On the Cosmic Ether of Space

On the Cosmic Ether of Space

Most will know my work, extending back to c.1979, when I began writing on the subject of the cosmic ether of space, and its functional similarities to Wilhelm Reich’s orgone energy. I published several papers in academic journals or books on this subject, with a good introduction to the positive evidence of a measured cosmic ether in space, at this webpage:

This webpage essay primarily focuses upon the experimental work of Dayton Miller on this question, over the period c.1920 through 1935. Miller, an academic insider of high standing, constructed the world’s largest light-beam interferometer, and by using it was able to measure an ether-drift signal in light-speed along specific cosmic vectors. His findings, and several replications of his approach which also yielded positive results, seriously undermine central basic starting assumptions of the Einstein theory of relativity, and also stand as a massive contradiction for "big-bang" cosmology, as well as for much of quantum electrodynamics, to the extent they demand space be empty of any light-affecting medium. I now have a new published article covering this same material, though with a few added references beyond what is given at the above webpage. It can be downloaded from the given links:

Does a Cosmic Ether Exist?
Evidence from Dayton Miller and Others
by James DeMeo
It is also posted up to my Academia.edu and ResearchGate.net websites, also for free download:
This version can be shared beyond the webpage only, though I am a bit dissatisfied in the quality of the picture and graph reproductions, which actually appear better in the on-line version. I will have a book-version on this question of the cosmic ether in the coming months, containing many more photographs, and expanded versions of this and other materials.


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