Daoud “The Sexual Misery of the Arab World”

The Sexual Misery of the Arab World
Kamel Daoud, NY Times, 12 Feb. 2016

This article by novelist Kamel Daoud is extremely rare for the NY Times, as it touches upon themes similar to what Wilhelm Reich wrote in his different works, and even more decidedly shines light on subjects I’ve been writing and speaking about for 30 years. Namely, that the sexual life of people living within the Muslim world is severely restricted and damaged, far beyond the conceptions of ordinary people living elsewhere in the world, with immense sexual misery and violence as a consequence. They have a 1400-year record of slavery, totalitarianism, genocide and conquest, now covering nearly the whole of the Saharasian Desert Belt. Islamic culture, driven by this one-same sexual dissatisfaction – and emotional plague hatred of all other world cultures who have a happier and more loving sexuality – continue the process of invasion and conquest all around their borderlands. Ergo the continuing terrorism and slaughter of more peaceable non-Muslims in sub-Saharan Africa, India, China, Russia and Europe, even reaching out by new technological methods of transportation by airplane, to commit mass-murder in the Americas. And such mass-murder elicits the kind of joy among average Muslim populations that typically is reserved in other nations for wedding celebrations, or winning a sports competition, or winning the lottery. Even (or especially) if the murder is accomplished by one of their own children being abused as a suicide bomber.

This takes a special kind of sexual sickness, where mothers and fathers are fully emotionally disconnected from their own children, who came into the world not out of loving sexual embraces, but by the deadness of loveless arranged marriages. Or by rapes of little girls or young women, "got" by vile and violent older males, purchased as chattel brides for donkeys, or booty-loot from a raided and massacred village. How many unwanted children from unwanted sexual rapes must a woman have before her soul is murdered, and she, like the unloved and loveless man, then becomes a killer of their own offspring. No other culture-type on the planet has this kind of psychopathic "normalcy". When parents are observed leading their child towards murder and death in all other world cultures, they are quickly identified as sick and pathological, quickly arrested and put into prison or a mental asylum. But not within Islam, where even in the case of laws against such things as rape of infidel women, "honor murder" or child-bombers, the police and the dominant males have a "wink and nod" approval for it, and ways to get around such inconveniences. And that’s the case even in such "reformed" Muslim nations as Turkey or Indonesia, which overall appear quite enthusiastic about Islamic State, and all what it represents.

But it all tracks back to the intensive and deep sexual misery, touched upon in minor ways by author Daoud. If he went into the matter in greater depth, he’d discover what Reich did, and gain a deeper understanding of the Emotional Plague of Mankind: the "why they hate us". And "us" includes the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Animists, and myriad smaller tribal groups like the Yizidis, Assyrians, Druze, and so on. It has nothing to do with American foreign policy, nor the foundation of Israel, nor "desperation" brought by "capitalism", nor petroleum politics, though each of those has a minor role to play in the excuse-making, and evasion of the essential.

This truth is about as "un-PC" as it gets, but my statements are backed up by my Saharasia work, the largest-ever global survey of human family and sexual life, involving a systematic review of 1170 different world cultures in a study-matrix of up to 63 different social variables. The data comes from the standard ethnographic data, used by generations of psychologists and social scientists for social theory testing. I was the first to make world maps of those ethnographic data, and the maps reveal the global patterns in stark regional patterns. It is neither "hypothesis" nor "theory" but a set of hard facts and discovery, as certain in human social issues as gravitation is to physics, a kind of historical-geographical "law of emotional gravitation" that used Reich’s sex-economic theory as a kind of telescope, to map out the locations of specific peaceful-loving versus hateful-violent cultures, for the first time.

My seminal work on this subject is known to many, but not within the Times, nor in many other "high" places, which have a habit of writing only nasty things about Wilhelm Reich, going back for even more than 30 years. And hence to also ignore my own findings supporting Reich (which do not support the popular new "genderism/polysex" concoctions of Kinsey inspirations). But I can nevertheless congratulate the Times on breaching the long-standing heterosexual taboo, which might open the door towards deeper understandings. Including about why 19 furious sex-frustrated Saudis crashed crowded airliners into crowded buildings just a few dozen blocks away from the headquarters of the NY Times.

For those who don’t have it, here’s the basic info:

Saharasia: The 4000 BCE Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World

Islam badly needs an authentic Reformation, Women’s Rights movement, and Sexual Revolution, or it will continue to remain backwater, retrograde, and a danger to itself and everyone else. But the major part of this can only be accomplished from within, by Muslims themselves. Meanwhile, the non-Muslim world must vigorously protect itself. The West can also help by lending strong military support overseas to non-Muslim cultures currently being attacked and exterminated by the worst of the Islamic psychopaths. At home we must end "tolerant acceptance" of Islamic fanatics setting up Sharia Law enclaves in the West. We should also give aid and support to the many rational critics of Islam, especially the ex-Muslim apostates who have quit Islam for the very reasons mentioned above. They are an excellent resource of information about the Islamic cultures they departed, and typically raise warnings about Islam quite similar to what I write.

James DeMeo, PhD

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

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One Response to “Daoud “The Sexual Misery of the Arab World””

  1. Ramon J. Thomas Says:

    The reality of this is so stark, especially for anyone who lived in Middle East. I lived in UAE for less than one year in 2000 and its extremely hard to think about doing that again.

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