Please Support Orgonomic Science Research at the DeMeo Laboratory – December 2019, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab – OBRL

Please Support Orgonomic Science Research at the DeMeo Laboratory
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab – OBRL

A Personal Appeal from James DeMeo, PhD
1 December 2019 – Full Version

The OBRL Research and Educational Center

Dear Friends and Supporters of my research. In this letter I will solicit your support for my research efforts, as well as to educate about my most recent research and findings. I believe you will be interested to know about the research that is presented here, which has been made possible by generous donors over the many years.

Most Recent Research

Over the period of 2019, two major research publications of mine came to fruition, and were made available to the public. Both contained a significant discussion, and proofs from experimental laboratory research, on the question of cosmic energy.

In one of those publications, the history of mainstream astronomy in the context of the Cosmic Ether of Space was explored, notably from the research of the nearly unknown astronomer Dayton Miller, and shown to have great similarities, or functional identities, with the Cosmic Orgone or Life Energy of Wilhelm Reich. This included similar astronomical vectors associated with spiral-form motions, as presented in a new book:

The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science, Natural Energy Works, Ashland 2019.
Book Preview
Purchase from

That book reflected my accumulated knowledge from over 40+ years of study and research into both orgone biophysical and historical cosmic ether subjects.

My other major publication summarized several years of experimental spectroscopical study of water’s structural properties. Controlled experimental investigations were made into the influences of the orgone energy accumulator (ORAC) upon water, proving by the methods of optical spectroscopy, that the ORAC can induce distilled water into a higher state of excitation and structural organization. This excited state of water also yields a subtle blue-colored fluorescence, exactly as Wilhelm Reich spoke about with his term orgonotic lumination. This new discovery proceeded from a line of investigation I’ve been following since 2009.

Orgone charged water, I can say with confidence, firstly absorbs far ultra-violet (UV) radiation in a strong manner, and then fluoresces or luminates in the near-UV and blue frequencies. Furthermore, and here is where it becomes even more exciting, a similar spectrographic "signature" was discovered in the rainwater and snow-melt from strong Pacific Ocean storms, and by biologists in water-solutions of nucleic acids and DNA. These spectroscopical signatures are similar to those found by other scientists studying water’s unusual properties, such as by G. Pollack in his "EZ" Exclusion-Zone water discovery. The ORAC study was unique, however, in how it induces these spectrographic signatures into distilled water, without any direct physical contact to other materials or chemicals, as a radiant field effect. My findings thereby provide substantial proof that Reich’s life-energy, the orgone, has profound similarities to the very "molecules of life", and to basic physico-chemical forces which are at work in atmospheric processes, and in laboratory water-structure experiments.

A similar set of colors are seen in natural waters of both shallow depth (hot springs, glacial pools) and great depth (deep clear mountain lakes, deep oceans), as well as in glacier ice, or broken-off ice blocks. These examples for which I provided numerous photos, appear to refute the usual explanations of "Rayleigh light scattering", or "preferential red absorption" which dominate the mainstream discussions of such phenomena. I also presented arguments, with photos, that the same color-frequency of UV-blue is found in distant galaxies and surrounding other cosmic objects such as quasars, all of which are suggestive of cosmic orgone energy, and possibly also of water. I asked the open question:
Do we live in an Energetic Water Universe?

That publication, in 40 pages with multiple color images and graphs, was subjected to a rigorous peer-review and published in the journal Water. A copy of it can be downloaded from the following weblink:

"Anomalous Living Spectrographic Changes in Water Structures: Explorations in New Territory". Water Journal, Volume 10, p.41-81.

My lecture (in absentia) and PowerPoint on this subject to the 12th Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water, October 2017 in Sofia Bulgaria, is also available as a video.

These new works add fuel to the controversy, that too much of mainstream astrophysical theory, as well as the physical theories of physical- and bio-chemistry, are flatly wrong or significantly incomplete, even as the basic empirical discoveries of astronomy, space science, physics and biology remain intact. We must distinguish between facts, and theories about facts, as Reich stated.

These recent findings thereby further elevate Reich’s stature as the scientific pioneer and genius he was, but it is not the first time my work has verified Reich’s research findings, at a high level of scientific inquiry. Below I will recount my work over the past decades, with a final section at the bottom on "Research at OBRL Today and Tomorrow"
If you already know about my past research, then skip down to that section below.

