The Fire Situation Near OBRL

The Fire Situation Near OBRL
James DeMeo, PhD
Director of OBRL, Ashland, Oregon, USA
13 September 2020

Four people arrested for INTENTIONALLY starting blazes as wildfires rage.

Thanks to all who inquired about my personal safety and conditions at the OBRL center in rural Oregon. The OBRL Center was never threatened directly with fire, but I am definitely NOT "OK" with the social situation that led to such massive arson wildfires so close to us, and more widely across the Western USA.

Close to OBRL, one major fire, the Almeda Fire, roared north from Ashland on Tuesday Sept 8th, and within a few hours had consumed most of the small towns of Talent and Phoenix, then pushing on north into the outskirts of Medford. Then a second big fire, the Obenchain fire, spread out across a big area north of Howard Prairie Reservoir, consuming mostly scrub and grassland, along with many additional homes.
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These fires were quite a distance from the OBRL headquarters, which is about 20 miles outside of Ashland, in the mountains, and about the same distance from the fires.

The fires were started by arsonists, with one multiple-offender in custody. The first arson was started in North Ashland, and a body was found at that scene, with investigations continuing. A second hot-spot was started by the arrested arson suspect near Phoenix, a few miles to the north.

Perhaps a dozen police arrests were made for arson-set fires from WA to CA on that same day, giving the appearance of coordinated arson attacks. There were no weather events taking place, no thunderstorms or similar that could result in fires from lightning strikes.

Series of wildfires on the West Coast may be “coordinated and planned” attack

‘Antifa are thrilled to hear this’: Portland police ask protesters not to start blazes amid statewide wildfire emergency

ISIS Claims Escalating Use of Wildfire Arson as Terror Tactic

Some have asked me about cloudbusting as a means to oppose such wildfires. This has limited possibilities. I’ve done such work before, with help from my associates, on the Oakland Hills wildfire in 1991, and also the Yellowstone Park wildfire in 1988. Both were ended with good unforecasted rains in the first case, and a "surprise snowstorm" in the second case. However in both instances, the cloudbuster devices were at the ready in optimal locations to oppose the worst of the strong winds fanning the flames, and consequently much could be done. This was not possible in the most severe of West Coast situations. My publications discuss such past efforts in detail.

In the case of the Almeda and Obenchain fires, a persisting high pressure with intensive southerly-desert winds existed. At the time I was in central Oregon not able to respond in any timely manner, and the fires blocked my ability to return home except by great detours over back roads. The Almeda fire was largely exhausted and put out by fire-fighters on the following morning, after immense damage was already done.

Overall cloudbusting to end wildfires is risky business, as any quick solution towards rain-making can bring winds which spread the fires over larger areas, and puts the lives of local people and the fire crews at risk. It is possible, however, to calm down the winds which are feeding the fires, if one knows how to do it, and has the proper equipment, and is located in a position where one might be able to accomplish that task (ie, directly upwind). A longer-term approach is to work against droughts before they become severe and prone to rapid conflagration by fire.

The best drought-abatement procedures are to start at the edge of a drought zone, before any conflagration, slowly bringing in moist air towards the core of the drought region, using a transportable cloudbuster. However, those are generally large projects requiring considerable funding and logistical support to accomplish such a task. Given the lack of public support — or outright hostility to such efforts — such ambitious efforts are rarely undertaken. My dream, of 40 years ago, to set up a "Drought Emergency" program, a kind of "Cloudbuster Fire Department" organization, for ending droughts and combating persisting wildfires, was never able to assemble the necessary funding, in spite of many successes where I led teams of skilled volunteers, even being invited overseas to apply the methods as developed by Reich. Today, the number of people who truly know Reich’s work, and don’t distort it, are few, a vanishing breed.

One major obstacle has always been the Reich-haters, sometimes posturing as "Reich supporters", who ignore and distort his findings and thereby apply the cloudbusting methods with great error and either no results, or disastrous results. By my general estimate, there are around 10 different unskilled and arrogantly ignorant cloudbuster operators on the West Coast, people who haven’t the foggiest idea of what they are doing, and yet have built multiple cloudbuster-type devices, often with the mission to "repulse demons" in their heads, or to "fight chemtrails", and to heck with any bad influences upon the weather. These people use devices I call "cloud killers". When they set up a network of such gadgets, drought and wildfire is not far behind. Today, they even steal Reich’s terms, calling their gadgets "cloudbusters", and their related pyramid-puck ornaments "orgone accumulators". From YouTube, I also found fully ignorant people who boast of having 20 or so different "sort-of" cloudbuster-type devices and people in their "networks" within California alone, claiming to be "ending droughts all over" at the very time serious drought and fires wer gripping California. The most obvious mistakes in unskilled and error-prone "cloudbuster" activity is to increase the spread and severity of drought, rather than ending drought.

In any case, I’ve already written about such problems here:

While the OBRL Center was not directly affected by this wildfire, we are prompted by it to upgrade the existing fire-safe defensive measures on the property. Meanwhile, the levels of social chaos, and of insane or politically-motivated arsonists is not going to vanish anytime soon. Wise people will prepare for it.

3 Responses to “The Fire Situation Near OBRL”

  1. Lewis Seigel Says:

    You have “shadow blocked” me from your facebook page.
    You obviously cannot tolerate rational criticism.
    Unblock me and I will reconsider my 20k$ contribution to your work.

    • obrlnews Says:

      Mr. Seigel,
      My materials on FB go into serious matters, and rarely do I block people. But if that’s the case, there is no record I could review to understand why that was. Generally it is when people promote Holocaust or Gulag denial, Hitlerism, Stalinist apologetics, or unproven and socially destructive things like chemtrails, 911 “truther” claims, no moon landings, etc. I try to keep things on a strong scientific level, based upon evidence presented. Note that my FB page is entirely shadow-banned by FB due to controversial material that the FB editors don’t like — as if science is advanced by silencing serious opposing voices. People often tell me they cannot find my FB page, even though they are “friended” or followers. So the problem might be with FB, or something between us from some time back.
      I note you have, from our records, made a few smaller donations to OBRL, and I again thank you for that, but know I would never compromise the work I do on the basis of money offers. I stuck with the facts as a university professor, and paid a heavy price for it, decades ago, and have no regrets about it. Having said that, if you wish to give our discussions another try, send me a new FB friend request and it will be approved. We can go forward from there. Sincerely, James DeMeo, PhD

      • lewis seigel Says:

        Your prodigious literacy… truly gifted. Thanks for responding so generously. I had commented on the little mask burning vid… You bid my potty mouth goodbye and I was no longer able to enter the site. We touched on freedom peddling as well. On the one occasion I met Courtney Baker at the NYU class series on Orgonmy we parted with his admonition of “Cheers.” L

        Sent from my iPad


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