Marxism, “Comrade Thomas” (aka “Yakov Reich”, “Arnold Rubinstein”) and Wilhelm Reich

Marxism, "Comrade Thomas" (aka "Yakov Reich", "Arnold Rubinstein") and Wilhelm Reich

Of late I’ve been undertaking historical research on the Russian Revolution as it relates to the various mass-murders committed by Lenin and Trotsky, and in one of my references I came across a passage about a Soviet spy who used the pseudonym "I.S. Reich", and whose life-path eventually crossed that of Wilhelm Reich:

"When in the summer of 1919, Lenin instructed I.S. Reich (known in the Comintern as ‘Comrade Thomas’) to establish a Comintern base in Germany, he referred him both to Dzerzhinsky – for the Vecheka [Cheka] to facilitate his clandestine mission – and to Ganetskii, who maintained a secret Party fund at Lenin’s entire disposal. To finance [Comrade Thomas] enterprise, Ganetskii gave him the pick of a huge hoard of precious stones and other valuables, which had been seized by the [Cheka] on Lenin’s orders and deposited in the vaults of the Palace of Justice."

– George Leggett, The Cheka: Lenin’s Political Police, Clarendon Press, 1981, p.300.

For those who haven’t read it, the book Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War by James Martin, identifies "I.S. Reich" as an iteration of "Yakov Samojlovic Reich", the real name of "Comrade Thomas", as detailed in Martin’s book, p.65 (Natural Energy Works 2014 edition).

For those who have read Martin’s Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War, and the parallel confirmation of Martin’s findings as detailed in my In Defense of Wilhelm Reich, there is nothing dramatically new in this. But it does provide some additional interesting detail that further confirms this lesser-known part of W. Reich’s biography, and the various characters who moved in and out of his circle, some of whom became his deadly enemies.

Yakov Reich or "Comrade Thomas", under an additional false name of Arthur Rubenstein, would later become the new husband for Wilhelm Reich’s ex-wife Annie Pink, and temporary step-dad for Reich’s two children Lore and Eva Reich. Meanwhile Wilhelm Reich – a man marked for death by both the Nazis and the Soviet NKVD – fled to Denmark and later Norway and America. It also underscores the Communist extremism and top-spy nature of "Comrade Thomas Rubenstein", who got instructions direct from Lenin, and then met with two top Communist Party mass murderers, Dzerzhinsky and Ganetskii. Rubenstein-Thomas then received exceptional funding from that "huge hoard of precious stones and other valuables", with orders in the summer of 1919 to move to Germany and undertake Comintern activity to destabilize the young Weimar Republic. One can imagine Comrade Thomas stuffing his briefcase with confiscated Russian Royal jewels, necklaces and gemstones, before departing off to Berlin.

Shortly after Hitler gained power, Wilhelm Reich’s troubles in Germany multiplied, being attacked by the Nazis who wanted him dead, and by the German Communist Party (KPD), which at that time was secretly drafting up name-lists of thousands of "troublemaker" people for reporting to the NKVD for arrest and probable execution. As detailed in my writings, Reich’s name was included on a list of around 3000 such people, of which a sample of notable cases was extracted in a 1936 document recently uncovered in Soviet Archives, "Memorandum on Trotskyists and Other Hostile Elements in the Emigre Community of the German CP", where Reich’s name appeared several times. It was a death-list, wherein a high percentage of those so listed wound up either executed or deported to the Siberian Gulag, never to be heard from again.

