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Muslim Terrorists Discover Saharasia

June 20, 2014

Muslim Terrorists Discover Saharasia

Below is a map currently being circulated by the Muslim Jihadi murderers, to much joy and uulating throughout the Islamic world. It is found on numerous Islamic websites, where they openly identify their own territories, plus all borderland regions which at one or another time in history had been conquered by one or another Muslim war-lord, and hence by their reasoning, constitutes "Muslim property". It also includes a lot of territory never previously conquered by Muslims. But to Islamic thinking, these are all "Muslim lands" and are actually "occupied territory" being "unjustly inhabited" by non-believer infidels. Examples would be the "occupying" Spanish, French, Greek, Serbs, Bulgarians, Romanians, Hungarians, Russians, Chinese, Indians, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Animists and various black African tribes, who by Islamic views are merely "temporary inhabitants" or "aboriginal peoples" currently occupying Islamic territory. They are all "occupiers" who, by Islamic thought, must be driven out from those lands, converted into Islam, killed off, or become dhimmi sub-humans and pay the ferocious annual Jidza head-tax, which is the Islamic tribute payment required for non-Muslims to remain alive within "Islamic territory".

Apparently some Muslim warrior discovered how to make a map, and so this is what you get in the way of very effective propaganda, that fuels the heart of every Jihad sadist longing for the "Greater Islam", of a forthcoming New Islamic Caliphate.

Youth across Saharasia are said to be in a state of "transfixed joy" about this turn of affairs in recent weeks, this massive increase in rapine slaughter and butchery as seen on the upsurge in Nigeria, Iraq, Syria and elsewhere. As detailed in Wilhelm Reich’s writings, such as The Mass Psychology of Fascism, their own lives may be ruined and collapsed into loveless desperation, sexual frustration and emotional misery, but the “little man” can feel like a “Big Man”, with a great excitement and explosive boost in morale at the thought of Jihad invading, conquest, slaving and looting. Or just to "teach a lesson" to the non-believers who "insult Islam daily" by their provocative freer and more alive behavior, by their easy relations between the sexes, and by their mere existence.

The youth of Islam have generally been severely crushed by child abuse, extreme heterosexual repression (including high levels of pedophile attacks), totalitarian fascism and murdering of taboo-breakers. Emotionally, they have become so twisted up that normal healthy heterosexual relations are nearly impossible, and eventually just the suggestion of such a possibility elicits intense anxiety and emotional plague reactions. From this comes the urge to spit upon the unveiled woman, to murder the “sexual sinner”, or to throw rocks at passing-by Jews or other infidels. Or to kidnap non-Muslim schoolgirls by the hundreds, as recently happened several times over in Nigeria, for the purposes of sexual slavery. From their own long history of suppression, they have learned to destroy all natural sexual feeling within the self, through religious fanaticism plus the widespread chronic addictions to hashish or qat, which by themselves reinforce head armoring, and elicit a feeling of megalomania and invulnerable superiority. And from that comes great anxiety and rage, with an urge to lash out against that which they cannot ever have, to obliterate anyone or any foreign culture which lives the freer life they cannot have – even while they are preoccupied with sexual longing, or disturbances and fantasies of every kind. Out of this comes the intensive Arab love poetry, and fantasy novels about harem romances, which are as unreal as is the concept of the “noble Islamic warrior”, who in fact history shows is mostly prone to lying, deceit, trickery, torturing of prisoners and murder.

