End-of-August Seminar, and Books

End-of-August Seminar, and Books

1. Seminar
We still have seats available for the 29-30 August Weekend Seminar:

Wilhelm Reich’s Original Orgonomic Discoveries:
Foundations and Science
Emphasizing New Research Supporting Reich

Contact us through the above weblink, or by return email if you are interested to attend.

2. Books

I wanted to continue with the introduction to my research in orgonomy, for those who are newly subscribed or viewing my outreach messages. Firstly I should emphasize, I am not an MD, nor an orgone therapist, unlike the majority of professionals in the field. However, some of the work I have done goes fully in the direction of social orgonomy, in social criticism of factors which result in the spread and perpetuation of human armoring. For example, my historical and cross-cultural research on the issue of male and female genital mutilations, and a global cross-cultural research project I initiated and which, after 7 years of digging into ancient texts and ethnographic data archives, resulted in the Saharasia discovery. I received the doctorate, or PhD, from the University of Kansas, Geography Department, for that work, which turned out to be the largest systematic global cross-cultural survey which had ever been undertaken, using a “quadruple-blind” analytical method and passing the dissertation and several mainstream journal peer-review criques. I believe nothing has surpassed the scope and depth of that work since. That was my Saharasia research, and I’ll speak about that later on.

Aside from social orgonomy, digging into the parallel “origins of violence” and “origins of armoring” questions, I’ve been focused upon natural scientific investigations not only of Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries, but a number of other innovative scientists of the 20th Century. Aside from Reich, there was the work of Giorgio Piccardi, Frank Brown, Dayton Miller, Nikola Tesla, and other lesser-known scientists, all of whom had the theme of a life-energy, or an energetic medium in space which influenced not only light-waves, but also weather, biology, geophysics and atmosphere. In addition to those academic university investigations, I got my education and training in orgonomy by contacts with those who had known and worked with Reich years earlier, and so have stayed on the same track ever since. I was also privileged to have contact with Reich’s daughter Eva, on many occasions, and to have early on obtained copies of Reich’s “banned and burned” materials. This led into personal experimental investigations of Reich’s findings, with numerous verification studies.

I was the first university student to be awarded a graduate degree for investigations of Reich, in 1979, with a Master’s degree for a 2-year field testing of Reich’s cloudbuster device, demonstrating that it really did work, and wasn’t the product of a “deranged mind” as the “skeptic club” slanderers were typically saying.

More on that later also.

For now, my research papers on all these subjects are available for review on-line.

There are three places on Internet where I have listed my various publications. One is at my personal research website, for the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL), at http://www.orgonelab.org OBRL overall had around 3-million visitors before the webcounter company went belly-up. (We are currently looking for a new webcounter company as an alternative.) Here is the specific webpage with the listing of my publications (and lectures).

Another listing of my research publications is on the large Academia.edu website: https://orgonelab.academia.edu/JamesDeMeo Academia.edu is host to around 24 million professional scientists and academic professors, where much to my surprise about 20,000 of these professional visitors came to read and download my published articles, over the three years since I signed up. This indicates to me, a very good appreciation for both Wilhelm Reich’s and my own work in orgonomy.

Then also there is the ResearchGate.net website, with far fewer members, but a friendly place.

These latter two sites, Academia and ResearchGate, may require visitors to have a registered presence on their system before one can gain full access.

I have allowed downloads of my research papers through these three avenues, but not my published books. I ask that everyone interested in Reich and orgonomy to purchase my books, as this is what pays the bills. There are no authorized e-book downloads of any of my books, so if you have got those, it is 100% sure they are pirate editions. Please purchase my books for yourself and friends or family, to self-educate on new findings and replication studies in orgonomy, and as a simple way to support what we do at OBRL. Help our independent publishing efforts to remain economically solvent, or no new publications could be forthcoming, and the free downloads of the published papers would be ended. You can find my own books for sale on Amazon and other on-line bookstores, by simply doing a search on my name as author, "James DeMeo". They are also available at street-side bookstores by special order. Or, they can be ordered directly from our on-line bookstore, Natural Energy Works:

Thanks for your attention and support.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL
Ashland, Oregon, USA

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

Weekend Seminar on:
Wilhelm Reich’s Original Orgonomic Discoveries:
Foundations and Science
Emphasizing New Research Supporting Reich

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