Reich’s marriage with Annie Pink was on the rocks even earlier than the NKVD document, and by 1933 they separated. Reich fled to Denmark, then later to Oslo Norway, and finally in 1939 to the USA, just ahead of the outbreak of WW2. Annie fled to Czechoslovakia with her children, where she met up with "Comrade Thomas/Arthur Rubenstein", later fleeing with him to the USA. Once safely in America, Rubenstein-Thomas and W.R’s. ex-wife Annie would slander Wilhelm Reich severely, with the lies that he was "promoting masturbation therapy" and other ugly things. As detailed in Wilhelm Reich and the Cold War and In Defense of Wilhelm Reich, most of Reich’s troubles in the USA came at the hands of such slander whisperers, but also from leftist writers working within Communist-Soviet circles and spy rings. Both Martin’s book, and my own, provides an astonishing amount of documentation on the profoundly Hard-Left sentiments and Soviet spy-ring connections of Reich’s major detractors in the USA, who successfully engineered public slanders of him, pulling strings within medical and psychoanalytic circles where Reich was also hated, to stimulate a phony "investigation" by the FDA, and a subsequent derailing of his legal defense through various surreptitious measures. But this element of Reich’s ex-wife hooking up with a major Soviet spy who carried Russian Royal gems and other loot into Germany, gains heightened emphasis with the above quotation from the independent Cold-War scholar Leggett.

There’s a comedy film from decades past, touching upon the secret sales in Paris of Russian royal jewels by Communist Party spies, to fund their "revolution": Ninotchka. The communists wind up being seduced by capitalist pleasures, something that also seems to have happened with the spy Arthur Rubenstein and his new wife Annie Pink. From what I can determine, Rubenstein and Pink were far more Red in the true Communist sense than Wilhelm Reich ever was (the same is true with nearly all of Reich’s European-period slanderers). But in the end they, too, fled to safety in the "evil" capitalist America, carrying whatever Soviet loot was remaining. Anyhow, the movie is worth to see.

I’ve a new book in preparation that significantly expands upon the materials in my on-line essay "The Marx-Engels Genocide Quotes". Whatever ferocious and deadly quotes I found being written by Marx and Engels, the writings, letters, speeches and telegrams of Lenin and Trotsky were far worse! Some of the older materials are posted up at my webpage.
The new book in preparation significantly expands upon it.

What monsters of boiling hatred and genocidal fanaticism were all of these early Reds, condemned out of their own mouths and scribblings, and by dirty deeds far worse! And the later Reds were following in the same path, of committing mass-murder, then covering it up or lying about it, or blaming their butchery on their victims, and on the "evil" Western democracies. Pure emotional plague.

Unfortunately, today in formerly old-liberal circles, extremism has taken root, and "Communism is Cool!" One of the major two political parties is today running two extreme Left candidates for president, one of whom is openly socialist-communist, the other still cloaked. And Americans flock to them, not merely in spite of it, but because of it.

One hopes this phenomenon will be short-lived, formulated upon ignorance of the many Red genocides and chronic lying which characterizes their rise to power in every historical case. But the New Left leaders today, who thrived within capitalist society, getting advanced university degrees and living the life of the "1%" they claim to hate so much, seem pretty enthusiastic about shredding the US Constitution, imprisoning dissenters, or even killing them as some fanatics have stated. And not for merely political dissent! They speak about silencing dissenters to the CO2 theory of global warming, or to the "infectious HIV" theory of AIDS, which are de-facto evidence of how badly science has been so totally mixed with political agendas. Over years, I’ve posted up many essays and articles documenting the speeches of the leftist politicians and leftist "scientists" calling for "prison" or "death" to dissenters, so the reader will understand if I don’t provide the documentation on that again and again. Simple internet searches will turn it up.

Meanwhile in Europe, the left-politic is busy destroying their generally decent and peaceful democratic post-war societies by inviting massive invasions of severely armored and collectively psychotic, woman-hating cultures (95% of whom are military-age men) directly from the most violent Saharasian regions. And just like Hitler before them, they openly tell everyone what are their genocidal goals, to take over Europe, suborn the non-Muslim into slavery, and take whatever they want in money, property and women. When one understands what Marxism, Leninism and Socialism-Communism are all about, however, it becomes very clear why the political Left in Europe is so hysterically supporting this Islamic invasion. But I digress….