Sexual slavery has been a central part of Islamic history since the very first years of Muhammed, associated with over nearly 1400 years of conquest and looting. Unlike European slavery, or the much shorter period of American slavery, some 90% of all slaves taken by Muslim societies were and are today, young women or pretty-faced boys, to feed the sexual appetites of corrupted sheiks or war-lords, or merely the average camel-herder. The "Princes" of Saudi Arabia may have only four wives, but also scores of concubine slaves inhabit their harems, even today, rotated in and out according to whim or for budgetary reasons. Muslim men on the annual "Haj" pilgrimage to Mecca also can buy a temporary "muta marriage" to a young slave girl for a couple of weeks while there, who cooks and cleans for him, and shares his bed, and for which she is paid a pittance, the whole deal being arranged by mullah slave-brokers. Oh yes, it is "marriage" by strict legal definitions, but what abject misery is inflicted upon the girls, who have no choice in the matter and were purchased from impovershed parents elsewhere. After years of servicing Haj pilgrims, they are left with nothing but a destroyed body, and any children created in the process are destined to join the street beggars, who are abundant within Islamic cities. And such abominations continue, especially so, in the wealthiest of the oil sheikdoms, as they have the free money gathered from oil revenues, for which they never had to lift a finger to get, and which is used to buy slave girls (sometimes under the guise of "house-maids") from all around the world. Their media is tightly controlled, so the world public only gets an occasional glimpse of what goes on, as when desperate “maids” jump from tall buildings to end their miserable existence.

This manner of deadly anti-love existence constitutes a most-favored Islamic utopian paradise, an ideal goal which was also how Muhammed lived, to be a wealthy war-lord with multiple sexual slaves, up to four wives but as many concubines and pretty-boys as you can afford to buy at the slave markets or kidnap from the infidels. Beyond that, you may get a new "muta" marriage in many Muslim cities if you are travelling. And for the poor Jihadi who has not the money to buy slave girls, there are 72 virgin girls waiting in the hereafter.

Not surprisingly, from this deadly brew there is widespread sexual impotence and explosive sadism across the Islamic world, with intensive sexual preoccupations in the thought process. Mullahs, who also serve as war-lords, formulate legal dictates, Jihadi obligations and conquest agendas, all made possible precisely because of the nearly complete and utter destruction of natural heterosexual genitality and love, and the consequent absence of capacities for independent thought. This is so, no matter how many wives, concubines or “muta” sexual slaves a man may buy to force himself upon. And yet, Muslims often hypocritically chide Western democracies as lands “filled with whores and prostitutes”!

The larger point of all this is how sexual behavior and family life determines the larger cultural and social framework, including state structure and religious ideas, and whatever levels of social violence and war which may exist. And for the Islamic world, borne as they were in the harsh deserts of Saharasia, they have proven to be an extremely armored and violent culture-type.

The geographical context also proves this out. The above map of this New Islamic Caliphate, drafted by the Jihadis themselves in 2014, shows a great similarity to the Saharasian maps I prepared in the 1980s, some 35 years earlier, from a global analysis of the standard ethnographic data on human family and sexual life, with attending levels of social violence, in over 1100 world cultures. The Caliphate Map overlaps with, and extends slightly beyond, the larger Saharasian region of the most extreme patrist, armored human societies, as developed years ago in my World Behavior Map.

I would recommend to get my Saharasia book through the above weblink, if you are unfamiliar with the premises and discovery, as it will help to understand the thinking process and actions of the Jihad groups currently pushing to make a new Caliphate.

I’ll repeat the new Islamic Caliphate Map here, for easy comparison.

At least one of the critics of my Saharasia findings claimed, years ago and in opposition to clear evidence already provided in my other writings, that the original Saharasia maps were "valid only for the period of c.1900 AD", but "had no validity for the modern situation". I beg to differ, and offer the new Islamic Caliphate Map, drafted by the Islamic factions themselves, as one of many stark and deadly proofs. It is not merely a map of intended conquest, but conquest under the aegis of Islamic Sharia Law, which is about as anti-sex-economic, anti-sexual freedom and anti-genitality as one could imagine. Their Sharia Law is in fact reflected in the extreme armored patrist definitions presented in my Saharasia work, which was primarily founded upon Wilhelm Reich’s earlier findings and definitions of what armored human societies looked like, and how they behaved.

Saharasia is a world region of immense sexual repression and cruelty, of sexual sadism, misery, and untold violence, which just in the last few weeks has been so busy furiously mass-murdering their current enemy, they finally got the attention of a mostly-sleepy Western world. Usually, the West is happy to ignore or embrace all things Islamic, due to their own milder but nontheless widespread anti-heterosexual anxieties. How else to explain such monstrosities as this, in Norway of all places, the temporary refuge home of Wilhelm Reich on his flight from Nazi Germany!


