The Healing Powers of Bionous Clay, and Boosting Plant Growth with Orgone Energy

The Healing Powers of Bionous Clay, and Boosting Plant Growth with Orgone Energy
A Short Overview, by James DeMeo, PhD

Orgone-Charged versus Control Mung Beans
from James DeMeo’s 3-year study on the subject.

An interesting article recently appeared in Acres USA magazine, which is a primary publication for information on ecological natural agriculture, with a subscriber audience within communities of organic home gardeners, large organic agricultural firms, and urban people interested in issues of healthy farms and foods. The article, "Harnessing the Power of Clay" by James Silverthorne of the Three Hills Farm in Pennsylvania, detailed his experiments with clay and separately calcareous¬†material, in creation of bionous solutions or poultice compresses that were used on his farm animals and agricultural fields, with clear life-positive healing or growth-boosting influences. He presented different specific materials useful to the farmer or gardener, and methods for preparing the solutions, making the argument the effects are at least as much from bionous orgone life-energy radiation as due to strict biochemistry. He gives full credit to Wilhelm Reich in this work. Silverthorne’s full article, from the February 2016 issue of Acres, can be downloaded from here:

A follow-up Letter from one of their readers, Mike Toppen, was also of interest, with an interesting photo of plant growth differences in a simple orgone seed-charging experiment, as reproduced below. The Letter itself can be reviewed from the following link: Some of the publications I cite below have similar, even better and more amazing photographs of orgone-enhanced seed-sprouting experimental differences.

Control versus Orgone-Charged Seeds (see below for reference).
From Acres, USA:

The article by Silverthorne and the letter brought back personal memories, from the time when I was a teaching classes on Renewable Energy and Human Survival Geography at the University of Kansas, and later at Illinois State University. I always had a section on organic farming and beneficial insects in those classes. These were agricultural regions with a high percentage of students from farm families. I could also note, having grown up among farm animals and agricultural fields, these students were far more contactful, alert and alive by comparison to the generally dulled citified students I later encountered from wealthy families, attending classes at an expensive private university I once taught at, and which prided itself mostly for the student party-life than serious study of science and the world. I subscribed to Acres, USA to reinforce my knowledge of ecological agriculture and beneficial insects, and encouraged the students to do likewise. I later got to meet Charles Walters, the founder of Acres which has been published for over 40 years now, and was graciously invited by him to speak several times on my orgone energy research at their conferences in nearby Kansas City. They were warm and welcoming to my experimental work confirming Reich’s discoveries.

For myself, I had been building orgone accumulators and testing them out in various ways since the early 1970s. By 1990 I had also written the Orgone Accumulator Handbook, which today is into its third edition, still selling well among people of all different backgrounds. Orgone energy is real, and the effects can be documented in various ways, as I detail in the Handbook.

One of my experimental studies was later published in the peer-reviewed journal Subtle Energies, which at the time had an editorial board of senior scientists. My experiments, which were conducted under tight control procedures over three years, indicated a 37% growth boosting effect on sprouting mung beans. A copy of that article is available for download from here:
A photograph of one of the experimental results is given at the top of this article.

Another version of this article appeared in our publication Pulse of the Planet #4: Heretic’s Notebook, along with more than a dozen other interesing articles on similar subjects.

I also at the time came into contact with farmers applying ancient handed-down lore and ecological methods that suggest life-energy functions. For example, there are powerful lunar cycle effects upon all life, including plant growth and seed-sprouting factors. Frank Brown, the biologist at Northwestern University, years ago proved in excellent experiments how full and new moon periods exerted powerful influences upon seedling growth, yielding increased sprouting, and validating the ideas of ancient farmer’s lore. Likewise the old art of the "claysingers" has validity, stirring water in large barrels and mixing in various clays, manures, and other things, making Viktor Schauberger-type of "living water" vortexes into which they could speak or sing to yield fascinating harmonic resonance tones, and then spreading that liquid onto their fields under specific lunar cycle conditions. Such ideas go back to old Europe, but may also have aspects from Native American lore incorporated. The bionous formulations as per Silverthorne’s article, such as the use of clays or herbs for healing poultices, were well known on both sides of the Atlantic, well before the coming of the MD or hospitals, as healing or energy-charging preparations. Likewise the rich tradition of herbal preparations and “healing waters” in thermal hot springs. Those methods along with the human health benefits of the orgone energy accumulator, as well as with the orgone-charging of seeds for agriculture. They can enhance and boost plant growth, flowering and fruiting, whether one coordinates with the lunar cycles or not. But in my opinion, it is always better to do such things with the natural cycles. My Orgone Accumulator Handbook also goes into these issues in some detail.

