Follow-Up: Winston Churchill and Islam, and the Paris (and Nigerian) massacres

Follow-Up: Winston Churchill and Islam, and the Paris (and Nigerian) massacres

I’ll start this essay with a small correction to my prior item on Churchill.

I made reference to the German word Gleichschaltung, which was misspelled, but is correct as given here. To elaborate, this is an interesting concept, applied by the Nazis in every small and large ways, to gradually change social groups and institutions with new rules and laws in support of Nazi goals and agendas. In so doing, it eventually became nearly impossible for anyone critical of Nazism to gain even a bit of "wiggle room", by which to oppose or to live freely in opposition to those agendas. The German communists had a similar term, Einheitsfront, first used in the early 1920s, as an ideological tool among Marxists for unified goals and policy agendas, across all social groups and institutions, running in a singular direction favoring Communism, to erase all opposition to their agendas. It was instituted after their first efforts of communists to make a violent take-over in Germany, and became a method of enforcing Comintern policy.

In both cases, of Nazism and Communism, these policy terms were aimed at making subtle influences across diverse social groups and networks which were not ordinarily under their controls. Overall, it is yet another point of agreement between the hard-leftists and the hard-rightists — though today, after the WW2 defeat of Nazi power, we have few Nazis lurking around, but many, many Communists, frequently ignorant liberals who have gone over to Communist sentiments without even knowing it.

While this may seem like ancient history, in fact today the radical leftist factions continue with applications of the Einheitsfront policies, under other names. Critics have often described this as "Cultural Marxism" with some legitimacy, even while that term is often abused by authentically right-wing people. But Cultural Marxism exists, nevertheless, and a similar ideological process is at work in what is now termed, by critics, as the Islamization of Europe and America, something that is also supported by the Marxist Left. A new form of Leftist-Islamic Brownshirt movement has also developed in Europe, which self-describes as the "anti-fa" or "anti-fascist" movement, which is fully allied with Islamic factions aiming for an end to Western democracy and freedoms.

Which brings us to the current situation.

By now, unless you have been joyfully unplugged from international news, you will know about the latest Islamic atrocity in France, the murder of 12 workers and cartoonists at the Charlie Hebdo (Charlie Weekly) magazine, who "offended" Muslims so badly they just had go and kill them.

Related, a young female police officer was machine-gunned by a Muslim wearing a bullet-proof vest, carrying an AK-47. In another part of Paris shortly afterwards. Just for good measure.

Then even more recent, news that some 2000 men, women and children were massacred by Boko Harem in the Nigerian town of Baga, which is now entirely burned to the ground, with dead bodies laying all over the place. It was a massive Islamic jihad slaughter, all too similar to what’s been going on over centuries wherever the "Religion of Peace" decides to invade in force! Boko Harem means — "People Committed to the Prophet’s Teachings for Propagation and Jihad"

The mainstream leftist press has been having a field day, denying that any of this has anything to do with "real Islam", which is "a religion of peace" — an assertion which is today so absurd that even liberals have a hard time believing it.

Maybe the NY Times, President Obama and other left-apologists for Islamic genocide will explain to us how so many massacres can be committed by fanatics screaming "Allahu Akbar", and often later waving a Koran at the videocam for a YouTube justification, but they are all misunderstanding the words of Muhammed. Islamic State also, their massacres, mass-rapes and enslavement of women by the thousands, is that also a misunderstanding of the "real" Islam?

Of course, these mass-murders are very much Islamic at core, committed in the name of Allah, and most Muslims know this and remain silent because they either approve of the massacres, or they are too damn scared that if they dare open their mouth to protest or show sympathy for those who were murdered, their own heads will be chopped off. Which makes the calculus about "real Islam" versus "misunderstanders of Islam" fully irrelevant. Because at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is, who has the guns. And right now, the Islamic factions who are committing such barbaric atrocity all around the world have the guns, and rule the YouTubes and Twitter accounts where such things are organized and later justified to the world. They are taking over entire nations, and both local Muslims and immigrant Muslims from all around the world come to join with them in the slaughter, looting and raping.

In fact, the only people who are saying these attacks are NOT "real Islam", are left-wing atheists and apologists for Islamic barbarism, or a few lying mullahs or imams, who have already lied about so much else their credibility is shot.

I should also say, these recent massacres are not exceptionally surprising. And it does not appear that one is at too much greater risk of attracting an Islamic attack by drawing a Muhammed cartoon, or just being a Jew, or a "dirty infidel" who happens to be on the street when a gang of young Muslim toughs decides they want to kill someone. Most of the Islamic murdering is rather random, aimed at Mr. and Mrs. Anybody.