Past Research Efforts

Some of you will know, I was the first university student to earn a PhD degree from a mainstream university where Reich’s research was openly investigated. That was at the University of Kansas (KU), where I made a 2-year investigation of Wilhelm Reich’s cloudbuster device, through the Geography-Meteorology Department. That study provided strong evidence that the device actually worked, showing a strong peak in rainfall across the entire State of Kansas within 24 hours after onset of operations.

I undertook another major project at KU, to earn the PhD degree, a multi-year cross-cultural and geographical investigation which powerfully confirmed Reich’s sex-economic theory of human violence, with multiple new findings. An early period of peaceful human existence was documented in world regions of emerging ancient human cultures and civilizations. Wet and lush, garden-like conditions prevailed across those regions, conditions which were to utterly vanish within a few hundred years, with the onset of a generally ignored but major climate-change towards persisting drought and desert-formation at c.4000-3500 BC. It was the largest climate change to occur since the end of the Pleistocene Ice Age, turning the large territory of Saharasia (North Africa, Middle East, Central Asia) from a well-watered grassland-forest into bone-dry and hyperarid desert. Maps of various cultural indicators for infant-trauma, sex-repression, social violence and organized warfare were produced, affirming one of Reich’s most central findings on their positive correlations, and proving out their causal nature by geographical mapping methods. That work integrated the evidence from several major disciplines – archaeology, history, ethnography, climatology and geography – in a location-specific timeline methodology that was unique to my study. That body of work was, and still is, the largest global cross-cultural study of human sexuality and family life, with related correlates to social violence and war, that had ever been undertaken. Those findings were foundational and explosive, powerfully confirming Reich’s sex-economic clinical and social observations, and even more controversial than the cloudbuster study. My findings were published as summary articles in several mainstream academic journals, and later in a major book:

Saharasia: The 4000-3500 BC Origins of Child Abuse, Sex-Repression, Warfare and Social Violence, In the Deserts of the Old World.
1998, with new 2nd Edition in 2006, containing an "Update on Saharasia" appendix.

Both these studies were controversial. Many will know, I survived as a young professor teaching at major universities for about ten years, even as the well-funded and organized “skeptic groups” put me in their cross-hairs, for violent slander attacks nearly as bad as what Reich experienced, except I was never “investigated” by the FDA nor dragged into courtrooms for my controversial research findings. I also had been studying other 20th-Century scientific pioneers whose work was suggestive of a cosmic energy similar to Reich’s orgone, such as Harold Burr, Giorgio Piccardi, Frank Brown, Dayton Miller and others, writing various articles that argued for the similarities (and differences) between them.

In 1989, with immense public slander and dirty-tricks hurled in my direction, including a death threat, hounding my work and personal existence, I went independent and moved to California, struggling for another four years to build up my own private institute, the non-profit Orgone Biophysical Research Lab. An affordable property was located in the old-growth forested Greensprings region of rural Southwest Oregon, with similar strong and sweet orgonotic qualities as Reich found at his Orgonon, in the forests of rural Maine.

I wrote the popular Orgone Accumulator Handbook, now into its 3rd edition, educating a new generation of young people on the facts of Reich’s basic life-energy discovery. It includes plans for building simple orgone accumulators and blankets, and sound guidance on their usage. A new journal was started, Pulse of the Planet, by which to report on my new findings, given a growing Academic blacklisting and a general erasure and black-out which descended upon my work.

My research with the Reich cloudbuster continued since the years at KU, and with help from volunteers, major droughts were ended in Illinois, the Southeast USA, the Midwest and in California. However, no institutional support was ever given to my research on this subject until after going independent. With a kind donation from a close friend, Louis Hochberg, for whom the Hochberg Awards program was set up, a major systematic study of the cloudbuster on pre-determined dates was undertaken in the American Southwestern deserts. That study showed a distinct rainfall-doubling effect over a broad territory, encompassing Southeast California, Southern Nevada and all of Arizona – once again proving the cloudbuster’s influence was exceptional, beyond anything possible through the usual cloudseeding methods. I presented lectures about that project to major scientific groups, such as the Association of American Geographers, and Association for Arid Lands Studies, which produced little more than an alarming disinterest. While my lectures on Saharasian climate changes and the cloudbuster were routinely published and presented in scientific forums, a growing hostility was palpable, which was another reason for my going into private research.

