention this special offer for free shipping in the comment box during checkout, or as a separate email at the time of the order, we will cancel out all shipping charges, and you will only be charged for the price of the books.

This offer also lasts through the month of May!

Replacement Offer for Problem Book Copies

It has come to my attention that the first 30 or so copies of In Defense of Wilhelm Reich were printed from an uncorrected master, and therefore have a number of small errors in the text. These are small things, grammar slips and typos or misspellings, but I nevertheless was upset to learn about it.

If you got one of those early copies, I will be happy to replace it without charge, with a copy from the fully-corrected master that has been in use since mid-December last year.

The way to tell is, to look at the copyright page, and find the phrase "First Edition, 2013". Below that is a number which is the date of the printing proof, with the format of year,month,day. If your copy has a number prior to 131210 (which is Dec. 10, 2013), then you probably got one of the copies which were made from an uncorrected proof. If you have a copy more recent than that, for example with the number 131215 (15 Dec. 2013) then you have the fully-corrected copy which should have been circulating in the first instance.

If you want the replacement, please tear out that copyright page, and return it to us by postal mails, to:

Natural Energy Works

PO Box 1148

Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA

A fresh new copy, from the current master and without those errors, will be shipped to you without charge.

Or you can make a scan image of that page and email that to us at:
However, for scanned images, if you did not obtain the copy from Natural Energy Works, we also need a scanned copy of the receipt from the bookstore you purchased it through. If you lost the receipt, then simply send us the copyright page by postal mails.

In all cases, be sure to provide your return postal address, telephone and email with whatever you send to us, so we know where to send the replacement. You must provide the telephone number and email, as required by our shipper and for email confirmations.

Thanks and Good Wishes,

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL, and Natural Energy Works

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