An Interview with James DeMeo, PhD

An Interview with James DeMeo, PhD

The following interview was conducted by email in 2011, by Sr. Jesús García Blanca, for the Spanish language magazine, Discovery DSalud. Here is the English original. If this material interests you, then consider to attend my forthcoming Seminar in Ashland, Oregon, on 12-13 August. Details are here:

Thanks to Sr. Garcia for his interest in my work.



Sr. Garcia: What education and qualifications do you have? What do you do now?

Dr. DeMeo: I studied Aerospace Technology and Environmental Science in the university, with an undergraduate degree in Environmental Science in 1973, from Florida International University. This was followed by additional work in Chemistry, and a break of several years from the university for a few years while I built up a company selling solar energy and wind-power devices. Later I returned to the university – I was always a better scientist and educator than businessman – with graduate work towards the PhD in Geography at the University of Kansas, specializing in Earth and Atmospheric Science. I focused upon Wilhelm Reich’s findings during this latter period of upper-level graduate study, and completed the first-ever academic Thesis and Dissertation accepted at a mainstream university which openly focused upon Reich’s discoveries. My work over that period involved testing of the orgone accumulator, the cloudbuster, and Reich’s sex-economic findings through a very ambitious global cross-cultural evaluation. New discoveries were made in all these efforts, beyond merely confirming Reich’s original findings.

My work today continues in that tradition, of natural scientific investigation and applications of Reich’s orgone-biophysical discoveries, as well as historical and social research on the sex-economic factors as they relate to the question of social violence and war.

Sr. Garcia: What is the meaning of Wilhelm Reich (WR) in your life and your work?

Dr. DeMeo: Reich was a central influence in my life. As a young man I was in rebellion, a musician in a rock-n-roll band with a lot of frustration and anger about the armored culture in which I grew up. After reading Reich, many things began to "click" in my thinking, and I sought out an orgone therapist who helped me to deal with and discharge that anger, and all the other bottled-up emotions which had muddled my thinking process and stood as a barrier to my work capacities. I then returned to my earlier childhood interests, of nature and science, and then on into the universities. I read voraciously in those years, everything by Reich I could lay my hands upon, and by other heretic scientists who had ideas similar to Reich’s. The therapy and my passion for Reich’s truth, for his discoveries, has been a core principle in my life-work.

Sr. Garcia: What is Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) and the projects which are developed there?

Dr. DeMeo: OBRL is a non-profit foundation I created during my university years, as a method to obtain private funding for my research, which was too controversial to gain support from the usual scientific foundations. It was my dream to develop a research center where I could openly undertake orgone biophysical research without harassment. As a university professor, I was always appreciated by those who took time to know me and investigate my findings, and for my teaching abilities. But some of the professors in other departments – usually the physicists – were always going crazy with outrage whenever Reich’s name was mentioned. I frequently became a lightning rod for a lot of academic outrage and attacks, and so it became imperative to find an outside method of support, which OBRL fulfills. Today, after many years of hard work, I’ve developed OBRL into a top-notch facility dedicated to orgone biophysical research and education in a rural area of SW Oregon, in the USA. In addition to research, we also publish books and a journal from here, and students come every year, from around the world, for my seminars focused upon Reich’s original and authentic discoveries. Nothing of Reich’s work is compromised here, nor diluted down with irrelevancies, political diversions or mystical evasions.

The projects undertaken here are firstly replication studies on Reich’s original claims and discoveries. I’ve been doing that since my years as a student, and have published many papers and books which provide excellent support for Reich. These include my cross-cultural investigations as summarized in the book Saharasia, showing Reich’s sex-economic theory has universal value in understanding and explaining the genesis of sadism in every world culture where it appears (ie, they are always founded upon child-abuse and repression of sexuality). That work also solved the riddle which Reich sought to answer, but never did, on the "origins of armoring" question. My other research has investigated and validated the existence of the orgone energy, or life-energy itself. The OBRL facility has many orgone accumulators, and also excellent top-notch analytical research equipment, allowing for evaluations which have documented the biological and physical effects of the orgone accumulator, and thereby the properties of the orgone energy itself. Over many years I’ve also made systematic studies of Reich’s cloudbuster device, originally in the university, but later in a series of ambitious field tests and applications, in both the USA and overseas. These have ranged from "simple" drought-abatement studies, to fully-developed desert-greening efforts in some of the harshest drylands on our planet – in Namibia, Israel, and the SE Sahara region. The documentation on all of this is extensive, found in my many publications, so I would refer people to my publications for the details. I can only summarize to say that Reich was fully correct in his claims about even this last body of research efforts.