To repeat a point made some years back, I can find nothing in Reich’s biography or writings which indicates that, during his own early period of Marxist/Communist interests, he knew anything about the early Red genocides, nor the central role of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky in formulating them, or carrying out such mass-murder as is very well documented today. Conditions degenerated even worse after Stalin and Mao, who turned out to be the two top mass-murderers in human history, with lesser communist tyrants appearing in North Korea, SE Asia, Cuba, Etc.

These findings also suggest the power of the left-sympathetic news media of Reich’s day, to censor out the reality of the dire situation in Soviet-controlled territory, and also Reich’s naivete about the Marxist politic of his European period. The Soviets and German CP was then publicly self-defining as the only possible force that could effectively oppose Hitlerism, even while behind a curtain, secretly supporting German militarism and later Hitler’s regime. Today we have good documentation that the Soviets under Lenin make secret alliances with the German High Command during the Weimar years, as early as 1922, with the subsequent construction of massive armaments factories run by German engineers deep in Soviet territory, beyond the Urals to conceal them from Allied inspectors trying to insure that Germany would live up to its post WW1 disarmament agreements. But they did not, and plotted with Lenin, Trotsky and later Stalin, for world conquest in yet another big world war. When Hitler took power in 1933, massive munitions were shipped by the trainload into Germany in the dark of night, to appear "miraculously" in German military parades, leading to the false image of Hitler as "miracle worker"! Their dirty plot was finally unmasked a month before the invasion of Poland in September 1939, in the Hitler-Stalin Pact. I make a brief mention of this with citations to the primary sources in the Timeline Chapter of my In Defense of Wilhelm Reich, but the fine details on that gigantic betrayal of the anti-Hitler German liberals by their Communist "comrades" must wait for another article in preparation. For now, it is simply important to note that Wilhelm Reich and all the decent liberal workers in the Sex-Pol movement, such as Max Hodann and Willy Brandt (who later became Chancellor of post-WW2 Germany) were all betrayed by the European Communist organizations. I will resist the temptation to recount some personal examples of quite serious injurious betrayals, slanders and dirty-tricks I also experienced from Marxist "Reichians", who turned out to be far more Marxist than Reichist.

In any case, there’s nothing in Reich’s English-translated books or biography journals which indicates he knew any of the monstrous words and deeds of the various Saints of Communism. In historical retrospect, it is clear Reich wrote naive and undeservedly kind words about Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotsky, without knowledge of how those monsters had been preaching mass-murder and genocide in lesser-known writings, or in the case of Lenin and Trotsky, had actually committed such atrocity.

Thankfully Reich’s primary focus was always on bettering the life of ordinary people, helping them overcome neuroses and self-defeating behavior, working with mothers and babies, emphasizing love and human happiness, and improvement of public health. Where he ventured into politics, it was towards that same goal, of changing laws which drove people into difficult corners, as with the laws against contraception, abortion and divorce. He emerged from the political quagmire with many new insights about the emotional plague of mankind, about the similarities between Nazism and Communism, and then turned to questions on the emotional-sexual life-energy in biology and natural science. Even more amazing discovery emerged thereafter, with the bions, bioelectric experiments, and various aspects of orgone biophysics and cosmology. Marxist ideas quickly became a distracting irrelevancy, and so eventually vanished from his lexicon. For most of his American period, he was decidedly anti-Communist, and accurately identified as Communists the central-most people who were slandering him. They were out to destroy him for his insights and public writings about the cloaked fascism and chronic betrayals of life and love by the Left-politic – something we see today very clearly, once again, in their falsification of history and apologetics for blood-soaked Islam and Communism. Many of his later biographers claimed Reich became paranoid or somehow wrong for writing as he did against Communism in the later part of his life. But they were proven wrong, and Reich proven correct. He was correct also to abandon Marxism as anything of merit for serious scientific or health-related work. Orgonomy and the world would be better served if his example was followed.

James DeMeo, PhD

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  1. Ronald Arthur Dewhirst Says:

    Thank you for collating and posting this little-known, at least to me, perspective on these crucial developments in social history.

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