Banned Doctor’s Covid19 & HCQ-Therapy Video

The Banned Doctor’s Covid19 & HCQ-Therapy Video

The banned doctor’s Covid19 & HCQ-therapy video is now available on Bitchute.
20 million views internationally, before the internet giants erased and banned it. Hopefully it won’t be censored on the Bitchute platform, which is known for its independence and honoring of the First Amendment.

The major message of these front-line physicians offers hope to the world on the use of Hydroxychloroquine+zinc+azithermycin (HCQ) therapy, which makes the social hysteria, lockdowns and masking totally unnecessary. No need to wait for some super-expensive med or unproven risky vaccines either. The lockdowns can end today.

Since yesterday, aside from deletion of all mentions of their press conference, their private websites were deleted, and it appears they are personally being threatened in serious ways, headed for professional destruction. Finally, a secure link to yesterday’s briefing was available, and I’ve linked to it above, on BitChute. There now is a second video, the same group of physicians responding to yesterday’s massive censorship.

Very essential to review.

Meanwhile, here are three excellent new peer-reviewed papers showing the great benefits of the HCQ+ therapy.

Outcomes of 3,737 COVID-19 patients treated with hydroxychloroquine/ azithromycin and other regimens in Marseille, France: A retrospective analysis

Clinical Efficacy of Chloroquine derivatives in COVID-19 Infection: Comparative meta-analysis between the Big data and the real world

Treatment with hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and combination in patients hospitalized with COVID-19

More details on these same issues are regularly posted to my FB page, where it appears I am already shadow-banned for doing so.
Few other effective alternatives exist, except for my private newsletters, which I will use to post out occasional items on this serious situation

There is much more at stake here than merely the issues regarding HCQ therapy, going to the heart of American freedom of speech and government toleration of such bald censorship. There is the power-drunken nature of the mostly-Democrat Party politicians, who have weaponized the Covid19 issues in hopes to garner even more power in the forthcoming November elections. Their allied left-media also censors truth and fact in favor of election manipulation and censorship. Coincidental to this, we already now have neighborhood spy systems being established, and in some regions, special Orwellian “social ambassadors” – your neighborhood plague characters given a badge and a gun, and a generous salary – are enforcing masking, distancing, and are empowered to arrest offenders or shut down their businesses, to force dissenting individuals or groups into isolation and obedience.

When the new Fauci-Gates vaccines come out, complete with tracking tech imbedded within them, such “ambassadors” will force them onto the unwilling, and by internet-giant tracking systems, the disobedient who are skeptical of the virus-hysteria will be blocked from participating in American society – blocked from public events or going into large stores, banks, airliners or trains, banned from social media, etc. – much as the “social credit scores” are already used in China to punish those dissenting against communism. Already the big internet firms, such as FB, Google and Twitter, gather such information on everyone by which to develop such a system, which is today used in their system of shadow-banning – tomorrow, they have additional social-control/censorship plans. The fears of yesterday, dismissed as “conspiracy theory”, are today being implemented, and there is no example more clear about this than how these dissenting physicians are being subjected to public censorship and vilification by the political Leftists.

Censorship of truth and facts, and perpetuation of public hysteria for lockdowns, masking, etc., are necessary to keep Americans obedient and docile. The lie-filled attacks on HCQ therapy, and attempts to erase anyone saying otherwise, no matter what their professional expertise, is a step towards discrediting of Trump and others who supported HCQ treatment. And from that comes the hope that all the Covid deaths can be blamed upon Trump and his supporters, leading to a big Democrat Party win in November. They openly say it! The system of public hysteria, forced lockdowns, masking and other obedience-control features have become a curse upon American society, wrecking the economy and leading to their own serious emotional and somatic pathologies, far worse than the claimed Covid19 “pandemic”. And so these dissenting doctors and other professionals, scientists and physicians who speak out in opposition to the “official truth” (or “official medical quackery”) must be silenced.  And if American citizens and professionals do not find their own voices to speak out and act against such draconian anti-freedom measures, and to support those who stand up and speak Truth to power, they just might succeed.

James DeMeo, PhD

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