With spreading word about the results of my experimental work, and continued support from volunteers and kind donors, I was invited by the government of Israel to end a major drought there. The next year, another invitation came from the government of Namibia, stimulated by friends who knew of my research, to help put an end to an extended serious drought and a threatened famine condition. In both cases, of Israel and Namibia, application of Reich’s methods resulted in a quick end – within about 10 days of work – to serious, multi-year droughts.
Shortly thereafter, I was asked to lead a team into the Horn of Africa, into Eritrea specifically, to apply Reich’s methods against a serious 30-year drought situation, which had led to a situation of agricultural and economic desperation, mitigated only by international food aid. Our team applied the Reich methods and within a week, almost as a miracle, the skies began to fill with heavy clouds and downpours of rain followed. The long drought was ended. The Eritrean government then invited me to return, on mutual agreement, for a 5-year project and evaluation, after which a public presentation to the scientific community would be made on the results.

From 1994 through 1999, that project was undertaken, with the results of excellent rains spreading over the entire region. Flows down the Nile River were increased such that by 1998, Lake Nasser behind the Aswan High Dam in Egypt began to fill for the first time since its construction in the mid-1960s. Lake Nasser eventually was filled to over-flowing, with excess waters shunted out its spillways into the open Sahara Desert, where five gigantic new lakes were created in formerly barren dry desert depressions – the Toshka Lakes. With continued overflow from Lake Nasser, those lakes grew so large one could not see across them to the other side, and Egypt later exploited them for farming. While a regrettable war situation developed shortly thereafter between Eritrea and Ethiopia, forcing an end to our project, the results were overwhelmingly spectacular, and constituted a major proof of Reich’s methods and genius. Today, unfortunately, the Toshka Lakes are nearly dried up, as the wonderful increase in rains over the period of our work in Eritrea ended two years after the last operations ended. The region has today returned to episodic drought and war-chaos. But you can still see remnants of the Toshka Lakes on Google Earth, or in recent articles on the subject.

I wrote reports and articles on all these projects, some circulated to agricultural organizations, to the United Nations Environmental Program, to academics studying problems in droughts and deserts, and few claimed "open minded" politicians or activist billionaires with a reputation for "caring". I also published articles and gave lectures on the subject at different scientific-scholarly societies, providing robust data analysis of their results to prove out the exact dates when the experimental work began, and when atmospheric changes and onset of rains occurred. The social reactions to all these efforts, with few exceptions, was one of disbelief, silent back-turning and walking away, or outright hostility bordering on violent emotional explosions. And the ones who responded favorably were already under attack and isolated without funding for their own projects, given related controversies (ie, that desert-dust transport could trigger droughts at a great distance). After spending much of the 1990s doing such hard and difficult field work, and with few exceptions, I retired from the cloudbusting – excepting for mostly failed efforts to raise funds for a multi-year project against the severe USA California and Southwest droughts, which seem to endlessly recur.

Published reports on all these drought-abatement and desert-greening efforts were published in our own in-house journal, Pulse of the Planet.

Even before this period of international work in some of the world’s most stagnated droughty and desert regions, I always focused upon high-level experimental replications of Reich’s laboratory findings on the orgone accumulator and the orgone energy itself. In this direction, efforts at the new OBRL facility in Oregon allowed for improvements not previously possible. Over that entire 40+ years, I undertook new experimental efforts, bullet-proof from classically-known objections, confirming Reich’s findings, with many of my own new findings, as given below:

* A new water evaporation-suppression and humidity effect was documented in the orgone accumulator that was not present in control experiments.

* A replication of Reich’s basic bion experiments, with color microphotographs that were later shown to an International Symposium on Pleomorphism, with published paper and YouTube video.

* The slight warming, thermal anomaly in the orgone accumulator, Reich’s To-T experiment which was the center subject of his contact with Einstein, was approached in a new experimental protocol, proving it was a real effect and no artifact. The To-T effect always stood as a challenge to the 2nd Law of thermodynamics, and my work proved it out in ways more robust and bullet-proof to the usual criticisms than the prior good studies, revealing its central relationship to orgonotic lumination produced by the Sun, but not to daily temperature variation.

