Christopher Turner, with Wellcome Trust, Slanders Reich Again

Christopher Turner, with Wellcome Trust, Slanders Wilhelm Reich Again

Another major smear of Reich, for the umteenth time, now in the Irish Mirror, and at the Wellcome Trust Museum in the UK.

Institute of Sexology: Racy sex exhibition builds ORGASM MACHINE and invi tes public to try it – by Rachael Bletchley

And here:
The Institute of Sexology, EXHIBITION
They boast to offer "live events of a sexual nature". A "lavishly illustrated hardback book" will also accompany the "exhibition" (or exhibitionism). The forthcoming book, entitled The Institute of Sexology is already offered for pre-order at Amazon, authored by Shereen El-Feki, Alyce Mahon, and (surprise!) Christopher Turner.

Christopher Turner, author of Adventures in the Orgasmatron which did a Royal job of slandering Reich a few years ago, is really no surprise in this new slander of Reich from Wellcome, as he did several stories on other Wellcome Trust Museum exhibits. For example, this one, appropriately entitled:

Dirt: The filthy reality of everyday life
See Page 40 of this item:
That seems to be a pretty good descriptor of Mr. Turner’s preoccupations. Dirt.
(His graduate thesis was entitled "The Disgusting", see my book below for details.)

To jog memories, Wellcome Trust is the child of Burroughs-Wellcome and the Wellcome Foundation, a predecessor of Galaxo-Smith-Klein. Under various names, these major pharmaceutical firms and trusts made their fortune pushing the highly toxic and experimental drug AZT (azidothymidine) as a claimed "cure for AIDS", speeding many thousands of homosexual men into early graves, and many heterosexuals as well. Back in the early days of what the gay organizations (funded by Wellcome) enthusiastically promoted as "Drugs Into Bodies", angry homosexual men were dying from self-inflicted immune-system destruction due to widespread use of multiple illegal street drugs and legal pharmaceuticals, along with antibiotic overdoses related to multiple bath-house diseases. They were screaming down and death-threatening scientists who recommended a go-slow policy towards claimed anti-HIV drugs. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made quick approvals for AZT thereafter. Eager-beaver MDs were then prescribing ~1800 mg of AZT daily, a toxic dose guaranteed to kill most people within a year or two, as documented in prior published studies. Arthur Ashe, the golf pro, and Rudolf Nuryev the Russian ballet dancer, were two well-known victims of AZT poisoning, blamed on never-proven "infectious HIV". So did many thousands of ordinary people die horrible "AIDS death", which in reality was "AZT death". Their only fault was to be too trusting of the pharmaceutical houses and the white-coat doctors who promoted sexual hysteria into the public, "cured" by toxic pills. Such is the background of the criminal Wellcome enterprise, which now jumps onto the anti-Reich bandwagon, with multi-billions in death-profits to expend. For background, if all this leaves you breathless, see here for informative links to a major 20th Century medical scandal.

Courtesy of Wellcome and Turner, sex-frustrated people can now go to see and sit in the "orgasm box" and yuk it up, see some live sex-acts performed in their so-called museum, and be mis-educated with lies about how this was all “agreeable to Wilhelm Reich”. Reich never advocated the orgone accumulator for any kind of sexual purposes, however. That lie was invented by his dirty-minded critics and slanderers. And he was no pervert promoting promiscuity either. From the mid-1920s through the 1950s, Reich advocated a rather mild but authentic sexual freedom, emphasizing women’s rightsn, freedom of access to contraception, abortion and divorce, and decriminalizing premarital and adolescent sexual expression (ie, Romeo and Juliet). Reich was also against pornography, pedophilia, S&M and the "free fuck" / "swinger" mentality. Reich described the sexual "Don Juan" (hetero or homo) as a disturbed and neurotic creature, gripped by an emotional fear and hatred of women, in a flight from intimacy, where phallic "conquests" replaced tenderness and love. And likewise, the female correlate, "Donna Juan", was full of fear and hatred of men. Both character types flouted their sexuality to punish, with sadistic overtones, rather than to love. Reich was also highly critical of the anti-sex hysteria and taboo superstitions promoted by the dominating Church institutions of his day.

But it was Reich’s clinical findings on genitality that bothered his critics the most. Reich’s genitality identified loving heterosexual penile-vaginal intercourse as the “gold standard” necessary for maximal psychic and somatic benefits from sexual relations. His clinical findings identified penile-vaginal intercourse as a prerequisite for maximal pleasure and full orgastic release. All the other methods of sexual relations could build excitation, but were not biologically capable of allowing full bioenergetic discharge, and hence left the individual tense and ungratified.

Reich’s contemporaries screamed bloody murder when he wrote such things. And they still do, as with Wellcome’s and the Turner gang’s incessant preoccupation to drive additional nails into Reich’s coffin.

In any case, Reich’s clinical findings and theories stood in opposition to Kinsey’s very popular but unscientific claims. According to Kinsey, sexual climax achieved by anal, oral or masturbation sex is “no different” from a full whole-body orgasm achieved by heterosexual penile-vaginal intercourse. (How exactly does the phallic-receptive partner in anal or oral sex obtain any bioenergetic release?) Kinsey didn’t even accept that a full-body orgasm existed, defining “orgasm” as equal to ejaculation of body fluids, and he rejected Reich’s clinical findings. Many studies disprove Kinsey’s arguments, and validate Reich’s. For example:

But no matter, Turner and his new friends at Wellcome will turn the truth upon its head, and fabricate lies that Reich was the opposite of his authentic biography. As revealed in the above weblinks to the Irish Mirror and Wellcome Trust articles, the Museum exhibition is primarily aimed at trying to equalize all forms of neurotic pre-genital or non-genital sexuality, with genital heterosexuality, through the use of unscientific misrepresentations and public propaganda.

If you want more details on Reich’s discoveries, with exceptional documentation about all the life-haters and love-haters who lined up to slander him, and wanted him dead, including a full rebuttal of Mr. Turner’s prior massacres of facts and truth about Reich, then I offer my new book In Defense of Wilhelm Reich, for a good introduction. It provides an overview of Reich’s biography, and the history of how Reich’s books were banned and burned by the FDA, who also sent him to an early death in prison. The FDA assault came down hard on Reich’s head after many years of slander articles in the mainstream press, mostly by Communist writers who were deeply offended by Reich’s anti-Communism, and used sexual inuendo and slander to destroy him. They are the inspiration for Turner and friends. Full documentation is in the book:

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years’ War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell


UPDATE: 7 Nov. 2014

A communication from Kevin Hinchey, co-director of the Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine, indicates they received a letter in August from the curator of the Wellcome Trust Museum “Collection”, Kate Forde, requesting access to various materials, presenting their planned exhibit as one grounded in accurate science and history. This turned out to be an outrageous lie, given how the Wilhelm Reich section of the exhibit, at least, is little more than salacious pornography.

We anticipate a spate of copy-cat articles ridiculing and slandering Reich with sex-jokes and false history (as from Turner) will now appear across the mainstream mass-media.

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