Islamic Sexual Slaves — Price List Available

Islamic Sexual Slaves — Price List Available

Kidnapped women led off to the Islamic State slave markets, at the point of machine-guns. Note the burqa-clad sadist-woman with machine-gun on the left, the Islamic version of the female Nazi concentration-camp guards. This is an older group of women, but girls between 8-15 years old fetch the highest prices.

The customers for such brutalized women include Middle-East oil sheiks and other psychopath rapists across the Islamic world. Islam permits only four wives, but as many sex-slave concubines as a man can afford. Plus the "temporary marriage" system set up to service men on the Islamic Haj to Mecca, a tissue cover for forced prostitution. Islamic slavery was always predominantly sexual slavery, of women, girls and boys. Combined with preferential female abortions, the fetish for sons, this creates a scarcity of available females within the Islamic world. To feed their never-ending demands for females, their young men are sent off to conquer, loot, murder and kidnap girls, boys and women from surrounding regions. And if the young jihadi male dies in the process, they have 72 virgin girls promised to them in paradise.

This is what lays behind the current invasion of Europe by hordes of young unattached Muslim males, being deprived of women at home, in their sexual prime, and with a head full of attitudes of Islamic superiority, ugly views of Western women as prostitutes and whores, free for the taking, and contempt for the host nations’ laws and customs. Europe now sees the start of an unmasking of this situation, with exploding Muslim crime problems associated with insane and suicidal "multicultural" Eurabian policies put into practice decades ago. North America and Australia suffer similarly, but lesser so given their greater geographical distance.

Two documentary items:

Islamic State Circulates Sex Slave Price List

Sex Slavery and the Islamic State

"Islam is a peaceful religion" we are constantly told. Unless you happen to be a female, or non-believer, or softer male, etc.

Reich-followers, take note, and ask how much of sex-economy and sexual freedom will exist once our Western democracies are flooded with people who hold dear to the preachings of Muhammed, who told his followers to take any woman they wanted who was not already taken by other Muslim men. That’s not ancient history for Islam, but a modern working principle. Sexual slavery exists across the Islamic world, not just in the Islamic State.

Here is what those same pitiful women look like, after being "processed" for the slave markets. Beaten, drugged, pubic hair shaved off, perfumed, their fate is sealed. They will be stripped naked before the mob of morally-corrupt psychopath males, and auctioned off like camels or donkeys, for rape and domestic servitude, with abuse by older embittered Muslim wives as well.

Read my work Saharasia, for more details on how such vile practices began and spread.


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