Saharasia on Special Sale

Saharasia on Special Sale

For yourself or friends and family, after all the Christmas goodies are gone, give the Gift of Knowledge.

Saharasia proves in exacting detail how the human disaster of Emotional Armoring began, 6000+ years ago, and how over the long haul, it can be reversed. Based upon Wilhelm Reich’s discoveries, scientifically proving the global validity of his theory of human behavior, that social violence and war are fundamentally rooted in child abuse and sexual repression. Saharasia also documents the very largest global climate change to have occurred since the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, the great drying-up event which created the massive Saharasian Desert Belt. This major climate-shift created havoc within emerging human societies, converting their garden-like peaceful existence into hyperarid desert conditions of social violence and war. Passed on through generations of violence-created and violence-creating social institutions, the consequences of that ancient disaster can still be identified in contemporary human culture and geography.

Periodically I offer my large book Saharasia for a low price for both USA and international destinations, to clear out space in our storage room. We are now offering it for $12.95 per copy, plus a small shipping charge for anywhere in the USA (+$3.24). That is less than half the usual price of $34 as sold at our website, or $39 as sold on Amazon even if you qualify for their free-shipping option.

For international destinations shipping charges will have to be quoted and paid separately, after your order is placed, as our shopping cart system cannot calculate that. International shipping should be something around $12 or higher, which still beats the usual Amazon price. We use the PayPal cart system, which accepts any credit card, whether you are a PayPal member or not.

This low price is available only if you purchase from our on-line book and instrument store, Natural Energy Works
Look on the left-side column, it will be listed just below the Reich books.

Or you can go to this specific weblink to get it directly:

We also offer this book in larger quantities at the same price, with a special shipping quote, so booksellers or those wishing to give the gift of knowledge can use this as an opportunity to stock up.

Thanks for looking,

James DeMeo, PhD

Author of Saharasia and other books on scientific and historical orgonomy.
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab

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"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it."
– George Orwell

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