Lake Mead at Record Low Level – But Proven Drought-Abatement Solutions Ignored

Lake Mead at Record Low Level – But Proven Solutions Ignored

An article recently appeared on ABC News, that one of America’s primary agricultural water reservoirs, Lake Mead, has declined to record low levels.

For the record, over the period 2013-2015, a professionally-drafted Proposal to end the California and Southwestern Drought through authentic cloudbusting, was put into the hands of nearly every major water-resource or drought-emergency organization in California, as well as sent to the offices of state governors or big-city mayors, including to a few private industries. That effort aimed to raise funds to cover the many expenses for a team of workers using several large cloudbusting devices, to take on the work over some extended period of time. OBRL spent around $10,000 of our scarce funds repairing two trailer-mounted cloudbusters in preparation for that work. I had previously lead teams of skilled workers, to end droughts just as severe for Israel, Namibia, and Eritrea, filling depleted reservoirs and lakes across large regions no smaller than the Lake Mead basin. In Eastern Africa, my team of cloudbuster operators created such good rains over the region that Lake Nasser, behind the Aswan High Dam, filled to capacity for the first time in its history. Five gigantic new lakes were created from the overflow, out in the open Sahara Desert. A summary of those results is given here:

The dramatic turn-around in those cases, the major success in restoring widespread rains and ending droughts, is a matter of published record, with far more documentation than Reich was able to assemble, given the modern data and satellite images available today. But for the current drought, our private fund-raising efforts elicited only around $5000 pledged, and around $1000 actually donated to my non-profit research foundation, OBRL (Orgone Biophysical Research Lab), by the end of 2015. Not even enough to cover the repair costs already spent, much less to mount a major field-work expedition into Southern California and Arizona. The pledged funds were never accepted, as it could not begin to cover the expenses.

Such are the real-world consequences of the chronic slandering of Reich by the "skeptics" and "Wikipedia", and the distorters pushing "orgonite" and "chembusters", all of whom deliberately try to make Reich and the whole subject look ridiculous. And I should also say, not a small amount of slander has been hurled in my direction by the same "skeptics" and other malicious buffoons, not a few of which who like to call themselves "Reichians". Such diverse negative reactions to Reich’s findings have the common themes of running away, or emotional plague attacking through slander and distortions. The discovery of a universe filled with pulsating life-energy, which participates in the formation of clouds and rains, and works also inside the human to govern emotions, perception and biology, is generally "too much" for the average person.

Other factors were involved, however. The water resource agencies and the billionaire farming industry all bet upon El Niño to save them with massive rains. But El Niño didn’t deliver the rains in sufficient quantity. Also, there is too much money to be made with drought. The price for an acre-foot of irrigation water increases dramatically during droughts, making irrigation districts happy. Drought-related funding agencies see their budgets triple or quadruple, and Billions of taxpayer money are devoted to drought issues that would never have been given out otherwise. The "drought experts" become important people, everyone wants to interview them, and they are promoted to higher-paying jobs with inflated budgets. Massive new irrigation and pipeline schemes, and desalinization plants which deliver either small amounts of extra water, or water at very high prices, and which never would be funded without a really severe drought, suddenly are reviewed as "serious proposals". Governments and investors line up to pour Billions into the pockets of the "drought engineers". Then the big farmers collect massive insurance money, often nearly equal to the profits for a good crop harvest, so they are inclined to sit back and relax. All that is stimulated by drought, but is threatened by good natural rains, as could be brought and sustained by authentic cloudbusting work. Meanwhile, the costs for a cloudbusting project as necessary to restore Lake Mead to its normal levels is about that needed for one large agricultural tractor. A pittance for such high-rollers and government agencies, but a small fortune for working-class people, myself included. Current OBRL funds are not sufficient either.

But all those usual "drought activities" fall within the currently-accepted methods of mechanistic science, industry and economics. Everyone is accustomed to them. Media writers also "know" those approaches and write favorably about them. Something so truly new and revolutionary as Reich’s discoveries – the orgone energy and cloudbuster – simply stuns them, they can’t believe it, and so the first impulse is to put it down, ridicule it, slander it. It is not reported on their favored media, or is slandered by that media as on "Wikipedia", so they don’t even get to the point of reviewing the evidence. It is all "too fantastic", no matter what the evidence. My work through OBRL has some of the very best scientific evidence in numerous studies supporting Reich, and on the cloudbuster as well, documented with new data and satellite documentation methods not available in Reich’s time. No matter, no amount of evidence will overcome the will to disbelieve, the urge towards ridicule and sarcasm, the running away, and so forth. Reich wrote about this problem extensively, in discussions on the Emotional Plague of Mankind.

Based upon what I know from more than 40 years of active research in orgone biophysics and the empirical aspects of classical atmospheric science, it is technically easy to end a severe drought, if one has the knowledge and experience. But it is nonetheless extremely laborious and taxing, and also a serious life-or-death enterprise, with heavy responsibilities. We have the right equipment, the best people, the accurate knowledge, and have made atmospheric breakthroughs many times already. But navigating the social desert, the emotional desert, this is a true wilderness for which no device like the cloudbuster can make any breakthrough. The social desert was created by the emotional plague, and is dominated by it. One has to proceed carefully, like walking in a swamp with crocodiles, who worm their way into vital social organizations and institutions.

What is needed is personal contacts with high-up officials who can open doors to funding and logistics, or alternatively, contacts with people of wealth, who can cut a sizeable donation check to our non-profit, to get things moving. We can then figure out our own logistics.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

In Defense of Wilhelm Reich:
Opposing the 80-year’s War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander
Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists

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