Sex-Economic Factors, Driving the Islamic invasion of Europe

Sex-Economic Factors, Driving the Islamic invasion of Europe

From 80-95% are single males of military age. Maybe 20% at most are authentic refugees.

The following reports are but a small representative example of materials routinely censored out of the MSM (mainstream media). There’s much more of it posted to my Facebook page, which provides more timely postings:

I don’t have the time to copy it all over to the OBRL networks, which takes a lengthy cut-and-paste process. It is vitally important material nonetheless, especially now for Europeans.

Here is an excellent summary of the current situation:

The Muslim Invasion of Europe
Please read that first, before going on to what I say below.

The current mass-invasion of Europe by overwhelmingly Muslim males of military age, their pockets flush with cash and fancy smartphones, etc., coming from all over Saharasia under false pretenses, is the largest such event since the war periods of the early to mid 20th Century. I remained stunned that so many people think this is some inconsequential event, something that happened spontaneously, without serious planning and funding by multi-millions of dollars, or that it will not have serious and deadly consequences for Europe.

My European contacts tell me the postings I provide, which are reproduced from readily-available though non-mainstream sources in the USA, cannot be found in local news reports, and even internet media is being search-censored. Anyone who dares to criticize the open-door internationalist suicide is also publicly attacked as a "neo-Nazi", and like in Nazi times, people at all levels of society then gang up to try and destroy them — fired from jobs, their books and writings dropped by publishers or censored out, families split apart as the leftist side thinks anyone disagreeing with them has become some kind of monster, sometimes the conservative critics get charged with "hate crime" — and this is all being done and encouraged by the liberals and leftists of the Merkel-Hollande governments, who spit inflammatory poison at their political opponents, but have nothing bad to say about incidents of Islamic attacks, rapes, beatings, etc. against their own citizens! These same Left-Socialists and "anti-fascists" scream accusations of "neo-Nazi", "racist" etc., at anyone not supporting their agendas, disrupting peaceful protests with violent attacks, partnering with Muslim factions in street violence, thereby behaving exactly like the Brownshirts and Nazis of old. It is a new "mass psychology" at work, but this time something unique, a partnership of Left-Fascism with Islamic-Fascism. And they are experts at propaganda and disinformation. Only the reality of observed experience, and YouTube videos made by ordinary people, showing Islamic-Left street thuggery, stands in opposition to them.

Truth is the new "hate speech", and it is taking a beating, as are the people who give voice to it.

What follows adds substance to the above Gatestone report, which is but a bare-bones summary of the situation.

James DeMeo, PhD

Muslim men having (up to) ’20 children each’ because of polygamy Four wives per man, five kids each, mostly on social welfare. A nice paycheck, if you can handle four sex-frustrated angry women, courtesy of the tax-paying infidels who blindly continue to vote for Islam-loving leaders. Figure half those 20 kids are female, ten of them, who when older are sold off into arranged marriages with 2.5 other Muslim men, at four wives each. That leaves 7.5 male children who as adults will have no females of their own cultural peer-age group. Those males must go out and recruit females from other cultural peer groups, or as more typical within Saharasian lands, grab a gun, shoot up all the males in neighboring non-Muslim tribes, kidnap and rape the females, which by Islamic custom means they are now marriageable wives for Muslim warriors. But mostly the young men remain sex-frustrated, abusing boys, ganging up to wreak havoc within their own culture and neighboring cultures, until getting old enough to purchase a wife, which has its own difficulties given the high bride-price demanded in the uber-patristic Islamic tribal systems.
A dynamic slave-trade in females is thereby created, where one can avoid entirely the issues of bride-price or the absence of local girls. Yizidi girls, for example, are very popular today across the Middle East as sex-slaves, given their lighter skin tones, kidnapped after the entire male and older female populations of their tribes have been exterminated. They get sold for less than $100, in a thriving slave trade of kidnapped non-Muslim females stretching across the whole of Saharasia.
Another modern aspect is the massive exodus of single males out from Muslim lands into foreign non-Muslim lands, in search of females and whatever else they can grab or steal, or connive, as we see today. They are called "economic refugees", but in reality are "sex-economic invaders", seeking both money and females, neither of which are available to them in their home nations. This is what fuels the violence across Saharasia and in the Saharasian borderland regions, and the current onslaught of young men arriving into Europe by the tens of thousands daily. A hidden sex-economic consideration related to coercive Islamic polygamy and the overall sexual slavery of women.