There is one distressing phenomenon needing brief mention, of hucksters selling various electronic gadgets or "orgonite&quot lumps or pyramids, where Reich’s name and terms (orgone, dor) are misappropriated to boost-up sales of things that are wholly mystified and concocted, with no factual connections to Reich’s work. Or worse, they abuse Reich’s terms completely, calling a lump of "orgonite" an "orgone accumulator" fully and fraudulent misrepresenting themselves, all to sell people trinket-junk. Buy some orgonite and the evil demons will leave you alone, they say. Unlike the farmers, the orgonite-etc. customers are mostly out for salvation, so one rarely shakes their belief to the point they might actually build a real orgone blanket, or rid their homes of wifi, fluorescent lamps, cell phones or similar which might be making them sick. By comparison, a bag of steel wool pads you buy at the hardware store will have a stronger and more sensible orgone energy field than any lump of "orgonite", which in any case are today being manufactured in China and India by the hundred- or thousand-fold wholesale batches, for distribution to various New Age trinket stores, or selling on eBay. It is Big Business, bigger than baseball cards or sand-candles of yesteryear. Put a lump of orgonite in your pocket and money will rain down from the sky, women will chase you like hungry dogs following a cheeseburger, and your life will be happy and fantastic! I’ve written more details on this problem, here:

Reich’s name and work has survived all of this nonsense, at least among intelligent people, thankfully. But even modern physics is troubled by the same, with hawkers appropriating the terms "quantum" or "tachyon" with equal absurdity. Aside from the fraud and ridiculous nature of it, it has a harmful effect in how "orgonite" and the claims of its advocates, are today used by the awful "skeptic club" people and on equally terrible Wikipedia, to define Reich’s work. Another total lie, but that’s how it goes. Wikipedia is the worst-possible source of information about Reich and his discoveries, mostly given how they routinely censor from discussion any mention of the various scientific research experiments that have been undertaken by university-trained PhDs. Even citations to peer-reviewed scientific papers verifying Reich are chronically deleted from Wikipedia pages. More info here!

Returning to the positive evidence for Reich, another resource on the plant growth-boosting effects of orgone energy needs to be mentioned, and that is the work of the Portuguese organic gardener Jutta Espanca. In the 1980s she wrote a series of articles for the journal Offshoots of Orgonomy, wherein she reported controlled experiments with orgone-charging of seeds, with very good results upon flowering and fruiting of a variety of garden vegetables. She documented these growth-boosting effects on garden crops more clearly than anyone before or since, including to show the effects of orgone-charged water. She also observed a second-generation carry-over influence, a persisting effect of greater flowering and fruiting among the progeny of the orgone-charged group, as compared to the progeny of the control group. Copies of her articles are still available in the original printed back-issues of Offshoots, as detailed here:

While much of orgone energy research has tended to focus upon human beings, for symptom-reduction or healing effects, the issues of plant-growth and agricultural or pasture applications are just as important, if not more so, given how they can help to produce healthier and more vibrant foods and animals. I therefore encourage, once again as I have for nearly 40 years of work in the field of orgone energy research, for ordinary farmers to self-educate and apply Reich’s orgone accumulator technology for their crops and farm animals. And in the process, give support to Acres USA by subscribing to their magazine, one of the most interesting natural agricultural publications, interesting also to the non-farmer as well, with many articles on nutrition and natural healing methods as well. Here’s their website for follow-up:

Note that I do not sell orgone energy accumulators, but I can recommend the Orgonics company on the West Coast, which makes the very best ones.
Ask about their special garden seed charger, in which flats can be put for boosting.

In all cases, whether you buy or build your own accumulators, I still recommend the Orgone Accumulator Handbook, for guidance on just what the orgone energy is, and how to optimally use the accumulator. For example, it must be protected from microwaves and other toxic radiant influences such as computers, cell phones, electric power-line fields, fluorescent lights, and similar. And beware, most of the “information” about orgone energy on internet is pure bunk, with few exceptions.

Our thanks to Mr. Silverthorne, Ms. Espanca, and all the others who have kept the life-affirming and beneficial aspects of Reich’s authentic orgone energy discovery alive and thriving.

Happy Experimenting!


"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-year’s War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander
Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

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