New Support for Saharasia Findings

New Support for Saharasia Findings

Several new world maps have come to my attention which reflect the global Saharasian patterns as presented in my work back in the 1980s and 90s.

1. The Global Peace Index Map This project began in 2008, and so reflects expansion of the original c.1900 ethnographic data evaluations on peaceful social conditions around the world. Clearly there has been an expansion of global violence, notably within those nation-states along the borderlands of Saharasia proper. The Global Peace maps can be selected from c.2008 through 2015, which shows a quantitative increase in global violence across that time period.

I would seriously question the validity of some of their indicator variables, which erase issues relevant to child abuse, women’s freedom and religion-based terrorism. It is a selection of variables more or less "Politically Corrected", without much sex-economic context, but a glimpse of the old pattern is still coming through.

2. Freedom House Maps
Here we see more clearly, the spreading of the Saharasian influences throughout Africa, across the Middle East and into the Communist nations, whether or not they have recently been freed from the Communists. That fact indicates, what is being presented here is an issue of character structure, the basic fear of freedom, in addition to any other factors, which drives entire societies into unpeaceful and un-free behaviors and social conditions.

3. Health Risk Maps
Where freedom and peace are absent, human health cannot help but deteriorate, or at minimum reflect the same issues of human armoring which drives societies towards emotional plague behavior — as seen in social violence and restrictions on indivdual and collective freedom.

Note in my Saharasia book, I have a separate chapter on "Expressions of Saharasia in Contemporary Demography", which presents these same-similar geographical patterns from data available back in the early 1980s, including for several sex-economic indicator variables.

These and other related issues will be discussed at my forthcoming Seminar in Ashland, Oregon at the end of August. See below for details.

James DeMeo

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

Weekend Seminar on:
Wilhelm Reich’s Original Orgonomic Discoveries:
Foundations and Science
Emphasizing New Research Supporting Reich

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