Back Issues of the OBRL Journal “Pulse of the Planet”

Back Issues of the OBRL Journal Pulse of the Planet

We will soon be making available high-quality printed copies of the old OBRL research journal Pulse of the Planet.

From 1989 through 1991, the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) published three issues Pulse of the Planet. This was our own in-house journal using older printing and distribution methods that pre-dated the internet, and so had very low circulations. But their content was important material, both for orgonomic science as well as for the history of American and European orgonomy in the post-Reich period. As Editor of Pulse, in retrospect I note the change in my own thinking on some issues, notably as regarding environmental issues of that day where I often embraced some of the declarations of the environmental groups all too literally as gospel, and without sufficient critical review. Back then I was entertaining the CO2 theory of global warming; today I do not. Also the post-911 world of Islamic conquest and terror shattered what small hopes I previously had for self-reform within the Islamic world, something that is revealed also in those back issues. For those who have followed my writings on the OBRL News and Blog, when they review these back issues of Pulse from 1989, 1990 and 1991, this difference will be apparent.

Nevertheless, the materials have otherwise stood the test of time, and hold much value on other factors of science, life and health which even today get less attention than they should. Back then, atomic bomb testing was an on-going affair, though having been moved underground was not as critical as it had been during Reich’s time, when above-ground atomic bomb tests were being conducted globally. Contributors to those three issues of Pulse provided much in the way of detailing clear long-distance atmospheric, biological and geophysical reactions to the underground atomic explosions, a fact that can only be understood within the context of orgone biophysics.

A recent review of those old back issues, and new methods for making them available internationally at lower shipping costs, has prompted a decision to offer them once again through new internet distribution methods.

We are therefore pleased to announce the availability of the first of those three old back issues, which can be purchased from most on-line outlets. The other two back issues will appear in the coming months.

* Pulse of the Planet No.1: On A-Bombs, Polar Motion, Cloudbusting, Droughts, and FDA/"Skeptic Club" Slanders of Wilhelm Reich

For North American purchases:–Bombs-Cloudbusting/dp/0989139042 (scroll down)

For European or other International–Bombs-Cloudbusting/dp/0989139042
First published in 1989, Pulse of the Planet No.1 launched an ambitious program for global monitoring of geophysical events potentially caused by underground atomic bomb testing, which was ongoing at that time. These included the preparation of world maps identifying the times and locations of major droughts, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, air pollution crises and other violent weather, on a week-by-week basis. Pulse No.1 presented for the first time controversial new research indicating real global and regional tectonic and atmospheric reactions to underground atomic-bomb testing in those days, by the USA, Soviet Union, China, France, India and Pakistan. While the ideas and evidence presented on these issues goes against the usual ideas of orthodox science, Pulse No.1 and subsequent issues began to expose this documentation in a widespread public manner. Articles were also presented in support of the attending bioenergetic mechanisms by which such long-distance reactions could occur, notably as firstly observed and detailed by the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich. These materials had been either refused publication or otherwise suppressed for years, and Pulse of the Planet journal would give the new findings a voice. This first issue of Pulse contains the following items:

* By James DeMeo: "Cloudbusting: A New Approach to Drought", "Response to Martin Gardner’s Attacks on Reich and Orgone Research in the ‘Skeptical Inquirer’ ", and "Postscript on the Food and Drug Administrations Evidence Against Wilhelm Reich".
* By Yoshio Kato, with introduction by Shigeyoshi Matsumae: "Recent Abnormal Phenomena on Earth and Atomic Power Tests".
* Emotional Plague Report
* Climate Features and Unusual Phenomena – with 14 different weekly world maps
* Atomic Bomb Tests and Earthquake Data (for 1988 and 1989)
* Solar-Geomagnetic Data (for Dec.1988 and Jan-Feb. 1989)
* Environmental Notes, Sex-Economic Notes
* Celestial Events Calendar and Planetary Clock
* Research Progress Report, for the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
* Cosmic Orgone Engineering Report
* Science Notes, Announcements, Orgonomic Research Review for 1988-1989
* Calendar of Events and Letters to the Editor
* In Remembrance, Jerome Eden

Pulse of the Planet journal continued for additional years, presenting many articles on these and similar subjects.


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

Weekend Seminar on:
Wilhelm Reich’s Original Orgonomic Discoveries:
Foundations and Science
Emphasizing New Research Supporting Reich

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