Or this, in “Muslim-occupied” France! The former home of “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity”!

A new anti-Semitism rising in France


Europe appears lost to the Islamic radicals, if only due to demographic factors of high Islamic immigration and birth-rates, versus low “aboriginal European” birth-rates. 500 years of slow and painful European social and political reforms, for greater freedom and tolerance, will be swept away in 50 at the hands of the on-going Islamic immigration conquest.

For the record, the Islamic radicals who dominate the Saharasian regions, and who increasingly emigrate into the Western nations, aggressively demanding the Western democracies accept hate-filled and violent Sharia Law, are not reading my Saharasia book to gain inspiration, or to draw up their Caliphate maps. They know their own territories, and the strength of their Jihadi armies. And for the record, what they hope to accomplish is exactly 180-degrees opposite from what I desire to see accomplished.

What I point to as evidence of sexual illness, sadistic cruelty and psychopathic behavior, they point to as exemplary Islamic behavior everyone should emulate. Stoning girls or women for supposed sexual "crime&quot is abhorrent to me, the stoning itself being a crime deserving the death penalty to everyone who organized it, including or especially those in the woman’s family, and the local mullahs who organized it. For them, it is "natural" and they have no problem about it, just as young boys in Jihad families are frequently taught to slowly cut off the heads of young bleating lambs, drowning in their own blood, as an emotion-hardening preparation for doing the same to human beings – which is also by the way, the Jihadi background of the Halal meat industry, to insure that the dying animal suffers to the maximum extent possible. (Where are the animal-rights people on this Halal torturing of animals which has now invaded into Western nations? They are SILENT! Just as are the Leftist "feminist, women’s rights" groups silent about female sexual slavery within Islamic nations!)

Anyhow, around 1980, my work uncovered this global geographical pattern suggesting not merely the first-origins of social violence in the 4000-3500 BC period when the Saharasian Desert Belt firstly began to form (a very real "climate change" which radically damaged the early human societies which lived in that same region). The World Behavior Map also expressed a large danger to free people’s everywhere, in how it exposed an historical process which indicated a spreading of the Jihad conquests into surrounding borderland regions, a process which was continuing to unfold in contemporary world events.

By the year 2014 AD, the desert-dweller Jihadis expressed in desires a new global geographical pattern of their own. To them, their Sharia ideology will "save the world" from "sinful fornicators" and "prostitute women" of the non-believing infidel world. Their Islamic totalitarianism will erase all the social chaos and divisions as seen across the infidel world. And so they recognize "Saharasia" as their "Caliphate" for the reasons of fulfilling a grand dream of "world peace" as per their own vision. But it is a vision which history shows, is filled with sadism, slavery, cruelty, butchery, looting and conquest, being exactly opposite of the principles of love and honest, rational social relationships. World events of just the last several months or years has re-affirmed these facts abundantly, for those who have dared to follow current events from reliable sources.

The Caliphate Map identifies their intuitively-developed goals and aspirations, where historically they already had and continue to have an easy time in land-grabbing conquest, which is ongoing, and forthcoming. They came to these conclusions on their own, merely as the "logical" outcome of their own ideology, thought processes and desires. The new Islamic Caliphate Map exposes their plans at work, drafted out on a world map just this year, 2014, showing exactly what they believe is desirable, and do-able.

We would do well to take them at their word.

Like the old "war communism" of the Soviets, who understood that free peoples will always flee barbarian Communism and take their wealth and skills with them into free nations, the Muslim barbarians understand how their totalitarian agenda can only work if the entire planet is converted over into their system of domination. There must, by their thinking, be no place where infidels can run off and hide, to live more freely and organize for opposition against the Jihad agenda. Islam, like Communism and National Socialism (but different from them in how it has lasted nearly 1400 years!), proposes a utopian vision of perfect dominance of the individual, including their most private sexual and family life, by an over-reaching totalitarian state apparatus.

When Muslim leaders currently building up their Caliphate say "We will see you in New York", they aren’t planning any vacation, and it is good to recall that Osama Bin Ladin made similar bold statements while living in a tent in the desert. This initially elicited only big laughter within Western intelligence agencies – who did not prove to be so intelligent after all.

