Confirmed Covid “Cases” dramatically increase as Confirmed Covid Deaths decrease or remain stable.

Confirmed Covid “Cases” dramatically increase as Confirmed Covid Deaths decrease or remain stable.

Below are two graphs showing the numbers of “confirmed daily Covid19 cases” and “confirmed daily Covid19 deaths” for the world, and for the USA only:


USA Only:

The red line shows the confirmed daily Covid19 case numbers, zooming up to the top of the graphs. The black lines at the very bottom are the respective confirmed daily Covid19 death numbers, which remain very low, in a gradual decline.

Go to this weblink to see the original graph, which must be adjusted for the USA, or for the world or any individual nation, using the “change country” link at the bottom of the graph.

As I’ve documented and written about many times, referencing articles and videos from other professionals (notably on my Facebook page, the public hysteria about increasing daily Covid cases is unwarranted, as it is not reflected meaningfully in the increasing daily deaths. Today for the USA, 5 July, there are 45,212 “new confirmed cases”, but only 242 “new confirmed deaths”, which is around one-half of one percent – a figure that, while very low, actually should be much lower given the CDC’s and WHO’s chronic unscientific inclusion of all sorts of deaths from other causes into the “covid” category. Now, that’s tragic for those deaths, but this low and declining number of deaths was fully expected, though it is being widely distorted in the politically-charged news media. The Covid death numbers were further artificially amplified by new CDC/WHO Covid definitions, just a few weeks ago.

The “cases” reflect people testing positive for Covid but who were largely infected months ago, and never showed any signs of illness and who remained asymptomatic. They are today immune and not infecting other people. A small peak in deaths occurred from March through early May, which is reflected in a growth and decline of both case and death numbers. After early May, an ambitious and accelerating program of Covid testing began, and so the numbers of “cases” increased dramatically. However, this was not reflected in any “second peak” of deaths. Nevertheless, media and medicine are not mentioning the confirmed daily Covid deaths anymore, as the daily “case” numbers can be more easily abused to scare people into a panic, and order up more lockdowns and psychological terrorism. The facts are, we have already reached herd immunity, and none of the public mandates for lockdowns, masking and distancing was ever scientifically justified. The new spate of lockdown orders is due to government ignorance and/or power-drunkenness, in an effort – like Antifa and BLM rioters – to wreak havoc and destroy the nation. An Emotional Plague! Share widely.

James DeMeo, PhD

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“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”
– George Orwell

One Response to “Confirmed Covid “Cases” dramatically increase as Confirmed Covid Deaths decrease or remain stable.”

  1. donbill2013 Says:

    Jim, That’s all great good news. I’ll shout it from the rooftops. Time to make piles of masks and have bonfires. The OBRL-News Blog needs to go mainstream. You need a publicist! Not me.



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