Using OBRL as a institutional vehicle, I continue with this same kind of work today, also educating younger people in the exacting aspects of orgonomy.

Sr. Garcia: How do you think currently envisaged Reich’s work? Are you in contact with other professionals, institutions or persons working in that line?

Dr. DeMeo: I have personal contacts with many different workers in the field of orgonomy, but no formal membership in any of the various orgonomy organizations. I also have contacts with various mainstream natural scientists in the universities, where they have shown an interest in Reich and my own verification studies.

Sr. Garcia: What areas of knowledge do you think has his ideas been accepted? What about the approach of modern medicine?

Dr. DeMeo: There is no area of natural science or medicine, nor any other discipline, where I could say Reich has any widespread acceptance. But there are many individual scientists and academics who have a good attitude towards Reich, and curiosity about, if not open acceptance of his ideas. There are also, of course, those mainstreamers in the "skeptic societies" who react to Reich’s name, and my confirmation studies supporting Reich, with irrational anger and fanaticism. Fortunately, the worst of these people are now either dead or in the old-folks homes, and one does not have such a hard job anymore to convince the ordinary decent academic or scientist that Reich was treated unfairly. Proving to the honest skeptic that he was correct in his sex-economic or orgone biophysical findings is another matter, but if skepticism is rational and honest, one can usually convince the ordinary scientist that these are worthwhile subjects for research. But it remains a struggle, certainly. I know some university students and professors who continue to use pseudonym and to hide their interests in Reich, as they are afraid they may be expelled or suffer professionally because of it. I respect their desires to keep hidden, but personally could never do that. As a young student, I was too outspoken and energetic to engage in self-censorship. My work and name is today very publicly associated with Reich, and that is fine with me. It is a great privilege and responsibility.

Sr. Garcia: Do you think the U.S. health service (specially CDC and FDA) continued the same policies that led to destroy Reich and his work? Do you know of recent examples that can be compared with the Reich case?

Dr. DeMeo: The CDC was not in existence at the time of Reich’s suppression, but the FDA was of course central in this reprehensible action. They colluded, and continue to collude, with pharmaceutical companies, and with the larger MD-Hospital system: allopathic medicine and the AMA, the big medical journals and so on, who today enjoy a pathological monopoly in the treatment of disease. It is pathological for their patients, who are thereby steered away from treatment methods such as the orgone accumulator, but also vitamin therapy, herbal treatments and all kinds of nature-cures which appear based upon life-energy. But it is also pathological for the physicians, whose professional standing and wealth seems to rise in inverse proportion to the health of the nation. The better and decent physicians know this, and hate the situation, but they are trapped within the existing system, and constitute only a minority, unfortunately.

Sr. Garcia: Do you think that in future there will be radical changes of paradigms influenced by WR?

Dr. DeMeo: Already this is happening, albeit slowly. Today there is interest in the human energy field and things like "biophotons". Astrophysics speaks about the "interstellar medium" or "dark matter" which are conceptually similar in some respects to orgone energy. Scientists studying the physical chemistry of water and its "living" properties, observe anomalies, such as the "exclusion zone" field-effects near living membranes, which have no classical explanation but might be the result of bio-energy fields. Acupuncture and homeopathy both require some kind of unknown energy, and the term "energy medicine" is openly used today. Though rarely is Reich acknowledged as a primary influence.

I have hope, that the "children of the future" will some day openly study Reich within the universities, and his discoveries will eventually become the core curriculum for medical schools. Someday, his findings may help put an end to social pathology and wars, a final taming down of the emotional plague of mankind, after which – who knows – maybe orgone motors to power our cities and to propel new spacecraft out to the stars! So I have an optimistic feeling about the long-term future. I say long-term, because in the short-term, I am not so optimistic, observing the human species to be stuck in a trap, chronically limping from one social disaster to another. The only constant aspect is an evasion of the essential, especially the core findings of Reich which provide a doorway "out of the trap".


Forthcoming Seminar by James DeMeo, PhD, mid-August 2017

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