The world ignores these facts at great peril. Already the Jihadis say, they will do 911 all over again, next time with a-bombs.

Once again, I would recommend to get my Saharasia book if you are unfamiliar with the premises and findings, as it has strong predictive value in understanding the emotional, sexual and mental condition from which the brigades of Jihadis, and their support networks within the radical-left and neo-Nazi factions, derive.

I also recommend to review the following sources daily to get the factual reports which are mostly ignored by the clueless "intelligencia", leftist media parrots and Washington DC party-goers.

James DeMeo, PhD

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

New book: "In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years’ War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists", by J.DeMeo

Book Review by Thomas DiFerdinando: In Defense of Wilhelm Reich

June 12, 2014

Book Review by Thomas DiFerdinando:
In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years’ War of Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists, by James DeMeo, Natural Energy Works, Ashland 2014, 269 pages, illustrated with full index.

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich is an intelligent, well-written summary of Wilhelm Reich’s life, work and persecution. It is a powerhouse of scholarship, insight, meticulous historical detail, unapologetic political incorrectness, a relentless effort to stick to the facts, and, for newcomers to Reich, life-changing information. It is easily the most comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the entire body of Reich’s controversial yet profoundly practical scientific achievements.

The book’s Timeline (Chapter Two) provides a clear exposition of all of Reich’s major discoveries. I especially like the pithy, single-page textboxes that pepper the chapter. These alone give an immediate appreciation of the amazing scope of what Reich accomplished. They include his sex-economic discoveries; the foundational role of the orgasm in bioenergy regulation; Reich’s remarkable bioelectrical experiments; his bion discoveries on cancer, the origin of the cancer cell and the origins of life; the orgone accumulator anomalies, biological effects and health benefits; and the discovery of the life energy in the organism, atmosphere and cosmos. One finds answers to questions modern researchers have been grappling with for centuries. One also finds an equally comprehensive collection of the attacks on Reich, detailing who exactly put his persecution into play and who keeps it in play today, with names named, dots connected and documentation provided. Chapter Three documents the full range of confirmations of Reich’s discoveries, both before and after Reich’s death – including reference to modern day discoveries where Reich’s priority remains unacknowledged.

Chapter Four is in some ways the most important chapter in the book. It includes a devastating expose’ of the most recent attacks against Reich, as triggered by Christopher Turner’s Adventures in the Orgasmatron. Turner’s book masqueraded as scholarship in a particularly insidious way – it actually mixed up selected facts about Reich with a heavy dose of outright fabrications and slanders. Turner’s entire book was in essence a resurrection of the original 1947 Mildred Brady smears against Reich, merged with an even more scurrilous set of claims. One has to ask, what motivated Turner to go to all that trouble, to slander a scientist who has been dead for over sixty years? Well that is discussed in Dr. DeMeo’s book, and in uncompromising terms.

For example, there is the refreshingly straightforward and unapologetic discussion of Reich’s findings on emotional and sexual health, i.e., on what Reich called genitality. DeMeo contrasts Reich’s findings with those of the famous sex-researcher Alfred Kinsey (whom Turner is very friendly to) detailing where Kinsey differed with Reich in his claims about human sexuality. For example, unlike Reich, Kinsey’s definition of orgasm excluded any concerns for love or emotions. DeMeo also documents how Kinsey gave support to pornography and pedophilia, along with other behaviors which Reich considered to be neurotic, sadistic or criminal. One cannot find a more diametrically opposed understanding of sexuality and emotional health. The point is made, to understand the direction the Western world took in its social and policy-making trends in the second half of the 20th century, one has to understand it was Kinsey’s influence and claims, and not Reich’s, that lead to the destructive results authors like Turner insist on deceptively ascribing to Reich.

DeMeo’s chapter on Turner also documents the crucial fact that Turner, like every other skeptic before him, cites NONE of the extensive supporting evidence and positive confirmations for Reich’s clinical and experimental findings. This is especially important because, one of the oldest tricks employed by Reich’s detractors is the lie of omission. This is especially destructive in Turner’s case because his book was wrongly touted as an exhaustive, authoritative and scholarly biography of Reich! For the honest scholars and generally interested reader, In Defense of Wilhelm Reich contains a wealth of supporting links and resources to positive replications.

