Reminder: James DeMeo’s Seminar: 12-13 August 2017, in Ashland, Oregon

Reminder: Forthcoming Seminar: 12-13 August 2017, in Ashland, Oregon, USA.

James DeMeo: My 45 Years of Scientific Investigations and Experimental Confirmations of Wilhelm Reich’s Sex-Economic and Orgone Biophysical Discoveries, with New Findings.

Dr. DeMeo will present the details on his past and present work in a series of PowerPoint Lectures and Demonstrations over the two days. There are additional pre- and post-Seminar events.
More details on this event, with Registration Weblinks, are given here:


Note from Dr. DeMeo:

The Seminar being offered on 12-13 August 2017 at the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory (OBRL) will be an overview of my work specifically confirming Reich, and the materials and discoveries I’ve made which add to the substance and structure of his original and undiluted Orgonomic Science. Here are some of the specifics I’ll be covering.

My work supports Reich’s original concepts of genitality, at the very time when some "Reichians" are compromising away that foundational discovery in favor of the Kinsey-oriented "genderism", which is decidedly anti-heterosexual, anti-child and anti-science. My work on Saharasia, conducted under peer-review at the University of Kansas back in the early 1980s, has already confirmed Reich’s clinical findings in what is still the very largest global cross-cultural study of human sexuality and family life ever to be undertaken. In so doing, the Saharasia investigation documented a widespread desert-formation event, a massive global climate change at c.4000 BCE which devastated emerging human societies, and which was the largest climate shift to have occurred since the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age. The great "drying up" of Saharasia was accompanied by a massive shift in human behavior, as recorded in the "stones and bones", and other human artifacts of that period. Those findings definitively answered what Reich called the "riddle of the origins of human armoring", what the scientific mainstream would call the "origins of war" question, and in so doing place his findings squarely in the center of large open questions within archaeology, history, ethnography, and of course, psychology and biology. A half-day will be devoted to this subject, foundational for orgonomy.

Over the years I’ve also replicated Reich’s foundational bion experiments, sufficient to inform myself and others that it is a serious discovery, worthy of further investigation by biologists and physicians. Laboratory seminars on this subject were hosted at my OBRL Institute for many years starting in the mid-1990s. A summary video of my work on those issues will be shown at the seminar.

My work on the orgone accumulator, with exceptionally good results on plant growth and the physical experiments Reich developed (To-T, Electroscopic discharge rates, GM-VACOR tubes, and similar), have repeatedly verified Reich’s original observations and conclusions. These experiments were undertaken using significantly improved measuring apparatus not available in Reich’s day, with comprehensive control procedures and protocols, making them "bulletproof" against conventional scientific criticism. The high-altitude and rural forested region at the OBRL facility already carries a strong but gentle energetic charge, and allows for construction of strong orgone accumulators, including what I believe is the only orgone energy darkroom West of the Mississippi. It will be open to Seminar guests to visit and experience.

I’ve also made several new breakthroughs, in discovering previously unknown and significant spectrographic reactions in distilled water when it is charged up inside a strong orgone accumulator. This has serious implications for, and answers many unresolved questions about "water structure", or "activated water". Such orgone-charged water, as I have already published and lectured about at several international mainstream conferences on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, gains a strong UV absorption and blue-glowing fluorescence that is not seen in control water samples. Similar phenomenon have been reported in the literature of chemistry and biology with respect to aqueous solutions of nucleic acids, DNA, the "molecules of life". These new findings, to be discussed and presented at the Seminar, indicate Reich’s discovery of the orgone is indeed an important centerpiece for understanding life, and living organisms.

Then of course, there is my significant work with the Reich cloudbuster over the decades, originally in a breakthrough study at the University of Kansas, then later more systematically in Arizona, and in practical drought-ending projects overseas in Israel and Namibia, with a 5-Year experimental program undertaken in desert-greening within the Horn of Africa region. These field experiments applying Reich’s discovery in a practical manner, oftentimes within extremely hyperarid "famine" environments, produced spectacular increases in rainfall in all cases, confirming the legitimacy of what is perhaps Reich’s most controversial invention.

In the latter part of the seminar, I will also address yet another major controversy in Reich’s work, his investigation of the UFO phenomenon. Reich used the term "Ea" or Energy-Alpha for the UFO, short for the primordial cosmic orgone energy which may provide an answer to the mysteries of gravitation, and even negative-g. Here, we venture into completely new territory, but there is much in Reich’s work on these subjects which is objective, empirical and scientific, and confirmed in my own observations. I’ll speak about my own UFO observations, a few of which occurred during cloudbusting operations, partially similar to what Reich reported in his last book Contact With Space. There are also new experiments in the planning at OBRL, and those will also be discussed.

All these issues will be addressed and covered in the forthcoming Seminar.

Taken together, Reich’s work on orgone energy, verified and expanded upon in my own investigations, places orgonomy at the center of pressing and unresolved natural scientific issues. While classical physics searches for a "unified field theory", with Reich’s orgonomy, we already have a set of common functioning principles and a very unifying orgonomic theory. Reich’s orgonomy thereby reaches across and affect many scientific disciplines with real, solid experiments and apparatus that have already benefited human societies where his findings were at least partially accepted, and not distorted away by "skeptics" or confused ebay trinket peddlers.

All this work has taken place with minimal support from my own income, and donations to the non-profit OBRL research fund. So your attendance at seminars, purchase of books, and donations, are always very much appreciated and necessary, to spread the knowledge, keep my research program going, and pay the bills. Note that my work proceeds entirely independent from any other orgonomic group or association.

I therefore invite everyone with a general curiosity or scientific interest in orgonomy, and in Reich’s original and undiluted discoveries, to come and attend my seminar, offered every two or three years. Newcomer or "old hand", you will find it of much interest, with the original findings of Reich being re-confirmed and expanded upon, without confused mixing with political, mystical or mechanistic ideas, as is too common today. We also offer an optional pre-seminar social gathering at the OBRL, and a post-seminar field trip to nearly Crater Lake National Park, with the bluest water in the world! For those wishing to have a vacation in the Pacific NW, this is an excellent opportunity to combine fascinating educational material within a beautiful forest region filled with natural wonders. Added to this is the forthcoming total eclipse of the Sun, which takes place across Northern Oregon one week after the seminar.

All the necessary details for registration, lodging and transport, with added descriptions of events and related material, are found on our "Events" webpage:

And if you can’t come but would like to support my work with a donation, go here, or contact me directly.

Hope to see you there,

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA
demeo (at) mind (dot) net

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

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