James DeMeo, Recent Seminar, and Download Interview with local Oregon Radio

James DeMeo, Recent Seminar, and Download Interview with local Oregon Radio

Thanks to all who attended my Seminar at OBRL, near Ashland, Oregon. About 30 people attended from all over the USA and a few from Canada. This included Mr. Dave Marett of Heliognosis, the company which makes the Experimental Life Energy Meter, and who gave a short talk on the science behind that device — originally invented by Wilhelm Reich, but greatly improved in the new solid-state version. Other guests included the local deer, who came by to investigate, poking their noses into the new outdoor-shelter lecture room.

The seminar topics will continue to be listed at our events webpage. Our next scheduled seminar will take place two or three years henceforth.

For those who could not attend, please consider purchase of my books, and those of Reich and others of similar topics, which can be found at Amazon (search "James DeMeo") and also from our on-line bookstore directly:

Also below is the web addresses for a podcast interview I had most recently with a local radio station. It was on the subject of my most recent book Marx Engels Lenin Trotsky: Genocide Quotes, The Hidden History of Communism’s Founding Tyrants, in their Own Words. I was also asked to give a final segment discussing my opposition to the current junk-science of "climate change", originally termed the "CO2 theory of global warming". Big problems with that, and no, the science is not settled, no matter how many films Al Gore makes.

Cheers, J.D.


James DeMeo Interview with Bill Meyer on KMED, RE: New Book "Marx Engels Lenin Trotsky: Genocide Quotes. The Hidden History of Communism’s Founding Tyrants, in their Own Words".

Download 08-09-17_WED_8AM 08-09-2017 (15.52 MB)

Duration: 41:09 m – Filetype: mp3

To purchase this book:

Local author James DeMeo talks with Bill Meyer about his book detailing the bloodthirsty statements of socialist and commie founders, also we dig into the climate change issue, James is a climate scientist.

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