* Reproductions of the electroscopical discharge anomaly, wherein a static electroscope is slowed in its discharge rate inside an orgone accumulator with open door, by comparison to a cardboard box with open door. The electrical density inside the accumulator is stronger than in open air, or inside other non-accumulating enclosures, even when the doors are left open for free air circulation.

* Reproduction of the vacuum-GM effect, wherein a Geiger-counter tube soaked in an orgone accumulator would yield variations in its count-activity, by comparison to an uncharged one. My work on this used specialized neutron-counting GM apparatus, thereby suggesting a relationship between orgone energy to the neutron, as the possible “glue” for atomic nuclei.

* I also made the first photos of a blue-glowing VACOR tube since Reich’s time, finding also they could be brought to lumination point merely by stroking with the hand. One electrophysicist who visited the OBRL and witnessed this effect declared “That Can’t Happen!”

* A three year study of orgone-charged mung beans showed they would sprout more quickly and to longer lengths than an un-charged group of beans from the same source, with an approximate 40% growth increase.

* I’ve also undertaken small experimental and historical investigations along the lines of the old ether-drift experiments. A sensitive GPS device was evaluated at OBRL over several years, indicating its “drift error” was something systematic, related to geographical and cosmical coordinates. Several of my research papers re-evaluating the early ether-drift experiments, showing many of them did in fact detect a cosmic ether, have been published. Notably, I have shown how the variations in those ether-drift experiments yield results fully congruent with Reich’s cosmic coordinate system as published in his milestone work Cosmic Superimposition.

Several of my new books have also been published in recent years, beyond Saharasia and the Orgone Accumulator Handbook, often with an historical outlook.

* In Defense of Wilhelm Reich: Opposing the 80-Years’ War of Mainstream Defamatory Slander Against One of the 20th Century’s Most Brilliant Physicians and Natural Scientists
* Marx Engels Lenin Trotsky: Genocide Quotes. The Hidden History of Communism’s Founding Tyrants, in their Own Words. This work was produced as a warning to contemporary “Reichians” who often seem more Marxist than Reichist, as well as to youth culture who too-frequently carry the alarming and fully ignorant sentiment that “Communism is Cool”. It exposes shocking materials which Wilhelm Reich did not know about during his early Marxist period, but which he began to ascertain only during his American period of work, when he became a vocal anti-communist.

Where to review my research publications?

The reader can find the citations to my many publications, with weblinks to obtain free downloads of most articles, and book previews, at this webpage:
My various books and other for-sale publications, can be obtained from our own on-line bookstore, Natural Energy Works:

My publications are also presented on the two big academic research websites, with similar download links:
However, people often complain they are too complicated in presentation, requiring to join them for full access. So my above weblink,
while lacking bells and whistles in a simple presentation, may be easiest.

Beyond all the above work and activities organized through the OBRL – the overseas expeditions at drought-relief, the laboratory experiments, the publishing of new books and articles, giving lectures at scientific conferences – a series of summer educational seminars was launched during the 1990s and attended by many professionals and young students alike. Up to three weekend seminars and a guided independent study program were offered each summer at OBRL over many years. Invited guest lectures were also given at OBRL by others in scientific or medical orgonomy, and on related matters the list would be too long to easily summarize. Today, these seminars are restricted to one weekend summer event every two years at OBRL.

I’ve also created a YouTube channel, as a means of public education and standing up to the “skeptic clubbers”. Several educational videos composed at my laboratory, as well as lecture videos, are found there.

Research at OBRL Today and Tomorrow

My work is now primarily devoted to laboratory research, writing and lecturing when the opportunity presents itself. But all this new work is limited by the absence of funding. Mainstream Mandarins dominate science funding and institutional access, and independent scientific efforts, especially when controversial, get nothing in the way of support from the usual science foundations and institutions.

This is why today I am once again reaching out for donor-support of my ongoing and new research and investigations. This appeal is not oriented towards emergency cloudbusting work, as I have made in the past, but rather for support of new and continuing laboratory research, now underway and planned for the future at OBRL.

Allow me to briefly discuss that work, which is most exciting and important. Already above I have detailed two major projects just completed, the new Water Spectroscopic research, and the new Dynamic Ether book. Beyond those:

1. I continue to investigate the subject of spectroscopy and how the orgone accumulator can affect the optical characteristics of water and open air. New spectrographic equipment is sorely needed to make broader investigations, to supplement the excellent equipment already used for the water-structure findings. An effort is currently underway attempting to identify the spectral characteristics of open air, inside and outside of the orgone accumulator, to see if the orgone energy in the atmosphere can be identified by its optical characteristics, much as we can sometimes see it with our eyes. This requires a completely different set of instrumentation.

