Marx – Engels Genocide Quotations. The Hidden History of Marx and Engels

Marx – Engels Genocide Quotations
The Hidden History of Marx and Engels

Two major presidential candidates have a long history of supporting Marxist causes, and along with our would-be King in the White House, wants more Marxism and rule by Central Committee for the American politic. There are hordes of historically ignorant young people and university students who think "Marx is Cool" or "Communism is Cool" without a clue of how close the International Socialism of Marx was to the Nazism (National Socialism) of Hitler — clueless also about the 100+ million dead victims of Communism in the 20th Century alone. This is not to mention an entire cadre of "Marxist Reichians" who appear far more Marxist than Reichist, and who gradually drip, drip, drip work to erode Reich’s research discoveries into forms more "agreeable" to the PC radical left wing.

Here, I wish to introduce once again an essay I wrote about 6 years ago, countering the sanitized and falsified history of Marx and Engels, through exposure of some of their more outrageous and vicious words and agendas, recorded in their lesser-known publications. Had Wilhelm Reich known of these materials, it is unlikely he would ever have given Marxism more than a sideways look, ignoring it completely and thereby advancing in his research progress by several years. As a comparison, the American Revolution against the power of Kings did not owe anything to Marx or Engels, who sneered at the social and economic freedoms of the self-reforming American Republic. Meanwhile, every nation that has taken up the banner of Marxism has collapsed into a rigid prison Hell state, with ruined economies, the absence of personal freedoms, and mass graves.

This is also the subject of another book in progress, providing details beyond what’s given in this internet essay.

Marx – Engels Genocide Quotations
The Hidden History of Marx and Engels

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