Response to Wired Editors, New Slander of Reich and Myself

Response to Wired Editors, New Slander of Reich and Myself

Wired Mag recently published the following article, filled with misinformation and the usual slanders of Reich.  This time, however, they also included mention of my name and the Orgone Accumulator Handbook, for tarring and feathering.

Fantastically Wrong: Why is the Sky Blue?  It’s Packed With Sexy Energy, of Course, by Matt Simon.

Of course, the Wired article itself is “fantastically wrong”.  The following Response was posted to the Wired comment section, but is repeated here, in case they decide to remove it.

Please visit that website and make your own comments.

Cheers, J.D.


27 Nov. 2014

Dear Wired Editors,

I recommend that everyone on your editorial staff, and reading this commentary, to actually try sitting in an authentic orgone accumulator, or under an orgone blanket, or reading a book by Reich, or even my own book which this “Simon” writer claims to be reviewing, before accepting the usual pack of lies about Reich’s work. Or my work.

For 80 years it has become typical for American publishers to slander Reich both personally and professionally without ever mentioning the substance of his findings, nor any of the more recent experimental confirmations of his scientific work. Usually, my work confirming Reich experimentally over 40 years, including 10 years working inside the universities and published in both peer-reviewed and popular publications, is systematically never mentioned. Censored out similar to how Reich’s own writings were censored and burned by the Nazis, the Stalinists, and the FDA — to the happy applause of “all the people who mattered”. Even the unreliable Wikipedia censors out my verification studies, being dominated by “skeptic club” liars who erase them every time they are added in. Apparently Wired Mag has caught that ugly infection, to censor out contrary facts.

So today you will try to slander me, quoting from cheerleaders for FDA book-burning, such as Martin Gardner, and think this will improve your standing within the general public? For the record, Mr. Simon-says didn’t bother to send one email to me asking a single question before dumping his jokey bile out into the public. Though I doubt if facts would have persuaded him in any case.

Factually, Reich never promoted pornography as is typically claimed, Wm. Burroughs and the other quoted individuals, are no studied or factual commentators on Reich, nor was the accumulator ever offered as a “cancer cure” or “sex box”, etc. Such nonsense was invented by Reich’s critics, who as clever liars, did not find anything sufficiently bad in his writings to alarm the public. So they just made up a bunch of slanderous stuff, knowing a dead man cannot bring a case to the courts. But the evidence does indicate the orgone accumulator does collect a cosmic energy which has real physical and biological effects — maybe similar to dark-matter or neutrinos or whatever, call it what you will — it boosts the overall immune system, and this can be and has been clinically demonstrated. My “Orgone Accumulator Handbook” provides some basic details, including citations to published studies.

But be aware, the pirate PDF version of my Handbook linked in the article is an old edition. The newer edition available at Amazon and elsewhere has 100+ more pages of details, updated significantly with plenty of citations to newer studies undertaken by scientists and physicians internationally. My various published research papers on the subject of Reich’s biophysical discoveries are also mostly available for free download, for those with an interest in experimentally-determined facts.

Read my other book “In Defense of Wilhelm Reich” for details on the lying characters — Nazis and Stalinists and FDA/pharmaceutical bullies — who went after Reich with sharp knives. You will learn new and important things.

Hopefully the FDA has gotten over its impulse to grab for the matches every time Reich’s name is mentioned, and might today even consider issuing a public apology to the Reich family for what they did back in the 1950s, burning his books and throwing him into prison to die — all for daring to defend his scientific findings against a fraudulently-obtained FDA legal injunction.

The Truth comes out, no matter how many times the angry American media hacks try to slander Reich, to drive additional nails into his coffin.

If every home had an orgone accumulator or orgone blanket on the premises, the public health would improve dramatically, and costs for health care would plummet. That’s my professional and studied opinion.

Am I still allowed, in America, to say such “outrageous” things?

James DeMeo, PhD

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