The final chapters detail historically recent slanders and distortions, including those found in sources like the online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

What I also found enlightening is DeMeo’s use of eye-opening historical context, i.e., his highlighting of known historical facts that have not yet been integrated as a whole into Western history, culture and popular consciousness. For example, the Timeline chapter includes brief but clarifying insight into the secret working relationship between Hitler and Stalin, and also between Lenin and the German High Command after WWI – active, working relationships aimed at world domination that lead to the carnage of WWII. There is also material on the Marxist-Communist betrayals of the early sex- and family-law reformers; a comparison of the adoption of these reforms in Capitalist America vs. their rejection in the retrograde Socialist and Communist countries; and much on Reich’s relationship to the Communists, i.e., what he knew and didn’t know at the time about Marx and the Soviets – another major contribution.

More than a book about Reich’s persecution, In Defense of Wilhelm Reich serves as an indictment of the highly destructive yet profoundly seductive sociopolitical forces throughout our society that interfere daily with human freedom and happiness, forces which Reich collectively explained as the Emotional Plague. The central myth about Reich – that of the "sex-crazed quack gone mad" – is the perfect example. The negative response to Reich by many otherwise decent people today is, in actuality, a response to this fake "Reich" conjured up by the Plague. The real Reich is certainly controversial and emotionally challenging, due to his honest and penetrating analysis of humanity’s deep-seated neurotic and psychosexually-driven frustrations and self-destructive tendencies. But that is a far cry from Reich being a "pornographic, sex-crazed charlatan"! The latter is a myth needed by the Emotional Plague and authors like Turner, to steer otherwise decent people away from the work and discoveries of one of history’s most remarkable and productive psychiatrists and natural scientists.

I want to mention one other thing. Reich himself stated his FDA trial and persecution were initiated and organized by Moscow-driven Communist cells in the USA. Contrary to the popular assumption that Reich was delusional, and that his downfall and persecution were driven by a right-wing, sex-hating, McCarthy-inspired, Christian conservative conspiracy, Reich has since been proven correct. This is most thoroughly documented in a recent book by researcher James Martin, Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War (second edition subtitled: "The True Story of How a Communist Spy Team, Government Hoodlums and Sick Psychiatrists Destroyed Sexual Science and Cosmic Life Energy Discoveries"). In Defense of Wilhelm Reich provides further supporting evidence to both Reich’s assertions and Martin’s extensive findings on the Communist conspiracy, connecting even more dots in a series of history-changing events that murdered and nearly completely destroyed the life’s work of one of histories most original and prolific scientists. While people of all political persuasions certainly played a role in Reich’s downfall, the demonstrable fact is it was the Communist Left who most actively conspired to destroy Reich, and as Dr. DeMeo shows, continues to work to destroy him today.

The power of In Defense of Wilhelm Reich is that, like the best theatrical and cinematic productions, it’s theme is universal. It is classic "Good vs. Evil", except in the case of Reich, the transcendent nature of the drama is no fiction. It is the product of two powerful, but very real forces one rarely finds in such total opposition to each other: the relentless and uncompromising nature of Wilhelm Reich, his work and his genuinely profound discoveries, and the relentless, uncompromising compulsion of the Emotional Plague to destroy all three. Part of Dr. DeMeo’s contribution, supported by his extensive background and lifelong experience in orgonomic research, is the fact he too is as relentless about sticking to the facts as the enemies of Reich and life-energy science are in hiding, obscuring, altering and destroying them. While nothing beats reading Reich’s works first hand, for those who would like a broad yet profoundly satisfying overview and summary all in one place, this is the book for you. I give it my highest recommendation, to both novice and professional — for those who want a fact-based introduction to whom Reich was and what he achieved, and for professionals and others with a life-long commitment to applying and advancing this man’s remarkable discoveries and contributions to humanity.

Mr. DiFerdinando is a life-long supporter of Wilhelm Reich’s orgonomic science, having also developed a comprehensive pain, injury and trauma therapy based upon Reich’s biophysical, life-energetic discoveries.