Two Videos Exposing the Dangers of Lockdowns, and the Entire Covid19 hysteria.

Two Videos Exposing the Dangers of Lockdowns, and the Entire Covid19 hysteria.

Here are two must-see videos, well worth the time.

WSJ Op-Ed: The Failed Experiment of COVID-19 Lockdowns
This first video of around 6 minutes is by a statistical expert Donald Luskin, who tracked human mobility using cell phone data, to gauge how “isolated” people have been inside their homes during the “lockdown pandemic”. Before Covid19, location data on cell phones showed tremendous movement from place to place. During lockdowns, they showed an intense pattern of static non-movement inside people homes. Those “mobility” data were then compared to Covid cases and deaths. When the different states were segregated according to strict lockdowns verus no lockdowns, a clear pattern emerged. Those states with the harshest lockdowns and lowest mobility, as in New York, had the worst record of cases and deaths, while those states avoiding lockdowns, even with moderate measures regarding indoor masking (or without) such as Florida or Georgia, did much better. The printed version of his findings appeared on the webpage of the Wall Street Journal (for subscribers only), but a video interview with the author covers the basics.  (Click on the url, not the picture)

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SARS-CoV2 and the Rise of Medical Technocracy
This second video, of nearly an hour, is a lecture by physician Lee Merritt, MD, at a Las Vegas medical conference of Covid dissenters, presenting evidence that Covid19 hysteria and deception are driving everyone into panic and self-destructive, even deadly behavior. She exposes the war against public health in which modern medicine (and dentistry) enjoy a state-imposed near monopoly, and almost unitary parroting voice of a manufactured “official truth”. By pharmaceutical links to mainstream media and internet giants, they are able to routinely censor out and erase the voices of those who expose fraud, deceit and error in medicine and science, or whose discoveries threaten existing toxic and lucrative “medicines”.  (Click on the url, not the picture)

I rarely suggest such long videos, but this one is excellent, covering a lot of territory, exposing unethical authoritarianism, financial looting of the US Treasury, and tyranny within the “expert” class of medical/scientific technicians. I learned of this video from the Dr. Mercola website (articles dot mercola dot com) which is widely censored by FB and Twitter, as are many, many other medical websites that disagree with the “official truth” deceptions of Covid.

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“First, Do No Harm” — Hippocrates *

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil; God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” — Dietrich Bonhoeffer **

* Physicians oath, regrettably no longer required in many (or most) medical schools.

** Priest in Nazi Germany, who dared to speak out against the Nazis, and was arrested, imprisoned, tortured and executed.

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James DeMeo, PhD

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