According to the figures at The Religion of Peace website where such atrocity is regularly monitored
the period from December 27 through Jan 2 saw 58 separate Islamic jihad terror attacks, including 7 suicide bomber attacks, which killed 441 people and critically injured another 346. That death toll from the Islamic war against everyone else who is not a Muslim, or who the Brothers of Allah deem is insufficiently Islamic, is an on-going thing over the centuries. So 12 or 13 dead in Paris is shocking and inexcusable, and those figures above don’t include the 2000 who just recently were murdered — but what is really surprising is that people are so shocked about these massacres, and find it to be a big surprise, given all the pro-Islam and Islam-terror support provided by the European governments and mainstream media. (American as well.)

Especially in France, just what are the politicians and police thinking, that they can chronically ignore the on-going violence within their own Muslim communities, who routinely give the middle-finger salute to French culture and democracy, that they give the Muslims their own chunks of French territory to rule under violent Sharia Law… and believe they will not have more serious social explosions in non-Muslim parts of their cities? Just the last couple of weeks have seen a horrific toll of Islamic attacks in France alone, followed by the usual denials that Islam is involved!

France: 1,000 soldiers deployed on streets to combat Christmas jihad terror attacks

900+ Cars Set on Fire to Celebrate New Year’s Eve… but the good news is, that was 12 percent fewer than the 1,067 cars set aflame last year! Progress!

French authorities: No evidence of religious motive or terror behind 3 “Allahu Akbar” automobile smash-into-crowds attacks that have injured dozens.

French Arrest Gunman “Armed to the Teeth” Headed to the Center of Cannes, Troops Deployed

Muslims segregated from French society in growing Islamist mini-states

The sad fact is, all of Europe, and America also — especially every nation laying along the borders of the Saharasian Desert Belt, which also is the territory dominated by the Islamic culture — are suffering incessant Muslim terror attacks, with progressive Islamization, due to direct military attacks, or slow cultural invasion by immigration and demographic expansion. Here are some regional reports from the conservative Gatestone Institute, which highlight the problems as tallied up over ONE YEAR ONLY:

Islamization in France Ongoing at a Fast Pace:

And the situation in the UK is not any better:

Getting worse in Germany as well:

Belgium and Netherlands also, same problems:

This one briefly covers the Islamization of America:

Here’s some proposals on how to stop this deadly process:

The liberal and left-wing politic and mainstream media in Europe and America are in denial about this problem, or they directly support the Muslim terror squads. Right now, fanatical factions of the Muslim communities in Europe have the guns, and their own protected Islam-dominated neighborhoods where they can run and hide with protection and help from others in their communities. These are the Sharia Law "No Go Zones", and they exist across Europe, not only in France:

European ‘No-Go’ Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating

"Occupation Without Tanks or Soldiers"

Liberals should take special note of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, as it reveals how their apologetics for Islam won’t even buy them the usual agreement with the hungry crocodile, to be eaten last.

On the solution side of things, I will once again recommend the websites organized by Islam-critical scholars and organizations, where the problems are most exactly being researched, documented and exposed. Without knowing the exact dimensions of the problem, effective solutions would be impossible. These websites are run by basically old-fashioned liberal or moderate-conservative people, but are chronically slandered by the left wing as "right-wingers", with all kinds of ugly names, plus death-threats, hacking disruption of their websites, and disruptive Left-Islamic Brownshirt attacks at their public lectures and events.

and for German-speakers,

Most of the above websites have their own email list and daily or weekly postings, a daily or weekly review of which will give you a free education on "Middle East Studies" like nothing offered in the universities. They frequently go into the historical questions, with articles by authentic scholars who aren’t out to apologize for Islamic atrocity, nor afraid to criticize the "Religion of Peace".

As the late Samuel Huntington noted, "Islam has bloody borders, and a bloody interior also." In this, his observation, like that of Churchill in 1899 during the River War, matched exactly my findings in the global cross-cultural study, Saharasia.

Lessons from the past have largely conditioned and predicted our future, well into the 21st Century. The question is, do we recognize this growing Islamic War against the Western democracies, and take up the necessary fighting tools and muscle to end it, preserving our existing Constitutional freedoms? Or do we ignore it, and doom our children and grandchildren to slavery within a new theocratic totalitarianism?

It is an old choice: Freedom or Slavery?

James DeMeo, PhD

Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World, by J.DeMeo

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

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