Treaty of Versailles Myths, and Non-Payment of German War Reparations.

Treaty of Versailles Myths, and Non-Payment of German War Reparations.

I am posting this material as part of a discussion elsewhere on 20th Century history, which should be of wider interest.

The claims about the Treaty of Versailles as the cause of German economic collapse after the end of WW1, thereby triggering a widespread economic disaster in Germany and popular resentments against the Allies, is falsified history. The amounts required for payment by Germany to the nations they destroyed were never paid in any significance. After making some initial payments, Germany borrowed money from British banks to stabilize their economy and make the Versailles penalties. But almost immediately they began reneging on payments, delaying, complaining, obfuscating, paying only some amounts, blaming the Allies, etc. and that was years before Hitler and the Nazis began screaming that Germany’s economic problem was due to bankers, Jews, and the Treaty demands.

When Hitler got power in 1933, he quickly renounced further payments, and also reneged on repayment of the British loans. So the Brits got stuck with the financial loss, and the original cause of the German economic disaster — the bankruptcy of Germany by diverting all financial and material resources into destructive war-making — was obfuscated under a blanket of Nazi lies. An aggressive war of conquest which the German Kaiser and generals thought would last only a few months had dragged on for years, leaving the nation at the edge of bankruptcy and destitution, their military machine exhausted and populations malnourished. And yet, not one bomb had fallen on their own territory, and their armies marched home after the war with banners waving as if they were the victors. When the harsh reality of their military defeat on the battlefield and bankrupt condition began to sink in, opportunists began screaming about having been "Stabbed in the back!", Hitler being the most successful of those propagandists, but he wasn’t alone. It was a widespread sentiment, though totally without a factual basis.

After the disasters of WW2, the European Left and Right continued with the Hitler lies about Versailles as a handy weapon against Capitalism and/or Democracy, each turning the story to their own convenience. They did the same on many other issues. But the myth of the Versailles Treaty’s "draconian demands" has since become a part of the more official history of WW2, which everyone repeats from each other, just as the leftist narrative tries to place the USSR in the role of "victim". Neither is true. In fact the Soviet traitor Lenin had made secret alliances with the German High Command as early as 1922, towards making a joint cooperative conquest of the world, working with Germany to rebuild both their war machines, years before the Hitler-Stalin Pact made a public revelation about it. Trotsky and Stalin were also in on the deal, and many "peacemaker" Germans such as Stresseman were a part of the deception.

Massive new armaments factories were built by German engineers deep in Soviet territory, where new fighter aircraft, bombers, tanks, artillery, poison gas, and other munitions were researched, tested, constructed and stockpiled, all to hide them from the Versailles restrictions on German rearmament. The Soviets got 1/3 of the production. During the early Hitler years, the munitions appeared on German soil as if by "Miracle!", by the train-loads. I give some details on this in my In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: 80-Years of Mainstream Slander & Defamation

See the index for Treaty of Versailles and citations for the Timeline section.

Also see the excellent work of Sally Marks "The Myths of Reparations", which I have posted here:

For students of Wilhelm Reich’s work and biography, this is very important as it shows the treachery of the Marxist parties of Europe during the Weimar years, and the severe limitations of Reich’s knowledge about Marxist and Soviet agendas. Also relevant is what I exposed in the Marx-Engels Genocide Quotations, showing the founding Saints of Communism were no different from Stalin or Hitler in their desires for massive genocide of all who obstructed their path to power.

Like so many others who joined the Marxist movements during the Weimar years, Reich was terribly ignorant of what Marxist Leninist Communism was plotting in the manner of mass-killings and genocides, in secret alliances with the Nazis. And because of his own freedom-oriented disposition and writings, Reich was not surprisingly thrown out of every Marxist organization he joined, and placed on an NKVD death-list sometime around 1936, three years before the Hitler-Stalin Pact. That is also documented in my book In Defense of Wilhelm Reich.

This information is nothing new, I should emphasize, as it was all widely discussed with much public attention and documentation in the English-speaking world after WW2. My full paper on this subject has not yet been published, but much basic information is already available via the many citations I’ve already made available, through my books and weblinks cited above.

James DeMeo, PhD

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-year’s War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander
Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

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