Age of Consent Laws, revisited

The following report, on the UK Muslim pedophile rape-ring in Rotherham, is another case in point, on how the liberal-left political parties trend violently deaf and dumb on certain sex-economic issues, especially when Muslims are the perpetrators. Had this been a pedo-ring within the Catholic Church, they would have rounded up and sent all the perpetrators to lengthy prison terms by now. As pointed out by UKIP MEP Jane Collins, nearly nothing has been done over years to admit there was a problem, nor to hold anyone accountable in the Labor government for covering up the crimes.

Also, not to bash the British, we got the same problem in the USA, and Canada, and other European nations. Organized Islamic rape-rings, which groom or kidnap young infidel girls for sexual abuse by the Mulsim male communities. Now, if you speak out against this crime against children, you get death-threats. The lady is correct, the Labor Party in the UK-Rotherham should rename itself the "Pedophile Protection Party". Previously I have written how various other Left-Green political parties turn a blind eye to such sexual abuse of children, even while posturing how they own the "moral high ground" on issues of human sexuality.

Not True.

It must be pointed out how “politically correct” multi-cultural ideology is responsible for the ill-considered push to bring more and more Pure Islam immigrants from Middle East totalitarian societies, where women are slaves, and which has created this problem in the Western democracies. The PC Leftists have zero appreciation for the fact that adult-child sex-abuse is typically predominant in the Muslim countries than elsewhere in the world. Part of the evidence on this is found in my book “Saharasia”. Islam promotes arranged marriages of old men to young girls, even little pre-pubescent girls, and allows for “temporary marriages”, the Muta marriage, where girls from 12 to 20 are sold as sex-slaves to men for limited time periods, for rape and housecleaning. These gangs of Muslim men committing the serial rapes and kidnapping of young girls in Western nations are replicating a system of Islamic terrorist slavery of girls and women, as they had back in their old national homelands. It should be opposed and rooted out with extreme measures, to protect young girls and women in the Western democracies… assuming the PC leftists haven’t yet castrated all the non-Muslim men in town.

It is also important to clarify Wilhelm Reich’s advocacy for legalized adolescent love-relations, as between young Romeo and Juliet. He oppose pedophilia in no uncertain terms, as does every decent individual, and as does everyone who has authentic appreciation for Reich’s sex-economic and clinical findings on human sexuality. The Christoper Turner "Orgasmatron" book tried to distort Reich’s findings, and slandered him in this regard, even while praising the work of Alfred Kinsey, the noted sex-researcher at the University of Indiana who advocated for legalization of pedophilia. Kinsey also secretly worked with serial pedophiles for the acquisition of "time to orgasm data" for very young children, noting how they screamed, cried and struggled against the pedophiles, who kept a stop-watch nearby. These "data" they collected for Kinsey, on his instructions, were later all neatly printed up in his unscientific and error-filled book "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male". Reich’s book "Function of the Orgasm", written more than a decade earlier, was far more exacting in discussions on human sexuality, notably on the importance of heterosexual genitality, but that book was literally banned and burned by US Courts, with Reich thrown into prison, following a multi-year campaign of slander and defamation in the leftist media of his day. Kinsey went on to have his books hysterically celebrated in the Leftist world media, his picture on the cover of Time Magazine, with politicians consulting him for “serious talks” about legal “reforms” of sexual laws.

Reich still gets slandered and smashed down by some of the same people who cast Kinsey in an heroic light.

See my book "In Defense of Wilhelm Reich" (below) for details and full citations.

James DeMeo, PhD

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

New book: "In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years’ War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists", by J.DeMeo

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