2. An effort was also initiated some years ago, a replication of Reich’s orgone motor. Along that line, over decades I experimentally confirmed many foundational studies on atmospheric electricity and similar factors, even reproducing some of the old Tesla experiments. With some disappointment, I also reviewed the larger subject of “free energy”, finding most of the claims to be over-estimated or poorly documented. I’ve my own rather unique approach to these issues, derived from both the Dayton Miller findings on cosmic ether, and Wilhelm Reich’s findings on cosmic orgone energy. Both provide for new approaches to what has historically been termed, with some misunderstanding in my view, the "Zero Point Vacuum Fluctuation". There is no vacuum, per so. Space is filled with energy, and it is not difficult to demonstrate this experimentally. As so I have done for many years. It is possible to obtain electrical power from the vacuum, as well to elucidate the question of gravity, what it is, how it functions, from these new ether-orgone viewpoints.

I’ve acquired several of the old spinner motors Reich used in his original orgone motor experiments. And in related studies, the phenomenon of gravitation as Reich detailed in a few of his last publications, is under renewed experimental investigation. Already several "gravitator" devices have been successfully produced, showing significant motional characteristics, following lines of investigation started by both Reich and T.T. Brown in the 1950s. Motional effects have already been documented, and at some point, a preliminary report will be issued.

The future will also bring forth a long delayed book on my cloudbusting experiments, and the controlling nature of the Saharasian Desert Belt on global climate. This is an important correction against the modern-day mechanistic views about "global warming" being created by CO2 increases. Also delayed but still planned for the future, my “Saharasia Since 1900” book. An abundance of new research findings has taken precedence in recent years, allowing less time for writing than is desired. But these also are on-track and not forgotten.

I hope you will join with me in this quest and adventure, helping to fund the research, to attend my seminars, and to purchase and enjoy the books and research materials as are periodically offered to the public, as many of you have in the past. You can get on our mailing list to keep abreast of new findings and events. This is available through the weblinks and pop-up window on all my webpages. The mailing list is not a discussion group, to eat up your time, but an occasional one-way notification channel from OBRL to you, and we never share our email lists with anyone.

Your Support is Necessary, Critical, and Much Appreciated

Today I ask those who are able to make a donation, to help fund my research and sustenance of the good work being undertaken at OBRL. If everyone reading this could give a $50 or $100, or greater donation, based upon the several thousand people on my mailing lists, that would bring a sum sufficient for OBRL needs over several years into the future, and all immediate necessary equipment needs would be met. Again, all donations to OBRL this time will be fully reserved for research here at my institute in Oregon, and not for field work anywhere else. OBRL also has no regular employees taking a salary, and the lab building is located on my private property. So OBRL has no property tax to pay, and achieves quite a lot with less than most other non-profits with high administrative overhead. Your donations go directly to equipment and other research-related necessities.

OBRL is a 501-c-3 non-profit research and educational foundation, approved by the IRS for tax-deductible donations. Please make your donation as soon as possible, for funding of this important research, and also consider to include OBRL into your will or testament.

You can donate by using our on-line webpage:
There you can use your credit card to make a donation, through the PayPal system which does not require membership to use their service. They also allow recurring payments, where your monthly donation would be very helpful and appreciated.

Checks or money-orders can also be made out to "Orgone Biophysical Research Lab", or simply “OBRL”, and sent to the following postal address:
PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA

Also consider to make a bequest in your will to OBRL.

Contact me directly if you have questions or wish to make a donation by bank-wire.

And for this Christmas-holiday season, consider to give the gift of knowledge, and purchase our books, for your gift-giving. Or, get them for your post-Christmas gift to yourself. You can get them from our own on-line bookstore, Natural Energy Works:
A separate list of our in-house book offerings, with cover photos, is also given here:

And for international customers, they are all found on the Amazon network of international stores or from often for free shipping. They are also carried on other large on-line bookstores, or can be special ordered at most street-side bookstores.

Please share this email with your friends and social networks.

Thanks for your generosity and considerations.

James DeMeo, PhD

Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
Ashland, Oregon, USA
e-mail: demeo(at)mind(dot)net

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