Announcement: New publication in Water journal

Announcement: New publication in Water journal

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my article
"Anomalous ‘Living’ Spectrographic Changes in Water Structures: Explorations in New Territory", in Volume 10 of Water: Multidisciplinary Research Journal.

The article summarizes work that began in 2009 investigating Reich’s phenomenon of orgonotic lumination in water, using spectrographic methods. It is a powerful confirmation of Reich’s late-period research on the nature of light, and how water can, under high orgonotic charge, be excited into a luminous condition.

The article is available either as an on-line page, or as a PDF download, as per the above link. It was submitted in March of this year, accepted in September, and published only a few days ago. The abstract is provided:


Unusual spectrographic signatures can be induced into water by radiant non-contact material-environmental influences. Far-ultraviolet (UV) absorption and near-UV/blue fluorescence properties were observed to appear in distilled water samples by charging inside the controversial Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulator (ORAC), where no chemical or material contacts were made between the charging ORAC device and the water being treated. Similar spectral absorbance and fluorescence reactions were identified in natural rainwater and snowmelt samples, being nearly identical in spectral properties to the ORAC-charged water samples. Spectral similarities, as found in other studies of water structure or activation – such as exclusion-zone (EZ) water samples, and in aqueous solutions of DNA – have also been identified. These repeating spectral absorbance and fluorescence similarities as found in such diverse experimental or natural influences, involving both direct physical contact and non-contact radiant induction, are postulated to indicate a substantive cosmic energy which infuses into favorably-exposed water. Widely-observed natural optical phenomena of a similar blue color, almost uniformly detected by spectral intensity measures suggestive of water-structure fluorescence reactions, but rarely considered as such, are also discussed. Examples include certain exceptionally blue mountain lakes, blue glowing atmospheres over certain mountain ranges, blue-glowing waters and hot springs with healing properties, and blue glacial ice blocks and snow holes, as observed under both direct sunlight and overcast conditions. Certain blue-glowing astrophysical phenomena are also considered, which take on a new light given the more recent discoveries on the abundance of water in the universe.

Feel free to share this announcement within your social media networks. The article is available for reading and download, without charge, as Water journal is open-access.

My personal thanks to the editorial board of Water, for their open reception of these new and controversial findings.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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