The Muslim Massacres in Paris: Anticipated, Predicted, but Warning Signs Ignored

The Muslim Massacres in Paris: Anticipated, Predicted, but Warning Signs Ignored

By now everyone who has got authentic news reports knows about the Islamic military-style massacres in Paris, by Muslim terrorists declaring ISIS connections and shouting "Allahu Akbar" as they slaughtered at least 180 innocents in cold blood.

Here are two excellent sources where you can get accurate, though upsetting and uncomfortable facts:

And for contrast, here is an insipid and "politically corrected" report from the Leftist CNN, which you can read quickly and then go back to eating your Lotus and drinking Kool Aid. Already, the spin effort is going into high gear within the liberal and leftist media, to shift blame away from Islam.

The violent nature of the Muslim immigrations into the Western democracies was directly anticipated from my work Saharasia, which discussed the big problems of rigid, heavily armored and violent character structures of people living across the Saharasian Desert Belt, a region characterized by Islamic culture.

By systematic analysis and comparisons of over 1000 different world cultures, in a peer-reviewed study undertaken and published nearly 30 years ago, my Saharasia work proved that the Islamic world was the most sex-repressive, woman-hating and violent of all world cultures. But who wants to know such things?! Even in orgonomy this important work — a rational and logical confirmation and extension of Wilhelm Reich’s sex-economic findings — is ignored or maliciously misrepresented and denigrated with falsehood.

These Islamic terror attacks were also easily predicted by anyone who dared to take a cold hard look at the consequences of massive Muslim immigration, and who has studied what Islam is all about — no mere "religion", Islam is a totalitarian ideology with military, economic, social and religious branches, all aimed at total control over peoples lives, behavior and thinking. Murdering non-believers, kidnapping women into sexual slavery, reducing non-believers to sub-human dhimmi status, and world conquest, are openly stated goals by the central leader of the ideology, Muhammed himself. ISIS is the "pure Islam" as Muhammed taught and lived, and reflects what the Koran demands. The Muslim butchery from ISIS, seen across the Middle East, is no "anomaly" of "extremists" acting outside of Islamic doctrine. It is precisely Islamic doctrine. And wherever Muslims migrate and congregate, they do not assimilate by planned refusal, except in superficial ways. Globally, historically, when they reach a critical mass percentage of the population, violence can no longer be contained, and what happened in France is exactly what is predictable. So get ready for more of it.

While the French Left was all bothered to put Marine Le Pen into prison for daring to say a few obvious things about the horrors of Islamization in France, and patting itself on the back about "Je sui Charlie", but meanwhile legitimizing Hamas and Hezbollah, doing all they could to demonize, boycott and undermine the safety of Israeli Jews, scoffing at the "stupid Americans with their guns", they weren’t taking serious notice of the rioting and no-go-zone terrorism in their own nation. Every weekend, hundreds of cars burned by angry mobs of violent Muslim "youths"… but eh, so what "be quiet, it is not your business"! Over 600 no-go zones ruled de-facto by Islamic Sharia Law, with "honor" murders, female genital mutilation, forced polygamy rape-marriages, veiling and all the rest… eh, "shut up, you Nazi hater"! The French Left, sorry to say, is partly to blame for this predictable tragedy, for chronically electing Leftist Islam-apologist leaders.

But now watch as the whole thing is spun by the mainstream liberal-left media into something to "protect Muslims", down-playing everything. Don’t blame the Muslims! Soon enough they will blame Israel, or the Americans. And not just in France.

The CNN news report I linked above does not mention the words "Muslim" or "Islam" anywhere. While it details the horror of the event, it lays no blame, except to vague "terrorism". Obama does this also, repeatedly, blaming Muslim terror massacres in the USA on "workplace violence" and forbids the FBI and Homeland Security to use the words "Islamic terrorism" — and people in government obey him as if his illegal declarations carried the weight of law, as if he were King! He made a speech after the Muslim massacres in France, and as is his style he never used those words "Islam" or "Muslim" either, and instead tries to "internationalize" the tragedy, as if Muslims were also victims, thereby steering blame away from the real perpetrators. This was done after 911 also, as if the fact that some Muslims also died in the Twin Towers, that made it OK to downplay the fact that a highly organized band of Muslims from Saudi Arabia were behind attacks. "If push comes to shove, I will stand with the Muslims" Obama openly wrote in his book. The liberal-left media does this constantly also, as when a Muslim on Jihad pulls a knife and stabs many Jews in Israel, but then is shot dead by a security policeman, the international press reports: "Palestinian killed by Israelis," and one must dig out the facts elsewhere. And so it goes, on and on for decades like this, over my entire adult life! "Everyone is a victim" and "nobody is to blame", except when favored scapegoats can be found. Pass the Lotus and Soma, please.

Here is a slogan I suggest those French people who retain the sense of "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" in their heart and spine should remember from the pre-Islamic years, and adopt, before they lose their country entirely to violent theocratic totalitarians.
"Je suis Charles Martel"!


As I wrote above, the blood has hardly dried on the pavement before major Leftist media show how utterly uncaring they are, lacking in empathy for dead victims, already try to shift the blame, and distract from the facts of the tragedy, that Muslim butchers deliberately slaughtered over 180 people in cold blood. By their analysis, the “real problem” is the “right wing”. It would seem, anyone with a heart and a brain today is “right wing”.

From the Hard-Left “Guardian” (UK), via Robert Spencer:
After Paris jihad, “far-right groups may well fuel more hatred”

From the Hard-Left (USA), also via Robert Spencer:
The Paris Jihad Massacre Shows that “Right Wing” needs to “Moderate their Rhetoric”

It is also important to note, that both the Guardian and Salon have a long history of slandering Wilhelm Reich. Salon once slandered me and the subject of an article I wrote about the problem of male and female genital mutilations. These media liars are deadly.

James DeMeo, PhD

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
– George Orwell

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-year’s War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander
Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

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