The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science

The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space:
Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science

In between all the unpleasant news we all have been exposed to, and as I also frequently post and discuss on my social media, we must also maintain a focus upon that which expands us, keeps us emotionally and psychologically fit, even if it doesn’t stray far from controversy. So, I’ll be informing all on my social media, both newbies and old friends, about my books, which everyone interested in new energy science, and Wilhlem Reich’s discoveries should know about, and be uplifted and stimulated in the reading.

Firstly lets look at my latest, The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space: Correcting a Major Error in Modern Science.

The Dynamic Ether of Cosmic Space addresses a major scientific error, and even fraud, in mainstream science decades ago, but which today is ignorantly repeated, like parrots, in every textbook.  The claim is made that the cosmic ether of space was never detected, and therefore that cosmic space is an empty void, lacking in energy, substance or tangible properties of any kind which can be measured. This assertion, however, is not true.  The cosmic ether of space WAS experimentally detected, and no “null” or “zero” result was ever reported by Michelson-Morley (MM) in their original experimental publications. Many others replicated that same experiment using far better and more sensitive interferometer devices than MM used, such as Dayton Miller, and in other team efforts by Morley-Miller, Michelson-Pease-Pearson and Michelson-Gale. Others have done so in more recent times, such as Yuri Galaev, Reginald Cahill and Hector Munera. ALL have been ignored, censored or simply erased by both mainstream “science” journals, and by their academic colleagues. Sound familiar to modern politics? (My own research findings and publications have suffered a similar fate.)

So what are the reasons for this chronic and rather “official” mis-reporting and obfuscation? The primary reason is, that none of the modern theories of astrophysics remains standing when confronted by a medium in cosmic space which affects light-speed with a variation aligned in a specific cosmic-sidereal direction. And there are many entire academic departments, top “expert” bibliographies, and more fundamentally research grant cash-cows at stake.

I’ve studied this material since my undergraduate university days, back in the early 1970s, and later raised the issues as a doctoral candidate and later PhD professor in the universities – often triggering explosive reactions from professors who worshiped Einstein’s theory of relativity, or the idea of a cosmic “Big Bang” start of the universe. Or they embraced “back holes” as a real thing. What I show in this book, is how all those theores, including much of “quantum entanglement” theory (often called quantum magic), are little more than metaphysical suppositions. The evidence for them frequently, if not always, finds a simpler explanation along the lines of a cosmic dynamic and gravitational ether. None remain standing as viable theories in the face of a cosmic ether, particularly one with dynamic and motional-material properties, as I argue. Even so, I do not question any aspects of empirical astronomical discovery, only the metaphysical speculative astrophysical theories which try to explain what astronomers have observed. It is a question of facts, versus “theories about facts”.

Better yet, I show the close relationship of cosmic ether to the cosmic superimposition theory of Wilhelm Reich, who argued that the cosmic ether had been “prematurely discarded”. He didn’t know about the abundant evidence for ether already obtained by top scientists in his own time, but which I gathered in this book. “There is no vacuum” Reich declared with great intuition and experimental proofs, and he was correct on that point, as well as in his discovery that the cosmic orgone energy, which he called the ether, was biologically active, playing a critical role in the formation and sustenance of life.

The ether-orgone is also reactive to water, as my own spectrographic research has shown. And I identified no less than 17 different independent scientific discoveries of cosmic sidereal vectors in space that closely align with the interferometer-determined cosmic motions of Earth in space. This is all laid out in numerous graphs, charts, tables and figures, to make it comprehendible to the average person, with minimal maths.  Here is the Table of Contents:

Table of Figures
Einstein-Miller Quotes

Author’s Introduction

Part I: Cosmic Ether as Theory and Experimentally Confirmed Fact
– The Matter of Space, Light Waves and Motion
– Positive Results of Michelson-Morley
– FitzGerald, Lorentz and Morley-Miller
– Miller’s Positive Ether Experiments, 1921-1926
– Which Way Drifting? Miller’s Mis-Step
– Sagnac and Michelson-Gale
– Michelson Returns to the Ether
– Recent Confirmations of Ether

Part II: The Empire Strikes Back: Erasure, Mystification and Falsification of History
– Einstein Rising
– The Shankland, et al. Hatchet Job on Miller

Part III: Into New Territory: Additional Evidence for a Material, Motional and Dynamic Ether
– Ether and Cosmic Life-Energy
– Direct Evidence for the Dnamic Ether
– Implications and Consequences of Ether
– Conclusions

Appendix 1: Model to View Earth-Ether Motions
Appendix 2: Newton’s Letter to Boyle, 1687
Web References
Newspaper Clippings
About the Author

I don’t wish to give away all the content of this 389-page, richly illustrated book, and so invite the reader to buy a copy for their own educational reading, and also to purchase a copy for any student or open-minded person who holds interests in the sciences, particularly astronomy. It is a great gift for the holidays. We can ship this book, and my other titles, directly in the USA and Internationally by our network of distributors. Easy payment by PayPal, with any credit card (you don’t have to sign up with them). Come see the offerings at Natural Energy Works.

James DeMeo, PhD
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”
– George Orwell

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