VIDEO: Muslim Prayers Take Over Streets of Downtown Los Angeles
Islamic prayers illegally undertaken in the street, another way of "claiming territory" for the Ummah, telling infidels "we own this place". Not just in LA either, but globally wherever Muslims are invading into infidel territory. A hostile act. Imagine how authorities would react if hundreds of Jews or Christians flooded out of their holy places to take over the streets several times per day, blocking traffic by cars and pedestrians, making loud calls to prayer by loudspeakers, etc. They’d be cited and forbidden, arrested if they didn’t move out of the way. But for Muslims… No Problem!

The Mufti, Hitler and the Palestinians: The Facts
The father of the modern Palestinian movement and his role in the Final Solution.
Israeli PM Netanyahu got blasted by the liberal-left MSM for pointing out these facts. Muslims leaders and populations did a good share of mass-murder during WW2, in alliance with the Nazis. The Islamic-Nazi Hansar SS divisions wearing fez hats mass-murdered several million Jews and Christian Serbs and Slavs across the Balkans during WW2, and the Mufti of Jerusalem — Haj Amin al-Husseini — plotted with Hitler to exterminate all the Jews of the Middle East in a new "Auschwitz" type of death-camp near Jerusalem. This is part of the real history standing behind the current epidemic of Jew-hate and Israel-hate flooding the world. Muslim culture has always been saturated with Jew-hate, and great admiration for Hitler and the Nazis.
I personally saw copies of Mein Kampf being sold in Egyptian bookstores and heard ordinary Egyptian men speak praises for Hitler, back in 1980. And there are plenty of photos of Palestinians and other Muslims waving Nazi swastika flags and doing the Sieg Heil salute, from the times of WW2 into the current times. The old Egyptian dictator Nasser gave the Mufti al-Husseini and many German SS officers sanctuary, as they fled from Germany after WW2, escaping the hangman’s noose. In Egypt, they converted to Islam, cloaked under Muslim names and clothing, married Muslim women, and in 1948 led the Egyptian tank corps and troops into Israel, in what Nasser and the Mufti publicly screamed would be a war of Jewish extermination. And they did overrun many Jewish towns in Western Israel, killing everyone. Nobody mentions these facts anymore, the modern "history" books so fully scrubbed, Orwellian style, of anything that offends Leftism or Islam.
Yassir Arafat was the student and pedophile love-boy of the Mufti al-Husseini, and his student Abbas, current head of the Palestinian Authority, did his "university" thesis declaring the Holocaust was a hoax. And ignorant people wonder why Abbas today incites his people to go out and kill Jews, allowing vile Nazi-type of propaganda on Palestinian TV and radio (see below). Leftists in Europe and North America have no problem with that, apparently think having more Jew-hating Muslims, and fewer Jews, is the path to a civil society of justice and freedom. Or maybe Europeans and North Americans are just sick and tired of freedom and democracy, and like Germans in 1933, have some deep longing for a new dictator. Maybe one wearing a turban or fez. This will not end well.

“Palestinian” textbook: “How to stab a Jew”
This is what the Pali Death Cult teaches their little children. Like how the Japanese Imperialists taught their little boys to stick a bayonet into someone’s guts, or the Hitler Youth taught boys how to shoot a machine gun and throw a hand grenade. No baseball or football for them, only hatred of the non-Muslim, Jews especially, and hatred of women, hatred of love. But the "one-world internationalism" of Leftist Communism says, let’s bring millions more into the West. What could possibly go wrong?

VIDEO: Massive Muslim “Knife” Rally in Gaza
Palestinian death-cult. No different from the Syrian, Iraqi, Iranian, Pakistani, or any other Saharasian death cult. Death to this, death to that. All of the men in these mobs are psychopaths, seeking to kill infidels as a ticket to heaven. And they kill their own women who dare to go without a veil, or have sexual relations with someone of their own choosing. But European Leftist love them, bring in more. American leftists love them too, bring in more. Bring more violence, more sexual hatred, more smashing down of women. More knife rallies… where does it end?

And so on… and so on…

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World

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