UPDATE: Weekend Seminar on Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy

UPDATE: Weekend Seminar on Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy
Ashland, Oregon, USA


Wilhelm Reich’s Original
Orgonomic Discoveries:
Foundations and Science
Emphasizing New Research Supporting Reich

29-30 August 2015, Ashland, Oregon, USA

James DeMeo, PhD & Thomas DiFerdinando

Primary Seminar to be held in a classroom at
Southern Oregon University
(Exact address, building and room location to be announced later)
near to downtown Ashland, Oregon, USA
29-30 August 2015, Saturday and Sunday
9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Optional Events at the nearby OBRL high-altitude facility
* Friday Evening Social Gathering
* Saturday & Sunday Night Viewing of the
OBRL Orgone Accumulator Darkroom
* Optional Monday Field Trip to nearby
Crater Lake National Park, with
the bluest water in the world!

For more details, click this weblink:

Thanks for your interest,
and we hope to see you there.

Late arrivals risk being turned away due to limits on attendance.

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