Jet Contrail Science versus “Chemtrails”

Jet Contrail Science versus "Chemtrails"

After getting the umteenth email from people promoting "chemtrails" and "chembusters", I thought to post out this informative weblink:
It is not the usual "skeptic" thing, but a very good natural scientific discussion on jet contrails, addressing and showing the large errors in claims, and sometime outright lies, from the "chemtrail" people. There are other important weblinks on this to be recommended, but this is a good one for starters. Some years ago, I put up my own page on this, debunking more specifically the claims about "chemtrails" where Wilhelm Reich’s name and work had been dragged into the rationalizations.

Which in turn is related to the various claims about "orgonite":

For those who remember Reich’s writings on this subject, he observed that persisting jet contrails were a general sign of a healthy atmosphere with good orgonity, good cloud-forming capacities, retaining its cohesive properties sufficient for even wispy jet contrails to retain their form.


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