Update on the European Saharasian Immigration-Invasion Crisis

Update on the European Saharasian Immigration-Invasion Crisis

I’ve been closely following the situation in Europe regarding the massive influx of "refugees" from all parts of Saharasia. A number of items with documentary weblinks and YouTube videos on this subject have been posted to my facebook page, which today gives a more timely presentation of such material.

I would highly recommend to go there and review those materials, dated back to early September, which today come as an avalanche, too frequently for me to post out on Yahoo or the OBRL Blog. Even my facebook page carries only a select few items. The whole internet seems set up for easy re-posting of news items via the Facebook method, something I personally have problems with, but the alternative is, nothing of this material would get shared, as the methods for re-posting such materials to Yahoo or the OBRL Blog are simply too time-consuming.

The materials I have provided constitute a powerful confirmation of my predictions over the years, based upon my Saharasia research, that the Islamic world once more organizes to invade into its borderlands, much has been the case over many centuries. Even prior to Islam, such invasions took place, creating much bloodshed and slaughter, rape, looting and mayhem. The situation of a "stabilized" Islam has only been a short historical interlude of around 100 years, since the old brutal Ottoman Empire was broken up into separate national entities just after WW1. Muslims have been slaughtering each other in tribal warfare throughout the post-Ottoman period, in small and larger wars, also constantly attacking into Israel, making non-stop butchery along the sub-Saharan region and into India, and provocating hostilities against Greece throughout. As the old authoritarian dictators of Islamic nations have fallen, an even more ruthless and bloody Islamic totalitarianism has taken hold. "Islam has bloody borders, and a bloody interior too", as Huntington stated, and it is certainly true.

Today, they march by the millions into an unprepared Europe. Overwhelmingly they are young single men, flush with money, cell phones, ipads, designer clothing, you name it. When asked by ordinary people why they come, they say openly, "money", "house", "women". A few authentic Syrian refugees plod along with them, often pushed to the front for the Western cameras, and the leftist media has a field day slandering anyone who is alarmed about this situation as a "right-winger" or "neo-Nazi".

The whole thing is fueled by money from the Islamic oil potentates, who refuse to take any of these people into their own nations. A network of smugglers and left-wing "welcoming" organizations smooths the way. Insane European leaders, such as "Mama Merkel" as the Muslims call her, then speed them on their way into welfare paradise by the efficient European train system.

A lot of gang-rape and new social violence has hence come into Europe with those trainloads of young and angry, sex-frustrated men, who constitute from 80% to 95% of all "refugees". They carry the supremacist and entitlement attitude of Islam, to go live freely among the infidels. And when their expectations are not met, they go violent. It gets so bad that governments are removing old people from state subsidized apartments to give the new "refugees" a place to stay, further betraying their own populations in favoritism to the new Islamic invaders. As a reaction, the right-wing of Europe is starting to burn down "refugee" centers, or blocking the busses transporting them with their cars and people, to stop the madness of the left-wing. It is a chaotic and dangerous situation, and my European contacts are today confirming all what is given in the materials I’ve posted up. And Obama and friends plan to import hundreds of thousands of these same Muslim jihadi immigrants into the USA, beyond the several million already imported under the destructive "UN Refugee Resettlement Program" during his presidency. And that’s beyond the millions more of poverty-class hispanic people walking across the southern border, another "gift" to America from the Obama leftists, pushing the Cloward-Pivin Strategy. If you don’t know what that is, look it up.

Over thousands of years of history, this kind of uncontrolled mass-migration from out of Saharasia has always led to the downfall of civilizations, and war.

My impression is, very little of this is published in the mainstream media outlets, often totally censored out. Europeans tell me they get little or no such information as I post out on the facebook page. The extremely armored and very bad sex-economic condition of Saharasia has been imported into Europe over many decades, but only in a slow manner. Today, however, it comes as a tidal wave, in what the Muhammed once termed "al-Hijra", the secret planned conquest of new territory by migration of jihadis, who later unmask as violent aggressors. It is happening already, and today not only Jews are departing Europe in record numbers, anticipating a new Holocaust as Jew-hate becomes a new liberal-left ideological standpoint. It is also ordinary young secular Europeans who are emigrating, generally to English-speaking parts of the world, where there remains some small chance to sustain or salvage the Western history of human rights, women’s rights and so on, against the Islamic onslaught. All the sex-economic legal reforms which have been so carefully made and hard-won by Western reformers over the last 200 years, will be undone by the institution of Islamic Sharia Law within twenty years. It beggars belief how the liberals can go along with their hard-left leaders on this situation, as at minimum it will ultimately force all women under the Islamic veil, and bring back child marriage, coercive polygamy, female genital mutilations, and all the rest which is so highly valued and cherished, and demanded, within Islamic culture.

Again, there is too much material to post on Yahoo or the OBRL Blog, so you can review those materials at Facebook if so interested. Comments are then possible also. I believe you can look register at Facebook with a simple email address, put up a basically blank page as you wish, and then review this material from here:

If you absolutely cannot do the facebook thing, then make your own periodic review of the following websites, which provide some of the most accurate and timely information about the current situation:

Robert Spencer

Pamela Geller


Religion of Peace

Fact and truth are a stiff drink. If you find it too strong, then there always is Soma, Lotus or Prozac.


"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-year’s War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander
Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

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