Suffer The Children, 1, 2, 3

Suffer The Children 1, 2, 3

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been posting new materials most frequently to my new Facebook page, which I must admit is set up far easier for posting and commentary than the Yahoo group lists. Consequently, I’ll invite everyone on the OBRL lists who uses Facebook to come on over and "friend" me, and "like" my entries there, even if it sounds totally silly. Facebook was originally set up for adolescents, or families to post out recipes or kids photos, but it has taken on a life of its own, and as you will see, has great utility for easy posting of controversial materials and social networking on common interests.

I will continue to post things to the Yahoo group, as usual, and also to the WordPress Blog, but in all probability the items will appear firstly on the Facebook page, as here:

Meanwhile, here are three items that caught my attention and which were already posted to Facebook under the headings of "Suffer the Children", for reasons as you will see. Tragic. They highlight major sources of intense suffering and human armoring every day, that work to destroy entire nations.

Suffer the Children 1.

UK: NHS Records More Than 1,000 FGM Cases In Just Three Months – See more at:

1000 cases in three months is around 11 per day, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg, only the known cases reported by NHS and only for the UK. How many in the Netherlands? France? Germany? Canada? The USA? No way Western police forces can suppress that, except by arresting and imprisoning the clerics and specialized mutilator-doctors and midwives sought out by Muslim communities.

Just what do people in the West think they are going to accomplish by importing by the millions such people who do this sort of thing into their nations? The welcome matt is placed out for these barbarian practices, but women like Hirsi Ali or Oriana Fallaci were put under death-fatwas by Muslim clerics, and then run out of Europe by left-wing Islam-loving politicians. They were threatened with imprisonment for daring to speak out against such monstrosities. Truth is the new "hate speech". Dare to openly criticize such barbaric Islamic practices in many European nations, and you are committing a "hate speech" crime, even while the barbarism itself — and the death-fatwas pronounced by bearded fanatics spitting out their hatred — is hardly punished nor efforts made to put a stop to it.

I wrote a full chapter section on both MGM and FGM in my book Saharasia: Origins of War, Social Violence, Sex-Repression, Child Abuse, complete with maps and other details.
But most people stop up their ears, or have attacked me as a "hater" for daring to expose this kind of sexual violence against children. My Saharasia chapter also exposed how FGM is something done by older women to younger girls, just as MGM is performed by older men on boys. The mutilated becomes the mutilator, a severe form of emotional plague armoring, where living life and love is destroyed in the cradle, before it even has a fighting chance.

Suffer the Children 2.

Here’s Why the Progressive Left Keeps Sticking Up for Pedophiles
Today, Salon gave a platform to a self-confessed pedophile to explain his urges…

It is important to note, that these same "progressive Left" people apologizing for pedophiles are the very ones who have been slandering Reich over decades, falsely claiming he was some kind of perv. I wrote extensively on this in my book In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: 80-Years of Mainstream Slander & Defamation

Suffer the Children 3.

Obama/U.S. military leaders tolerating pedophiles in Afghan barracks, punishing soldiers who try to protect the boys.

The only error in this article is that the problem is not isolated to Afghanistan, but is problematic across the entire Islamic world, having once infected Spain, Italy and Greece in past centuries. Europeans have correctly criminalized pedophilia, but it exists basically in direct proportion to the severe taboos about women and genital sexuality. And the "progressive" left is so infatuated with Islam, they turn a blind eye to its widespread pedophilia, misogyny and high levels of social violence. What’s most disgusting in this report, now mirrored elsewhere in recent reports, is how the Obama administration and upper-level military commanders are punishing American soldiers who dare to try and protect the boys, or dare to stand up to the Afghan military men who openly flaunt the boys they are raping. For background, read my Saharasia.

Again, commentary is welcomed to "friends" on my facebook page.
Or on the WordPress Blog if you don’t use facebook.

James DeMeo, PhD.

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