COVID LIES AND HYSTERIA – Once again, while covid testing and “cases” soar dramatically, confirmed covid deaths remain at a very low level, no different from mid-May until the present. The two graphs below spell out in detail the actual CDC data, without hysterical misinterpretations. Click on the top graphic to see the very low death numbers, at the very bottom. No “second surge” or “third surge” in deaths, only in “cases” which only reflect the 1+ million “tests” being made daily, which are picking up only biochemical traces of herd immunity. This situation is true not only for the USA data as show here, but for every nation. Here are the basic weblinks, adjusted in the images below for the USA only, but which can be changed for your own nation:

“Cases” as defined today by Junk-Science medicine and virology is not as in prior years when, for example, someone with a “case” of tuberculosis had the active disease with identifiable symptoms, a living TB microbe that could be extracted and identified, and which could transmit TB to others. Today, a “case” is called solely based upon a “test result”, where in the 99.99+% people have zero symptoms and NO identifiable living covid viruses, only DNA/RNA fragments. The claim of “overcrowded hospitals” is also a sham number, created by the panic and hysteria which makes some healthy people sick, in the nature of “Voo Doo Death” — a real psychological phenomenon seen with AIDS and in Haiti, where people die from death-sentences by medico-magical “experts” or “bone-pointing”. Nevertheless, few die from the panic disorder, and so “medicine” can claim “victory over covid”, the new “devil” for “follow the science” atheists, who revel in censorship and erasure of dissent. The perfect storm of ignorance and superstition, married to a growing police state and an academic-medical-scientism consensus dictatorship.

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